Be Still – for Paraam Vishraam!


“Aatmasamstham manah krtvaa, na kincidapi chintayet” (Gita 6:25) God
pervades everywhere; He is present everywhere, therefore wherever
your mind is, become still right there. By becoming still, you will
become established in God. By thinking, you are in the world. But by
not thinking about anything, you are naturally in God. Do not think
of anything at all, and where there are no thoughts, there God IS.
Become still right there, because on becoming still, you will realize
Him. Do not think even of God, as He is everywhere. If some other
thoughts come to mind, do not be concerned about it. Let them be.
Just like when you walk on a street, many things come your way, but
it is of no concern to you. Similarly, do not let those thoughts
concern you. By not thinking of anything, you will naturally be
established in God.

God is everywhere, so wherever your mind becomes still, there God is
hundred percent, completely. Do not think or do not worry about why
you have these thoughts. Remain indifferent (udaasin). If the
thoughts come on their own, do not be concerned. Whether these
thoughts come, or they do not come, simply do not establish a
relationship with them. Be silent, be peaceful. It is only
through thoughts and thinking that one becomes aware of this world.
If you do not do any thinking of anything, you will not be in this
world. i.e. by not thinking, you will stay established in God.

You (Self) are different from your thoughts. Just like when you are
thinking of a dog, what difference does it make to you? Do not think
of it as good or bad. Do not concern yourself with why you are
thinking about this? This is a great practice. Break the relationship
with your thoughts, because by relating with the thoughts, we become
established in the world. God is present everywhere. He is all
pervading, and not even an eye of a needle is without His presence.
If thoughts do arise, then too it is OK, as we have nothing at all to
do with these thoughts. This is a very great spiritual practice and
if you understand this, then you will understand that inspite of
doing all the work, there is nothing that you are doing. “Ahankar
vimudhaatma, karataa ni karomiti …” God is present everywhere. Rise
above and become indifferent.

Don’t think of anything. Be aware of this at all times that I do not
do anything. Realize that while doing all work, that all is happening
in nature, let us simply not get caught up or pay attention to it.
Just like in this world, there are many things that are going on, but
we have no relation with anything that is happening. Chanting of
God’s name, meditation, killing, riots, someone is getting married,
someone is giving birth, someone is dying, someone is fighting, some
one is loving, some are happy, some are is singing and dancing,
but what have we to do with all this? I (Self) does nothing. We have
nothing to do with all this. Wherever you are, there God is entirely
there with you. God IS. Realize “I am doing nothing”, “nai kinchit
karomi ti.” We have no relation with any work that is taking place.
What is it to do with us? What have we to do with all of this. “Payo
param vishraam” “Attain eternal peace” Just like after working an
entire day, we become tired and go to sleep, similarly become still,
rest ! Vishraam! God’s essence is realized in complete stillness.

From discourse by Swami Ramsukhdasji in Hindi on May 22nd, 2004 at
5:00 am.

Ram Ram

For full online discourses in Hindi, please visit Swami
Ramsukhdasji’s website.


About dhavalrajgeera

Physician who is providing free service to the needy since 1971. Rajendra M. Trivedi, M.D. who is Yoga East Medical Advisor Graduated in 1968 from B. J. Medical College, Amadavad, India. Post Graduate training in Neurological Surgery from Charles University in Czechoslovakia. 1969 - 71. and received Czechoslovakian Government Scholarship. Completed training at the Cambridge Hospital and Harvard University in Psychiatry. Rajendra M. trivedi is an Attending Psychiatrist at Baldpate Hospital. He is the Medical Director of CCA and Pain Center in Stoneham, MA where he has been serving the community since 1971 as a Physician. OTHER AFFILIATIONS: Lifer of APA - American Psychiatrist Association Senior Physician and Volunteer with Massachusetts Medical Society and a Deligate of the Middlesex District. Patron member of AAPI - American Association of PHYSICIANS OF INDIA. LIFE MEMBER OF IMANE - Indian Medical Association of New England. Member of the Board of Advisors "SAHELI, Boston,MA. Dr. Trivedi is working closely with the Perkin's School for the Blind. Dr. Trivedi is a Life member and Honorary Volunteer for the Fund Raising Contact for North America of BPA - Blind People Association of Amadavad, India. Dr.Trivedi is the Medical Advisor for Yoga East since 1993. He is a Physician who started Health Screening and Consultation At Shri Dwarkami Clinic in Billerica, MA.

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