Gita 2:29


Gita 2:29

ascarya-vat pasyati kascid enam, ascarya-vad vadati tathaiva canyah
ascarya-vac cainam anyah srnoti, srutvapy enam veda na caiva kascit

“One beholds the Self as wonderful, another speaks of It as
marvelous; another hears of It as a marvel, yet another having
heard, knows It not.”


The Self is so special that even its experience is full of wonder,
to describe is a wonder, hearing Its description is a wonder also.
The experience of the Self is not based on hearing or practice but
it can be only attained by accepting It. The means for It is – to be
silent, be in peace and be not a doer of anything.

From Gita Prabodhani in Hindi pg. 37 by Swami Ramsukhdasji


Aashcharyavat = as a wonder
Pashyati = sees
Kashchit = someone
Enam = This (the Self, the Aatman)
Aashcharyavat = as a wonder
Vadati = speaks of
Tathaa = so
Eva = also
Cha = and
AnyaH = another
Aashcharyavat = as a wonder
Cha = and
Enam = This (the Self, the Aatman)
AnyaH = yet another
Shrunoti = hears
Shrutva = having heard
Api = even
Enam = This (the Self, the Aatman)
Veda = knows
Na = not
Cha = and
Eva = also
Kashchit = anyone

English translation:-

One beholds the Self – the Aatman as a wonder; another one mentions
of the Atman as a marvel; yet another hears about the Atman is an
astonishment; even though having heard the glory of the Atman, yet
no one comprehends the real truth behind the Atman at all.

This verse has been derived from chapter 1, section 2 and verse 7 of
Kathopanishad, wherein Lord Yama, the God of death preaches
Nachiketa, about life after death.

The Aatman cannot be classified with the things which can perceived
by the human sensory organs like eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin.
The Aatman is beyond the realm of the mind. The Aatman cannot be
defined by the intellect.

“Spittle or saliva is a thick and moist substance, which is secreted
by the salivary glands. The Vedas and all other scriptures may be
compared to with `Uchchhistam’ i.e. spittle-defiled, as while
reciting they are tongue-touched. But the infinite Brahman has never
been spittle-defiled. Nobody has ever succeeded in defining the
Brahman in words.”…Ramakrishna Paramahansa.

Please refer the verse 3 in chapter 7 in Shreemad Bhagawad Geeta,
wherein Lord Krishna has said, “Among thousands of men, scarcely one
strives for perfection and amongst those who do strive and succeed,
scarcely one knows Me – the Aatman i.e. the subset of the superset
the Brahman in true essence.”

The right attitude, the right understanding, the right disposition
and the right application of the mind and the intellect are the
indispensible virtues that lean an aspirant to the Divinity. Men who
are fully equipped with such rare and divine qualities are rare

The only thing that is possible for such rarest of the rare person
is to realise the Self.

While praising the Supreme Being, Santa Dnyaaneshwara has very
nicely explained in the following verse;

“Tuja SaguNa MhaNu Ki NirguNa Re; SaguNa, NirguNa Eka Govinda Re

Nivrutti Prasaade Dnyaanadeva Bole, Baapa Rakhumaa Devee Varu
Vitthalu Re”

It means: I do not know if I could ever describe You – the Supreme
Being, with attributes or without attributes. You are indeed
`GuNaateeta’. In fact, You are beyond all these attributes.

A layman tries to approach the God – the Self through his material
equipments. His human senses cannot perceive the Self. His mind
cannot feel the Self. His intellect cannot conceive the Self.
Anything that lies beyond the reach of his physical body, the mind
and the intellect is indeed a subject of puzzlement and amazement to
the layman. The Self remains a great mystery, a marvel and an awe
inspiring puzzle to an ordinary human being.

For such a gross level layman, only `Chamatkaaram’ i.e. an act of
miracle is a pre-requisite for `Namaskaaram’ i.e. an act of bowing
to the God.

However as one moves from the Gross to the Subtle, one does not need
miracles to appreciate the Divinity. Even routine Sunrise and Sunset
can inspire a Saadhaka towards spirituality.

For a highly evolved personality like Jesus Christ, he used to
say, “I see the Divinity everywhere.”

Please refer the verse 30 in chapter 6 of Shreemad Bhagawad Geeta,
wherein Lord Krishna has nicely defined such an accomplished
person, “He who sees Me everywhere and sees all in Me, I am not lost
to him nor he is lost to Me.”

Thanks & Best Regards,
Shrikant Joshi.


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