Why does child accept A-B-C-D ? – Pragnaju


Why does a child accept A-B-C-D?
Why does he not argue about it?
Why does he accept 1-2-3-4 and then he enjoys for his whole life? He has not argued about it.
In the same way, when I say that you are Pure, Free, Forever, why do you argue?
In order to look like you are not arguing, you say, “Yes, yes.” But you don’t accept it. The moment that you accept it, you will never compare You with food, skin, teeth, tongue, or anything like that.
You will be You.
But you think that You is a body. The body is changing, increasing and decreasing, and dying. And you are the one who is permanent—Pure, Free, Forever.
You got mixed in the body, so whatever traits the body has became your traits. That is your practical reality.
I say that if you want to be free, you have to change your view. That’s all.
I’m not saying that you should break your eyes, ears, or brain.
I just say, “Well look, you should not accept what the mind says. You should accept that which You are.”
You are the one who was not even born as a body. But now you are only the body that is born.
That’s why this is the difficulty. …

The knowledge is not meant for people with no capacity.
A sleepy man does not need your instructions.
So you should understand one thing—which you are capable of.
But I don’t know how long you will remain capable. [Laughter.]
Such as a person in deep sleep has all the senses and the mind. But he does not know who he is, where his house is, who his relations are, which city he is in, and what is the world. He is asleep. Right?
So the person with sleep does not know who he is. If the waking state person does not know who he is, is he not sleepy? That’s all.
To such persons, knowledge is not given. Because the knowledge is that you are that who is Pure, Free, Forever. Birth you are not, death you are not.

You think that birth and death belong to the body. This thought is so rigid, perfect, and practical, or in between before birth and after death, that you say that “Birth and death belong to me,” and that became your Me—which means the body. So Me is not being realized.

The day Me is realized, then it is said that Me is like the sky. A jug is born because a potter has made it. But the sky is not born. Yet a human being thinks that because the potter is born, therefore the sky is born. So he says, “Because I, the body, am born, therefore the Self is born.” That is where a human being is.

That is where intellectual understanding or arguments are.
Everybody says, “I don’t see anything before birth or after death, so why can’t you give me something in the middle, which is here and tangible for me?” There are millions of people like that. And you are supposed to be just a few persons. The problem is that you copy millions of people, who are established in knowing tangible gain. They are seeing everybody’s death, but they cannot see their own death. ,,,
But you are the ones who came to know that I is not the body. If someone comes and smears black ointment on your face, how bad you will feel. But when you are I, then nothing happens to you. …


Waiting to know Who am I ?


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Physician who is providing free service to the needy since 1971. Rajendra M. Trivedi, M.D. who is Yoga East Medical Advisor www.yogaeast.net/index.htm http://www.yogaeast.net/index.htm Graduated in 1968 from B. J. Medical College, Amadavad, India. Post Graduate training in Neurological Surgery from Charles University in Czechoslovakia. 1969 - 71. and received Czechoslovakian Government Scholarship. Completed training at the Cambridge Hospital and Harvard University in Psychiatry. Rajendra M. trivedi is an Attending Psychiatrist at Baldpate Hospital. He is the Medical Director of CCA and Pain Center in Stoneham, MA where he has been serving the community since 1971 as a Physician. OTHER AFFILIATIONS: Lifer of APA - American Psychiatrist Association Senior Physician and Volunteer with Massachusetts Medical Society and a Deligate of the Middlesex District. www.massmed.org Patron member of AAPI - American Association of PHYSICIANS OF INDIA. LIFE MEMBER OF IMANE - Indian Medical Association of New England. Member of the Board of Advisors "SAHELI, Boston,MA. www.saheliboston.org/About1/A_Board Dr. Trivedi is working closely with the Perkin's School for the Blind. www.perkins.org. Dr. Trivedi is a Life member and Honorary Volunteer for the Fund Raising Contact for North America of BPA - Blind People Association of Amadavad, India. www.bpaindia.org Dr.Trivedi is the Medical Advisor for Yoga East since 1993. He is a Physician who started Health Screening and Consultation At Shri Dwarkami Clinic in Billerica, MA. https://www.dwarkamai.com/health-and-wellness

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