Thy does not takes on the sins nor Virtues!


The All-Pervading God, neither takes on the sins nor the virtues of anyone; as knowledge is enveloped by ignorance; therefore, beings get deluded.

“naadatte kasyacitpaapam na caiva sukratam vibhuh” –
In the preceding verse, He (God) who has been called out by the name “Prabhuh,” is referred to as “Vibhuh” over here.

A man inherits the fruit of actions in two ways – Through performing actions by himself (considering himself to be the doer), and through causing others to perform actions. But God neither does actions for others, nor does he cause others to perform actions. Rather, He cannot inherit the fruits of anyone’s actions.

The Sun provides light to the entire Universe and in that light men commit sins and perform virtuous actions. But the Sun has no relationship whatsoever with those actions. Similarly, nature and the entire Universe, receive the power of existence from God and with that power nature and it’s activity, perform various bodily and worldly actions. But those bodily actions leading to sins and virtues have not the least bit of connection with God (Supreme Consciousness element). God has given freedom to man, whereby man can consider himself to be the inheritor of the fruits of those actions or He can consider these actions and their fruits as belonging to God. In other words, man has the choice to offer all the actions and their fruits to God. He who, by misusing the freedom given by the Lord, becomes a doer and reaps the fruits of actions, is bound. The Lord, does not accept these actions and their fruit as His. But he who by making right use of freedom, offers his
actions and their fruit to God, is liberated, and the Lord accepts such actions and their fruits.

As in Gita 7:25 by the term “sarvasya” (all) and in the Gita 7:26 by the term “kascana” (anyone), the Lord has talked about general people. And by the term “Kasyacit” God describes common people, who regard themselves as doers and enjoyers of fruits. He is not referring to the devotees (bhakts). As far as, devotees are concerned, the Lord accepts a leaf, a flower, a fruit or even a little water, which is offered to Him with the inner feeling of devotion (Gita 9:26-27)

“Ajnaanenaavrtam jnaanam – The knowledge of the Self is self-evident to all, but due to knowledge is enveloped in ignorance. It is because of this ignorance that beings are deluded, He who thinks “I am the doer” is deluded (Gita 3:27). A man can wipe out this delusion through discrimination, which has been bestowed upon him by God. Therefore in Gita 5:8 it has been said that Sankhya yogi should at no time consider himself to be the doer of any actions, while in Gita 5:13, it has been said, that he should mentally renounce the doership of all actions through discrimination.

From “The Bhagavad Gita – Sadhak Sanjivani” Gita 5:15 in English pg 638 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

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