Spiritual Aspirant – Sadhak


Sadhak (Spiritual Aspirant)

No person can become a sadhak (spiritual aspirant) by doing
prohibited actions.

A sadhak may either turn away from the unreal (Asat, temporary and
changing) or may turn towards the real (Sat, Eternal, Permanent).
Of the two, he will have to do either one of them, then only, the
troubles will go away.

A sadhak must have a firm aim, a determination, a single pointed
goal, that he must attain only God Realization – This firm aim and
remaining unshakable and steafast in it, is extremely essential.

A sadhak must at no time see himself as a enjoyer of pleasures or a
worldly person. He must at all times be alert that “I am a sadhak”.

The more detached one becomes from inert matters, the more a sadhak
gains extraordinariness within himself.

A sadhak is one who is ever alert and cautious.

A sadhak must believe that he is naturally established in
Paramaatmaa (God, Supreme Consciousness) only, which in essence is
true. A sadhak who believes that he is established in the world, he
falls from his spiritual practice.

A sadhak should think that if no one benefitted from him, if no one
was uplifted by him, and if no one was served by him, then how is he
a sadhak ?

A sadhak is not worried or concerned about his spiritual practice,
nor any attainment, nor of any supernatural powers, but it is
essential that for God Realization there must be intense longing.
Worries take one away from Bhagwaan (God), wherease intense longing
can make one realize God.

As long as one is aware of their individuality, till then the sadhak
must not become satisfied.

It is Ok to have differences and to make your life and your
spiritual practices according to the group, the path, the lineage
etc. that you follow, however, to feel bad about the differences in
others, to criticize them, to detest, condemn or hate them, that is
a mistake.

Until a sadhak is not satisfied and not contented with his present
state, till then there will not be any spiritual progress.

A sadhak must minimally have alertness, such that whatever he sees
as perishable, he must not get attached and entangled in it, he must
not give it importance. Make use of perishable things, but do not
accept it’s servitude.

Sadhak, instead of becoming of a particular organization, must
become of the Elemental Essense (tattva vaadi).

For a seeker of enjoyment and pleasures, he likes sleep just like a
friend, but one who is engaged in worship of God and spiritual
practices, for him sleep is bad like an enemy.

For those who are not engaged in the worship of God, for them, this
is Kaliyug. For those that are engaged in worship and devotion of
God, for them, this is the most opportune time, an excellent time.

From “Drops of Nectar” in English and “Amrut Bindu” in Hindi Pg. 93-
95 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Ram Ram

For full online discourses in Hindi, please visit Swami
Ramsukhdasji’s website. http://www.swamiramsukhdasji.org


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