Body changes but Indweller moves on!


|| Shree Hari ||

 Bhagawat Gita II 2:13 II

dehino ’smin yatha dehe, kaumaram yauvanam jara
tatha dehantara-praptir, dhiras tatra na muhyati

Just as childhood, youth and old age take place for the indweller (soul)in this human body, likewise is the attainment of another body. The wise never get deluded on this subject.


The soul always stays in immortality but the body always is moving towards death. As the soul enters the womb, the same instant the journey of the body towards death starts. At the completion (death) of pregnancy, the childhood is born. The childhood dies, giving birth to youth. The youth dies giving birth to old age. At the death of old age, soul enters into a new body, starting a new birth. This way the various stages in the body happen but the shariri (indweller) stays the same. The reason is that the sharir (body) and the shariri (indweller) in the body are separate entities. Therefore, a spiritual aspirant should not believe that he is the body. Getting bound and liberated are happening to the self and not to the body.

From Gita Prabodhani in Hindi pg. 25 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Chapter 2, Verse 13 is as follows;

DehinaH = of the embodied soul
Asmin = in this
Yathaa = as
Dehe = in body
Kaumaaram = childhood
Yauvanam = youth
Jaraa = old age
Tathaa = so also
Dehaantara = another body
PraaptiH = attainment
DheeraH = the firm minded person
Tatra = there
Na = not
Muhyati = grieves

English translation:-

As the indweller in the body (Atman) experiences childhood, youth,
old age in the current body and also passes on to another body after
physical death; the unperturbed one is not affected thereby.

A living being desirous of unity with the Self, makes himself fit
for immortality by passing through a series of births and deaths. In
every birth, one makes transition from childhood to youth to old age
and meets eventual death. However, these physical changes in the
body do not correspond to any similar changes in the soul i.e.
Aatman the subset of the superset Brahman. None of its embodiments
is a permanent one.

An enlightened person, who truly knows the very plan and the purpose
of the Universe, remains unperplexed over death. Conversely, he who
disciplines himself to remain unperturbed under all situations
prepares himself thereby for enlightenment. Changes pertain only to
a physical body. The changelessness indweller is the Universal
Constant, which is termed as Aatman, the subset of the superset

Aatman is all pervading i.e. it resides in all sentient beings as
well as all inert objects.

To our human eyes, we find inert objects as without any visual
presence of the enlivening principle, as they do not move by
themselves. But as we go deeper with an electron microscope, we find
the motions of the atomic and sub-atomic particles. What forces in
nature make them move? Such questions are tackled in theoretical
physics and mathematics. We try to validate our theoretical
understandings by experimental physics and chemistry. If we find the
experimental results matching with the theoretical postulate, then
we validate that theory as `truth’ and seek patents and intellectual
property rights. But please note that these truths are relative
truths as they are valid under certain qualifiers like presence of
certain temperature, pressure and catalysts etc. They may or may not
fall under the category of `Universal Truths’.

The concept of `Aatman’ is yet to be scientifically proven. In my
limited understanding, it is not possible to prove with the limited
tools that are at our disposal. So far, we are able to prove or
disprove certain things, only on the basis of the visual presence of
their physical attributes. How do you prove the concept of `Aatman’,
which has no physical attributes? In my understanding, it is only
possible by logical deduction i.e. only through the study of
scriptures. Please refer verse 54 in chapter 11 in Shreemad Bhagawad
Geeta for justification of the same by Lord Krishna.

Please refer verse 22 in chapter 13 in Shreemad Bhagawad Geeta, to
understand further the concept of `Aatman’. Lord Krishna has very
nicely illustrated the various roles of Aatman such as a witness, a
permitter, a supporter and an enjoyer. It is the fraction of that
Great Supreme Being, that resides in every living beings as well as
non-living things in the Universe.

This is exactly the concept of a dispassionate onlooker / observer
in an inertial or non-inertial frame of references as enunciated by
the genius Albert Einstein in his theory of relativity.

Please refer verse 19 of chapter 7 in Shreemad Bhagawad Geeta. Lord
Krishna has proclaimed that, “At the end of many births, the man of
wisdom ultimately reaches Me only upon realising that all is
Vasudeva, the Ultimate Reality. Such a great soul is very difficult
to find.” In short, Lord Krishna is trying to communicate that you
will find many people who understand the relative truths but a
person who has properly understood the Universal Truth is very hard
to find.

It reminds me of a verse in `GaNapatee AtharvasheerSha’ as follows;

“Rutam Vachmi, Satyam Vachmi” i.e. I reiterate both the relative
truth as well as the Universal Truth. Rutam is Universal Truth.
Satyam is relative truth. All of us have experienced the relative
truth in the current developments of the saga of `Satyam Computers’
in India.

The Universal Truth in my understanding is the concept of mass
energy equivalence as epitomized by the famous equation E is equal
to m C squared. Here E in energy, m is mass and C is the speed of
light. Albert Einstein has beautifully defined, “Mass is energy at
rest and that resting energy can be transformed into vibrant mass
while maintaining the total energy in the Universe as constant.”

The concept of `Swayam BhooH’ in Vedanta philosophy is based on the
ability of that `Vasudeva’ who at his own free will can transform
mass into energy and energy into mass. In verse 7 of chapter 4 Lord
Krishna has proclaimed, “Tadaa Aatmaanam Srujaami Aham” i.e. I plan
and execute my own birth and death.

In verse 15 of chapter 10, when this very realisation of the
Universal Truth dawns upon Arjuna he has proclaimed with utmost
joy, “Verily You Yourself know Yourself by Yourself O the Best of
men, O Source of all beings, O Lord of Beings, O God of gods, O
Ruler of the Universe.”

I hope and trust that every Sadhak will attempt to seek the
Universal Truth and attain `Yoga’, the unity with the Self in the
due course of time.

Thanks & Best Wishes,
Shrikant Joshi


This is in reference to II 2:12 II

-Shree Hari-

Reading Shree Shrikant Joshi’s analogy regarding the square wave,
and the learned Krishna S. Narinedath comments, caused a little bell
to ring in my mind:
‘This is one of the most fundamental problems of the Human Mind. If
the mind could know the significance of continuity and the secret of
discontinuity, it would comprehend the meaning of life itself. The
inevitability of death and the continuity of existence throughout the
recurring process of birth, death, and re-birth are two important
themes in these first chapters of Gita.’

You see a square wave is a sine function containing an infinite
number of odd harmonics.

Thus if one views a sine wave in the frequency domain, a vertical
line, but a square wave, a series of vertical lines decreasing in
size heading towards frequency of infinity. (Basically speaking).

To me it is perception, how one views the conundrum, I really believe
there is a huge insight there, made by the learned comments
regarding, B.G. 2:12

With Respect and Divine Love,

Mike (Keenor)


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