Facts for Bhogi vs Yogi.


Human body is considered to be the greatest of all.
“Labdhva Sudurlabhmidum Bahusambhavaante,” (Srimad Bhagwat 11.9.29)
Bhagwaan who showers His grace without any reason, gives this human
body –

“Kabahun kari karunaa nar dehi. Dait is binu hetu sanehi.” (Manas
“Rarely does God, who loves the jeeva (embodied soul) without any
self-interest, graciously bestows on it a human form” (Manas 7.44.3)

As Bhagwaan (God) graciously gives us this human body, similarly
whatever situations He has given us, that too He has given us
graciously. Whether our karma (actions) might be good or bad,
whatever karma (actions) we have done; but the decision-maker of the
fruit of those karmas (actions) is our selfless friend – “Suhrdam
sarvabhootaanaam” (Gita 5.29)

From a worldly point of view there are two kinds of situations –
favorable and unfavorable, but from a spiritual point of view there
are not two kinds of situations. For the seekers of God-realization
a situation is not segregated into two categories; because if God
has given this human body for attaining Him, then whatever situation
he has given, that is also given for attaining Him. Thus if a
situation is most favorable, or a situation is very unfavorable, or
the situation is mixed, it has been given only for our redemption.
Whatever situation we have received, it is only a means for
attaining God – `It is a tabernacle suitable for spiritual
endeavors, gateway to liberation.’ “Saadhan dhaam moksha ker
dwaaraa” (Manas 7.43.4). That person who is a pleasure-seeker
(bhogi), only in his perception there are two kinds of situations –
favorable and unfavorable. From a yogi’s (sadhak) perspective there
are never two kinds of situations.

Rather than favorable situation, unfavorable situation is more
beneficial for salvation . Why is it beneficial? In favorableness,
due to attachment there is every possibility of falling in the trap
of world, but in an unfavorable situation there isn’t a possibility
of falling into worldly traps, but emphasis is on walking towards
Paramatma (God, Supreme Consciousness). There are only two things
for a sadhak (spiritual aspirant) – To move away from the world and
walk towards God. In favorable circumstance we cling to world; so it
requires an effort to move away from it; but in unfavorable
situations, no effort is required to move away from the world. So in
an unfavorable circumstance, half the work of the sadhak is already

Unfavorable circumstances are a primary means in attaining God. If
we don’t like unfavorable situations, then we have not become a true
sadhak. We will be true sadhaks only when we accept that whatever
situation God has sent, it is for our good. This is a very firm
principle. In scriptures it has been said –

“Just like – while nurturing a child or either scolding him – in
both instances the mother never lacks any compassion or mercy;
similarly, at no time is the Eternal and Supreme Lord, not showering
His grace and mercy in monitoring everyone’s goodness-badness” (to
be continued)

From “Saadhan, Sudhaa, Sindhu” in Hindi pg 678 by Swami

Ram Ram

For full online discourses in Hindi, please visit Swami
Ramsukhdasji’s website.


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