Austerities -Tolerance


In Gita 18:67, Lord Krishna forbids Arjuna, to unfold the supreme
secret gospel of all the other secrets, to those who are undeserving.

“idam te naatapaskaaya naabhaktaaya kadaacana
na caasusrusave vaacyam na ca maam yo’bhyasuyati.” (Gita 18:67)

This is never to be mentioned by you, to anyone who performs no
austerities, or has no devotion, nor who is unwilling to hear, or
who finds fault with Me.” (Gita 18:67)

Here the term “idam” (this) stands for the supreme secret “abandoning
all duties, take refuge in Me alone” unfolded in the preceding

Let us discuss just the first point about “austerities”. While
performing one’s duty, whatever unfavorable situations and
circumstances that naturally come up, one must happily bear them.
This is austerity (tapa). The inner faculties are not purified
without austerity, and without purity, one cannot hold on to or
accept good points. Therefore Bhagwaan (God) declares, that this
supreme secret of all secrets, should not be revealed to a person
who is devoid of austerities. Also one who is intolerant is
considered devoid of austerities. The tolerance is of four kinds:

1) Tolerance in pairs of opposities, such as attachment (likes) and
aversion (dislikes), pleasure and pain, honour and dishonour, praise
and blame etc. Men of virtuous deeds are free from delusion, in the
shape of pairs of opposites (Gita 7:28); “The undeluded ones, are
free from pairs of opposites such as pleasure and pain” (Gita

2) Tolerance of impulses i.e. resists impulses of lust, anger, greed
and aversion etc. (Gita 5:23)

3) Tolerance of religions (doctrines) of others – On listening to
glories of other religions or doctrines, he does not doubt teachings
of his own religion, nor does he criticize and condemn, the
doctrines of others. He realizes, that the discipline of
renunciation and of action are one (Gita 5:5)

4) Tolerance in the progress of others – Even though he is lacking
in capability, rights, position, sacrifice, austerity, etc, then
too, on hearing the praise of other’s capabilities, rights, etc, he
is neither jealous, nor envious of them, rather there is no changes
in him. (Gita 4:33, Gita 12:15).

A perfected soul, possesses these four kinds of tolerance. One who
aims at these four, is austere (tapasvi), while he whose aim is not
these, is not austere.

This most profound secret, should not be unfolded to one who is not
austere, because he will not believe it, he will find faults with
it, he will be unable to bear these words and thus have a downfall.

Secondly, a man whose aim is not to purify his propensities, conduct
etc., may think after listening to Gita 18:66 (Lord will liberate
him from all sins), that why should he worry? Worries and grieving
will be done by God. By thinking so, he may indulge in evil and may
have a fall. Thus this most profound secret will be misused.
Therefore Bhagwaan directs Arjuna, not to impart this secret gospel
to one who is devoid of austerities.

From “Srimad Bhagavad Gita – Sadhak Sanjivani” in English Verse
18:67, pg 2052 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Ram Ram

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