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Pranam Group,

I am a vegetarian and most of my friends are non-vegetarian.

They would like to know why they should be vegetarian. Could anybody please advise me or tell me where in “Bhagvad Gitaji” we can find where Bhagvan Shri Krishna has mentioned about not to eat meat?

Moreover, I told them we cannot kill an animal and eat their meat. Their response was that even Plants have “Jeev” in them but Vegetarian people still eat Fruits and Vegetables?

Could you please help gain the knowledge on what is a difference here?

Thank you
Kaushal Patel
Ram Ram

Shree Hari
Ram Ram
Kaushalji, you have rasied a similar question before, attached are few of the responses from the last question. We strongly recommend you read and forward to your friends the article – Vegetarianism: Recommended in Vedic Scripture by Stephen Knapp posted at the link below:


Thank you for bringing this topic up again and helping share this knowledge with all new sadhaks. From Gita Talk Moderators,
Ram Ram


Dear friends,
Jai Shri Ramji,
Vegetarianism is “non-voilence” or ahimsa, it is “satvik”.
Well, many persons say that plants also have life, so why not kill
animals & eat them.
When we eat fruits , vegetables etc, then we are hurting a living
organism to very little extent as plants have only two sense organs,
so they feel lesser pain than animals.
For instance, when your hairs or nails are cut then u do not have any
pain , so is the case of eating fruits & vegetables.
However, when u kill an animal, then you can yourself see the animal
in pain, crying & shouting in distress and helplessness.
In fact I have seen that many non-vegetarians do not ever watch the
slaughtering of animals, because if they were to see this act, they
would not be able to eat it anymore.

Many intelligent non-veg people says that if this is the explanation,
then will u consider it correct to kill a blind or deaf person as he
also have less sense organs???
The answer to this is that a blind or a deaf & dumb person though
physically can’t see or hear respectively, but as they are human
beings- their level of growth and senses allow them to psychologically
see or hear.
The physical sense organs are of importance but the psychic organs are
more imp. Therefore, when u kill an animal it cries & shouts while a
plant does not.
Again, since the plants have life , we should cut or pluck as minimum
as possible (i.e. to fulfill only our genuine needs).
This will also be helpful for our earth’s ecology & also our
spirituality- as it is said that “jaisa khaogey ann vaisa hoga mann”-
means your mind will be in accordance to the food you eat.

Dr. Amit Prakash Jain

Kabeer Das says
Hindi:Bakari paati khat hai, taakii khineenche khaal;jo jan bakari khaat hain taaki kaun havaal
English:Goat that eats leaves is stripped of her skin, what should happen to those eating goat?

As per Bhagwat Gita, ‘sva bhaav’ (independent nature) is altered by interaction, learning, work and consumption. The ‘bhaav’ is dependent nature and thus, poses limitation to sva bhaav. If interaction is by prem (love), the product carries sat gun and svabhaav is united (bhakti) and improved. If it is by material
nature, product is with raj guna and it does not improve the svabhaav but provides satisfaction temporarily. And if the relationship is of enemy, the product will never be able to satisfy, and consumers will only increase business. Sat guna satisfies more with less consumption, Raj guna satisfies less with more consumption; and Tam guna does not satisfy at all, and consumption rises exponentially.

K G Misra
Hari Om,
Plants do have soul (Jeeva). Human superficial senses cannot realise
the killing of plants. ONLY after science developed or knowing from
hindu scripts, we come to know that there is jeeva in plants. As long
as one can see physically through eyes that there is suffering in a
killing, then it has to be avoided. To the extent GOD has given brain
and heart to feel and recognize the endured suffering. A lion killing
a deer, no one can file a criminal case, as it has only 5 senses. Man
has 6th sense to understand things around him and can feel that a
animal suffers when being slaughtered. A man can know that he is being attacked or killed. Killing a human is known in our sastras as “Brahma Hati”. One raises above normal man, when he thinks killing animals is sin.

In Srimath Bagavath, Bharatha yogiswar (who was born as a deer due to
attachment in previous birth) used to eat only dry grass or leaves
where there were no ants or insects to avoid harming insects and
plants. Human birth is Dullabom (Rare and Precious) therefore one
must use there discrimination at all times in everything thing
including food habits. How to live a divine life, is to be known from

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Shree Hari
Ram Ram

Thank you for bringing this point in the forefront. A similar
question was asked in the past and great information was shared.

Yes ! Vegeterianism is important and essential for those on the
spiritual path. Detailed answered are provided in the links below –

Particularly read the following links –

Vegetarianism: Recommended in Vedic Scripture
By Stephen Knapp (Shri Srinanandanji)

Vegeterianism supported even in Bible – by Stephen Knapp

Vegeterianism – Scientific Evidence

Please search gita talk group by entering “Vegeterianism” in the
search window for additional discussions.

Ram Ram


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