Earn and use for the good cause! – Saadhan Sudhaa Sindhu-


We accumulate money because we feel insecure at all times. Why?
Gita’s view on getting rid of this insecurity would be helpful.
Ram Ram
Jay Narayan
vinayak yajnik

:Shree Hari:
Ram Ram

It is evidential truth that when this body was born, it was tiny, and
now it has
become big ! It is not that it all happened in one particular year,
rather the
body was constantly changing, year after year, month after month, day
after day,
hour after hour, minute after minute, second after second. Now what does
really indicate? This proves that it is constantly changing. And it
and only changes. If it was not constantly changing then how would it
everyday? On changing where is it headed? It is headed towards it’s end

Death; This is absolutely the Truth without any doubt. This life is
towards Death. There is no doubt about this. The amount of time that has
lived so far, that much of time one has died! Now futher ahead how much
remains, one does not know. But certainly as many years that have gone
by, that
many years of life span has been reduced. That much of time death is
There is no doubt about this. This life is going towards death. This
body is
going towards non-existence. One day it will be entirely non-existent.
it “IS”, and one day it will be “IS NOT”. But the desire remains to
engage in
sense pleasures and accumulation of things, to hoard money, this is such
a grave

Simply pay a little attention. To earn money and to utilize it for a
good cause
is not a sin; but to get on this obsession of hoarding is sinful. This
does not
mean that money should not be accumulated at all. It also does not mean
when a need arises to simply not spend. To not spend money for sister –
daughter, priests, diseased person, hungry man, one without clothes, a
stricken man is sinful. By hoarding ultimately what will you do? If you
unable to spend when a need arises for either yourself or for others,
then what
is the use of hoarding? This body wont remain. When this body becomes
non-existent, then what will be the use of that money? If the earnings
through honest dealings and if it is utilized for essential work then it
discretion, otherwise the greed for money makes one looses their senses.
becomes so attracted to money that when Lakh rupees are accumulated in
then one finds it difficult to part with them. By mistake when one or
thousand are spent, then one feels very sad that the capital, the
principle was
used up ~ If the son spends it, then one becomes angry on him for
reducing the
base. One tolerates being economical on food and clothes, but the base
(principle) should not be reduced and must remain as-is well protected.
If you
are asked, what do you intend to do with the base, the principle, the
The body is going away, death is nearing every moment, this money
stacked as-is
(not utilized) what use will it be?

I am not saying that you must leave the money, throw it away, or destroy
But on having the money, still undergoing difficulties, not even
spending it for
useful and essential things, then what is the purpose of that money? One
come to their senses that if Bhagwaan (God) has given them this money
then it
must be utilized for the best of best work. While living itself, utilize
it for
your self as well as others. Simply by being a miser, continuing to
the count, bank balance, what will be gained? Even when the best of
opportunities come your way to spend that money, then too the feeling is
that it
will be better to have someone else spend it; if our money is not
utilized that
would be better.

Gentlemen ! Please listen very carefully to what I have to say. Just
work pertaining to charitable causes, best of best spiritual events
where there
is association with Truth, religious ceremonies etc , at that time too
if the
sentiments are that it will be better to let some one else cover the
cost, let
me be free of this trouble, then what will you do with this money? Just
like a
businessman is thinking to buy the maximum at the cheapest price,
because the
market price will be higher in the future, and some places have already
increased the price. However since it is still cheap over here, let me
borrow money by paying interest and buy the maximum quantity that I can.
this manner, the greed that arises for buying, like that the greed does
arise for spending (for good causes) which will go with us. However much
spend for good causes, that much will go with you. Therefore there must
be that
greed that let me utilize this money in best of best work and causes.
Each and
every one must be informed that for this work I will make a
contribution. Your
turn may not come; because it is very difficult to get such an
opportunity. (to
be continued)

From “Saadhan Sudhaa Sindhu” in Hindi page 639 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Ram Ram

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