Hari Om

The vibration ….. That sound ….that  WORD …as per Hindu Sanatan Dharma was ” A U M” OR “OM.” !

You are right when you say –
“You and I and others are no other than the One manifesting as the
apparent many”.

From the stillness came the sound……which is effect of ether ( sky ) Subtler than sky is “mind” (mann). Subtler than mind is “intellect”. Subtler than that is “I” (ego,Individuality). In the regime of “nature” the ego is the subtlest!
That “I” in fact is “existence” – when individuality is removed.
(Aham Brahmasmi – I am Brahma … I am God ) Remove “I” and what remains is God ! “Only existence”. Thus It becomes common and same for all – one manifesting as many.
Sky is the cause of “air”. Air thus is grosser than sky. Air is the cause of “fire”. Fire is the cause of “water”. Water is the cause of “earth”. Thus you have 8 elements of Nature. Ego, Intellect, Mind, Sky, Air, Fire, Water and earth ( read Gita 7: 4 and 5)
Your existence – You are beyond them. So is God. Both are one only – one manifesting as many.
The Word is God in time.
It is correct that Word is God in Time. It will be easy to understand if we rephrase it as Word and Time are in God.
In Gita, Lord Krishna says ” This whole universe is pervaded by Me,
in My unmanifest aspect. All the beings exist in Me but I do not dwell in them”

Ch 9 vs. 4.

As soon as God manifests, time is created. Time is a by-product of creation. The first manifestation of God is the Word, “OM” not in literal meaning but the pure sound.
The duality cannot exist without time, hence the creation of time. When pralaya takes place the duality ends and every thing merges in to one. This is the reason the four Yugas start (time zero) from that happening. Lord Krishna says, ” All beings, O’Kaunteya go in to
My nature at the end of each Kalpa (Measure of Time) and again at the beginning of next Kalpa (Measure of Time) I send them forth again. Ch 9 vs. 7

In Hindu thought, there are 6 philosophies regarding the relationship between the creator and the creation and each one differs from the other with some modification. Gita is the only scripture, which addresses all of them and provides a consolidated version of all six.


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