Bhogi ,Rogi and Yogi!


22nd March, 2009, Sunday
Chaitra Krishna Ekadashi, Vikram Samvat 2065, Ravivar

:Shree Hari:

Ram Ram

When faced with pleasant (favorable) situations he becomes an enjoyer and when faced with unpleasant situations he becomes a sufferer (sad) such a man is a Bhogi (enjoyer or sufferer of sense pleasures) and not a Yogi (a spiritual aspirant seeking Union with Divine). A Yogi maintains equanimity in both favorable and unfavorable situations. || 551 ||
A Bhogi (indulger of sense pleasures) is a sick man (Rogi), he is an unhappy man and goes towards misfortune (takes a down fall). || 552 ||
Any man who becomes an enjoyer in happy and favorable situations (Bhogi) can never be a Yogi || 553 ||
A Bhogi (indulger of sense pleasures) is not a Yogi, rather he is a “Rogi” (sick person) –
(Bhoge roga-bhayam) || 554 ||
Union of two things, leads to enjoyment (bhog) whereas Yoga (eternal union with God) happens singly and naturally. So long as pleasure is sought, till then “Yog” (Union) is not perceived. Only on complete renunciation of pleasure, “Yog” (union) is experienced, after that desire for pleasure is wiped out completely and entirely. || 555 ||
Association with Paramatma (God, Supreme Consciousness) leads to Yog, and association with the world leads to Bhog. || 556 ||
Pleasure gained from solitude, enjoyment gained from engaging mind is also Bhog (seeking pleasure) and not Yog (union with divine) || 557 ||
Establishing a relationship with the world is “Bhog” and servering the affinity (breaking off the relationship) with the world is “Yog”. || 558 ||
In any state when one becomes pleased, it is Bhog. With Bhog one’s individuality cannot be wiped out. Therefore a sadhak (spiritual aspirant) must not become pleased in any state, condition, or circumstance. || 559 ||
Both separation from this world is innate and natural and union with Paramatma is innate and natural. || 560 ||
From “The Drops of Nectar” or “Amrut Bindu” in Hindi page 76 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Ram Ram

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