‘Double Standard’


I am of the view that the question of ‘Double Standard’ arises from
the difference in ‘Kathni and Karani’. This means that it is easy to
preach, but difficult to practice. This in no way can reflect on
Gitaji. It is only the individual who behaves like this. What has
that has got to do with what Gitaji’s message or central theme
is ?

Now coming to the question raised by Smt. Sandal, may I say that all
the problem starts with accepting ourselves as the ‘Body’. This
invites the concept of ‘I and Mine’. This further invites the
concept of ‘Attachment’. The cardinal principle is that mind has got
a tendency to get attached to whatever he spends more time in
thinking. Like we spend most time in thinking of earning more money.
So we tend to get attached to money. Similarly, we spend a lot of
time (consciously or unconsciously) thinking of our children or
family. So we get attached to that.

In order to reverse the process of attachment to the worldly
objects, we need to spend more time with God and attach to God
Saints and Scriptures have assures us that this is the way. Taste of
the pudding lies in eating.

Dear Sadaks,

It looks simple to me. If one is of the mental attitude of “I – Me –
Myself” then it is one way to live.

If one is of the attitude that nothing is mine, everything is
Vasudeva Sarvam Mayam (Everything is God) it is another way to live.
So it is double standards. Choice is ours.

Reading Geetha explaining talking is only in basic conscience level.
To practice one needs blessings of Sri Krishna.

The great Sanakadi Saints who has the power to travel to Sri Vaikunt
or Kailash has said at the doors of Vaikunt, ” We have read all
scripts and vedas, but we are unable to put them in practice.

The double standards are at very low ebb. But not so at super
conscience level. Example:

Taking success or failure is in conscience level. For people who
leave the expectation of results of success and failure, both are
same to them. If another person’s son fails in exams, it does not
bother you. So if your son fails, if it also does not bother you
then you are in single standard.

Angulimaala story in Buddha time. Valmiki (who wrote Srimat Ramayan
was a thief turned saint) Sinners are potential saints.

Saint Poodhanam in Guruvayur lost his son (by accident). His wife
became Mad but Poodhanam said, “Oh Krishna you are my son and I do
not feel the loss of this son born to me.” It did realy happen that
Sri Krishna in a child form came from Sanctum sanctorium and sat on
the lap of Poodhanam. For devotees like Poodhanam there is only one
standard, and that is exclusive devotions…there is no
other ! “Anniya Chintayayome—–“.


This is a wonderful conversation! I am not very knowledgable, but, I would like to humbly submit a response.
In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna explains: “The spirit soul, bewildered by the influence of false ego thinks himself the doer of activities that are in actuality carried out by the three modes of material nature.” (Chapter 3, Text27)
He continues, “Bewildered by the modes of material nature, the ignorant fully engage themselves in material activities and become  attached.” (3.29) And one more quotation: “There are principles to regulate
attachment and aversion pertaining to the senses and their objects. One should not come under the control of such attachment and aversion, because  they are stumbling blocks on the path of self-realization.” (3.34)If we want to make progress on the path towards God, it is
important to fully understand these issues of attachment. What we often witness is intellectual understanding without full realization – someone can speak these ideals, but be unable to achieve them in
his or her own life.
Krishna tells us that material nature (which is actually part of God’s energy and operates under God’s direction) is not under our  control. Through our attachment for the objects that give us pleasure, and aversion to those that give us pain, the material nature controls us. But, through proper practice, we can start to understand the situation. Then, when we act in the material world, although we may be pursuing education or operating a business, our mentality is that is it all God’s energy and all under God’s control. Then, we can work toward one thing or another, and be undisturbed by success or failure.So, what is the process by which we can surpass the shallow understanding of this philosophy and actually realize it and apply it to our lives?

Mrs. Hannah Sandal


Dear Sahak,

Krishna asked Arjuna – “Stand up and fight, without thinking or
attaching yourself with the result of the war” Gita, Chapter 2.

He said-fight, fight with all your strength, means put all your
efforts in what you do and leave the result onto HIM. To apply His principle in our life – put our best efforts into whatever we do, but leave the success or failure onto HIM. The  result of our actions are not in our hands anyway. As you said- “THEY” have double standard- all so called good and fortunate things are for themselves, and preachings for rest of the world, it looks like that, it might be our illusion or even if it is
true how does it affect MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY? Spirituality is the journey of MY OWN SELF. It has nothing to do with what others think or do, its all about what I think, and do.If I put my best efforts into any action and leave the result to my Lord, then its fine, I am on the right path. If I KNOW that I am  God’s and only God is mine, then I am on right path. If I study Gita and follow its teaching, then I am on the right path.
 Gita Chapter 3-30 “Myi Srvani Karmani —–Vigatjavarah” “Surrendering all your works unto Me, with mind intent on Me, and without desire for gain and free from egoism and lethargy, fight.”When we live in complete surrender, remembering HIM, and working  hard, being free from desire, lethargy and ego– We are on right  path.Krishna says- “All are dear to ME, all are part of ME” chapter 9:6

So if I am on right path Krishna will take care of all others too as all are dear to HIM.
Just go deep inside, and be one with Krishna…..wandering into  outer world does not help a spiritual aspirant. with lots of love,
 a sadhika
(Sadhana Karigar)

IBhagawat Gita saying – Take success and failure alike; Don’t get agitated if one is Hindu or Muslim – We
are all same.But the same persons when it comes to their own personal lives, they want their son should be well educated, their own company to not undergo losses and their own property should fetch more money
etc.Why people have these double standards, one for themselves and one for the cause of hindu society Is Krishna’s message right ? and if so, should we apply Krishna’s idea that success and failure are same in all activities whether it be success of our own child or not?
Please point Gita sources to help sadhaks get past these double standards, if they exist. (Moderator addition)

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