“Prakriti and Purusha are both eternal”


“Understand that Prakriti and Purusha are both eternal”

The purport is that everything in primordial matter / nature (Prakriti) is of one class and the Spirit (Purusha) is of another class. The body and the world belong to the category of primodial matter/nature (Prakriti), while the individual soul (Self, Atma) and cosmic Soul (Paramatma, Supreme Consciousness) belong to the category of The Spirit (Purusha). Just like matter (Prakriti) and The Spirit (Purusha) are eternal, similarly, the wisdom that reveals the distinction between the two is also eternal. Therefore, if one observes the two through wisdom, both these categories appear disconnected having absolutely nothing in common. Matter/Nature (Prakriti, the world) is unreal, inert and rooted in misery, while The Spirit (Purusha) is the essence of reality as consciousness and bliss.

The world (Prakriti) is momentary, ever changing and constantly involved in actions while The Spirit (Purusha) is eternal, never changing and never involved in actions. The world is never attained and The Spirit (Purusha) is ever attained. Bhagavaan Shri Krishna describes this discrimination between the two right from the beginning in the Gita as body and it’s indweller – Shareera and Shareeree or Deha and Dehee, etc. (Purusha, upon acceptance of the ego, is often identified as Jeeva or soul, kshetrajna or knower of the domain, shareeree or dehee or the indweller in the body, etc.).
Therefore, clear appreciation of the distinction between the two is extremely essential for a spiritual seeker. The seeker should attain the clarity of this at once. Because, the bondage is actually the ignorant consideration of the body and the soul as the same while
clear appreciation of the distinction between the two is, in fact, the Mukti (liberation). Bhagavaan says,

Kshetrakshetragnyayorevamantaram gnyaanachakshushaa |
Bhutaprakritimoksham cha ye viduryaanti te param || (Gita 13:34)

“One who realizes with the light of knowledge and discrimination (vivek) the distinction between the kshetra (field, macrocosm) and kshetrajna (the knower of the field, the one who pervades the same) and clearly understands the self as very different from the world (prakriti along with it’s evolutes) attains The Absolute, The Supreme (Paramatmatattva).”

From “Saadhan, Sudhaa, Sindhu” – Vibhaag Yoga in Hindi pg 158 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

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