Yoga Maya


Veiled, by My divine potency (Yoga Maya), I am not manifest to all.
Hence ignorant folk do not recognize Me, as one unborn and
imperishable Supreme.” (Gita 7:25)

“Naaham Prakaasah sarvasya yogamaayaasamaavrtah
moodhoyam naabhijaanaati loko maamajamavyayam.” (Gita 7:25)

When God talks about “Moodhoyam,” He says – “He is unborn and
imperishable, free from birth and death.” But, inspite of being
unborn and imperishable, he appears (incarnates) and disappears by
staging a divine play, in the same way as the Sun rises and appears
before us and later sets and disappears from our sight. Thus, those
who know Bhagavan as beyond birth and death are undeluded (Gita
10:3, 15:19). Whereas, those who regard Him as an ordinary mortal,
subject to birth and death, are deluded fools (Gita 9:11)

The reason why a man does not regard Bhagavan (God) as unborn and
imperishable, is that man by forgetting his real affinity with
Bhagavan, erroneously accept his affinity with this body, “I am
this body and this body is mine.” It is because of this body
consciousness that there is a veil infront of man, due to which he
regards Bhagavan (God) as perishable, one who is born and later

The points brought out in this verse is that the reason men do not
regard God as unborn and imperishable, is because of two factors –

1) Bhagavan is concealed in His divine potency and
2) Bhagavan is concealed due to man’s own folly.

Let us use this illustration. A man remains confined to his house
which is shut by the gates of the house. He is able to go out of
his own house, but the city is also gated and he is unable to cross
the city gates, as the City gates are shut. But the King in that
area, can open the gate of the City as well as, force the sentry to
open the gates of the man’s house. Similarly a man can get rid of
his folly and realize his true nature. But God Realization, is only
possible by God’s grace. Only those who Bhagavan (God) enables to
know Him, can truly know Him. Those who surrender themselves to
Bhagavan (God), for them, Bhagavan removes their ignorance, as well
as, gets rid of God’s deluding (maya) potency.

From “The Bhagavad Gita – Sadhak Sanjivani” in Hindi pg. 927 by
Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Ram Ram

For full online discourses in Hindi, please visit Swami
Ramsukhdasji’s website.

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