Gita 2:46 – From Sadhak Sanjivani


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Gita 2:46 – From Sadhak Sanjivani

Link: — In the next verse, Lord Krishna explains what one achieves by transcending the three gunas (attributes).

yaavaanartha udapaane sarvatah samplutodake
taavaansarveshu vedeshu braahmanasya vijaanatah || 46 ||

As on obtaining a reservoir of water filled on all sides there is no use for a small tank of water, likewise a Brahmana, who realizes the ultimate reality (described in Vedas and other scriptures), has the same use for all the Vedas, or say no use at all of the Vedas. || 46 ||

‘Yavanartha udapane sarvatah samplutodake’ — On attaining a large reservoir, vast as an ocean and filled with clean, pure water, man no longer needs the small tanks at all. Moreover the small water tank becomes dirty and impure on washing your hands and feet and thereafter is not good enough for bathing; and if one bathes in it, then it is no longer suitable for washing clothes. And if clothes are washed in it, then it becomes unsuitable for drinking. But in a large reservoir where the water remains unaffected in spite of doing everything, in other words it remains clean, pure, untainted and as-is at all times.

Tavaansarveshu vedeshu braahmanasya vijaanatah’ — Likewise those illumed souls that have realized the ultimate reality (Paramatmatattva), the oblations, charities, penances and pilgrimages etc., and all other virtuous actions mentioned in the Vedas, have nothing to do with them. In other words virtuous actions become like little puddles of water. The same kind of comparison has been made, in the seventieth verse, that the emancipated great souls are unfathomable like the deep ocean, as several rivers fall into it but its magnitude remains the same, similarly the illumined souls remain undisturbed though several kinds of pleasure and enjoyment come in front of them.

A great soul who possesses knowledge of Paramatma (Supreme Consciousness, the Lord), the Vedas and the scriptures is called ‘Brahmanasya vijaanatah.’

By using the term ‘taavaan’, Lord Krishna means to say that the great soul after realizing Paramatma (God) transcends the three attributes (modes), rises above the pairs of opposites viz., becomes free from attachment and aversion, and becomes ever established in the Self and remains entirely unconcerned about provision and preservation. He always remains devoted and immersed in God.

Appendix—There is no end to worldly pleasures. There are endless universes and there are endless pleasures in them. But if they are renounced and one becomes detached from them, they come to an end. Similarly there are endless desires. However, if they are renounced, and if one becomes desire-less, then these desires come to an end.
From “Srimad Bhagavadgita – Sadhak Sanjivani” in English pg 175-176 by Swami Ramuskhdasji.



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