What types of men become ghosts and evil spirits after death?


Question: What types of men become ghosts and evil spirits after death?
Swamiji : (partial response) There was a police man. One night he was returning to his home, when on the way in the moonlit shadow under a tree he saw a beautiful lady. He stopped to talked to that lady. The lady said, should I come in? the Police man said, Yes come. As he invited her, that evil spirit disguised as a lady got into the back seat. Now every night this routine began, where she would come with him, sleep with him, entertain him and in the morning she would go away. In this manner she began to feed on the poilce man. One night they were both lying down, but the light was on, at which time the police man said to her to shut off the light. She was capable of witchcraft, and therefore while lying down using her evil powers shut off the the light. Now the police man came to know that this lady is not some ordinary lady, she is a devil, capable of witchcraft ! He became very scared. The evil spirit now threatened him that if he revealed this to anyone about her ture identity, she would kill him. Hence forth she continued to come each night and leave in the morning. Day after day, the police man’s body began to weaken and become pale. Many were asking him why he had lost so much weight and began to look so weak and pale ? They asked what the matter was? At least share with us? Out of fear, he could not share with any one. One day he went to get some medicine from the drug store, The pharmacist wrapped the pills and gave to him, which he put in his pocket and went home. At night when the witch arrived, then while standing outside the door she said, that thing in your coat pocket, please take it out and throw it away. Now the police was convinced that certainly there is something magical in that packet, therefore she is unable to come close to him today. The police man said, he would not throw that packet away. She tried many times, but the policeman refused to yield. After trying for a long time and not able to convince and control the policeman, the evil spirit left. The police man, completely dumb struck, took out the packet from his pocket to find out what was so mysterious in there? He unwrapped the package and discovered that the wrapping was from torn page of Gita! On seeing the radiance and power of Gita, he thereafter began to keep Gitaji in his pocket at all times. The evil spirit never returned.
Those who live in God’s temple, those that read the verses Gita, Ramayana, Bhaagwat, etc; those that worship and pray to God, those that recite God’s name (japa), but alongside they cheat people, they steal from offerings (money, jewellery or other) that are offered to God, those that utilize God as a means (instrument, vehicle) to earn their living, such men after their death due to their deeds become ghosts. When such souls enter another, they do not cause grief and sorrow. Due to the impressions of their past lives of doing worship, reading scriptures, praying, etc, that nature remains within them, they recite name of God, keep bag of holy beads with them, they visit holy plces and do all the things that a priest does. However, without taking on a human body, they are unable to do these prayers etc.
There was a small child that used to come to the Baakein Bihariji temple in Vrindavan. He knew no sanskrit, but in front of Bihariji, loudly recited all the sanskrit verses. Even while reciting these, his voice would not be that of a normal child, but sounded like a grown up man. It was that a ghost would enter him and do these prayers and worship, but he did not cause pain or hamr the child. In spite of doing wrong actions and experiencing their consequences, out of God’s grace, such souls (in form of ghosts and spirits) are able to elevate them selves and exhaust their past deeds and leave the ghost and spirit world.
(partial response)
From “Durgati se bacho” in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji pg 19-21
Ram Ram

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