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Shree Hari :
Ram Ram

9th March, 2009, Monday
Falgun Shukla Troyadashi, Vikram Samvat 2065, Somvar

Bhagavat Kripa (God’s Grace)

Question: Those favorable and unfavorable situations that come, are they due to destiny or due to God’s grace? If the fruits of actions are bestowed by Bhagwaan (God), then is His grace of any use?

Answer: Favorable and Unfavorable situations are the fruits of actions, but the ordainer is Bhagwaan (God). Just like when a man works hard an entire day in the forest, then who pays him? But if he were working under some Master, then the master would pay him. Similarly according to your actions you receive the fruit, but the bestower of the fruit is Bhagwaan; because the actions being inert, they themselves are incapable of giving fruit.

Bhagwaan (God) is embodiment of grace. In all his actions and all that he ordains, there is His grace. However, due to our sight being on destiny and our attention not being on His grace, man is unable to benefit from His grace. Just like a calf does not benefit as much with any milk that is given to him, and benefits more from his mother’s milk. Similarly benefit that one gains form having his eye on destiny is not as much as having the eye on His grace.

Destiny (fruit of past actions) is perishable, but grace is Eternal. Just like when sugar is mixed with sand, it becomes very difficult to separate the sugar from the sand. However, an ant can easily separate the sugar from the sand, similarly a devotee even in destined situations, recognizes Bhagwaan’s grace.

Situations if they are seen as the result of past actions, when favorable situations come, one becomes happy and when unfavorable situations come one is saddened. But when it is seen as God’s grace then in all situations one is joyful ! Therefore seeing it as God’s grace there is immense benefit.

Man on properly utilizing the situations that come their way, can attain one’s salvation – this is God’s grace. If man cries and prays with deep sentiments as that of an afflicted soul, then Bhagwaan can even forgive the fruits of inauspicious actions and spontaneously also illume him with Vivek (discrimination). This is His grace.

From “Prashnouttermanimaala” in Hindi pg 75 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

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  1. પ્રભૂ બિનૂ કોન કરત દુખઃ ત્રાણઃ॥
    કતેક દુઃખીકે તારલ જગમે ભવ સાગર બિનૂ જલ જાન,
    કતેક ચૂકિ હમરાસે ભ’ ગેલ સોર ને સિનઈ છી કાનઃ॥
    અહાઁ કે ત બૈનિ પરલ અછિ પતિત ઉધારન નામ ।
    નામક ટેક રાખૂ પ્રભૂ અબહૂઁ હમ છી અધમ મહાનઃ॥
    જૌઁ નઞ કૃપા કરબ એહિ જન પર કોના ખબરિ લેત આન।
    રામજી પતિતકે નાહિઁ સહારા દોસર કે અછિ આનઃ॥

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