Ek sant ki vasiyat !


My Thoughts (continued from 28th March, 2008)

For Satsang and other spiritual work, I object to the raising (accumulating) of funds (donations).

I do not give blessings or wish evil or give boon to anyone, nor do I understand and consider myself capable of doing such things.

I give greater importance to Gangaji, the Sun or reverence / recitation of holy scriptures instead of my visitation and viewing (my darshan).

I have once and for all, entirely given-up the touching of Money and Women

In those news-papers, magazines or written publications where there are advertisements printed, I object to my writings being published. Similiarly, in shops, places of trading, or in calendars pertaining to commercial business or any tools, materials created for the awareness of the businesses, there too, I object to my name being printed in any such publications or places. This however does not apply to the advertisement of Gita Press books.

During discourses, I have established a practice of women and men sitting separately. In my proximity and few feet in the surrounding areas, only men will sit. The seating arrangements for men, will be arranged by men and for women will be arranged by women. Only men should raise their hands, not women ! while praising the glories of God

Of the three Yogas – Karma Yoga (Path of Action), Jnana Yoga (Path of Knowledge) and Bhakti Yoga (Path of Devotion), I consider Path of Devotion to be best of all, and I believe that it is only through eternal divine Love that man attains perfection.

He who says he is my disciple and considers himself to be blessed by me and gives discourses and seeks respect and recognition, who takes money from devotees, who keeps contact with women, who takes gifts or asks for things, he must be considered a deceitful person. He who accumulates money in my name, he incurs immense sin. That person’s sins are not eligible for forgiveness.

From “Ek Sant Ki Vasiyat” in Hindi pg 13 by Swami Ramsukhdasji


About dhavalrajgeera

Physician who is providing free service to the needy since 1971. Rajendra M. Trivedi, M.D. who is Yoga East Medical Advisor www.yogaeast.net/index.htm http://www.yogaeast.net/index.htm Graduated in 1968 from B. J. Medical College, Amadavad, India. Post Graduate training in Neurological Surgery from Charles University in Czechoslovakia. 1969 - 71. and received Czechoslovakian Government Scholarship. Completed training at the Cambridge Hospital and Harvard University in Psychiatry. Rajendra M. trivedi is an Attending Psychiatrist at Baldpate Hospital. He is the Medical Director of CCA and Pain Center in Stoneham, MA where he has been serving the community since 1971 as a Physician. OTHER AFFILIATIONS: Lifer of APA - American Psychiatrist Association Senior Physician and Volunteer with Massachusetts Medical Society and a Deligate of the Middlesex District. www.massmed.org Patron member of AAPI - American Association of PHYSICIANS OF INDIA. LIFE MEMBER OF IMANE - Indian Medical Association of New England. Member of the Board of Advisors "SAHELI, Boston,MA. www.saheliboston.org/About1/A_Board Dr. Trivedi is working closely with the Perkin's School for the Blind. www.perkins.org. Dr. Trivedi is a Life member and Honorary Volunteer for the Fund Raising Contact for North America of BPA - Blind People Association of Amadavad, India. www.bpaindia.org Dr.Trivedi is the Medical Advisor for Yoga East since 1993. He is a Physician who started Health Screening and Consultation At Shri Dwarkami Clinic in Billerica, MA. https://www.dwarkamai.com/health-and-wellness

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