Sadhak Group – “Gita” on desire, anger, jealosy, pride.


Dear Sadaks,
As humans we all are given desire, anger, jealosy, pride which animals do not
have. Mostly we discuss that these elements are obstacle for liberation or
realisation. But why Paramathuma has bestowed these evil qualities upon humans?
HE is very benovolent which we are sure. There is important reason that we are
having them. What?



As many learned Sadhaks have pointed out, Bhagavan did not ‘give’ us these demoniac qualities. It is the mind of man that imparts goodness or badness to the activities of Nature, and this happens because man disassociates himself from Nature.
Nature’s forces impinge upon all forms of manifestation. These forces are neither good nor evil by themselves, they are neutral. They receive their character of being good or bad through the impress which the human mind puts on them. These are forces of Light and forces of Darkness or described by some as Daivi Sampatti (divine qualities) and Asuri Sampatti (demonaic qualities).
When these forces pass through a mind that is serene and tranquil then they assume a character of goodness; but the same forces when they pass through a mind that is impure and selfish, then they become dark and evil in their character.

There are the Divine properties:
Fearlessness, purity of heart, steadfastness in knowledge and Yoga; almsgiving, control of the senses, Yajna, reading of the Shâstras, austerity, uprightness; Non-injury, truth, absence of anger, renunciation, tranquility, absence of calumny, compassion to beings, un-covetousness, gentleness, modesty, absence of fickleness; Boldness, forgiveness, fortitude, purity, absence of hatred, absence of pride; these belong to one born for a divine state, O descendant of Bharata. GEETA 16: 1 to 3

There are the Demoniac properties:
Ostentation, arrogance and self-conceit, anger as also harshness and ignorance, belong to one who is born, O Pârtha, for an Asurika state. GEETA 16:4
No one is born of divine or demoniac nature; rather these endowments are of the mind and therefore belongs to one’s personal heredity and constitute one’s psychological heredity.
Triple is this gate of hell, destructive of the self,—lust, anger and greed; therefore one should forsake these three. GEETA 16:21
Lust, Hate and Greed are corrupting factors of the mind. Lust is an attachment; hate is repulsion, the opposite to Lust; Greed is possession; Greed gives birth to lust and hate.
Bhagavan tell us in GEETA Chapter 2:62 and 63 how attachment and anger are formed:
Thinking of objects, attachment to them is formed in a man. From attachment longing, and from longing anger grows. From anger comes delusion, and from delusion loss of memory. From loss of memory comes the ruin of discrimination, and from the ruin of discrimination he perishes.

For more information, see Chapter 14 for the Three Gunas, including Verse 5:
Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas, these Gunas, O mighty-armed, born of Prakriti, bind fast in the body the indestructible embodied one.
These Three modes are the attributes of the mind; each Guna or attribute produces in the mind an attachment or addiction because the very act of perception becomes distorted.

And all of Chapter 17 including these verses:
These malicious and cruel evil doers, most degraded of men, I hurl perpetually into the wombs of Asuras only, in these worlds.
The man who has got beyond these three gates of darkness, O son of Kunti, practises what is good for himself, and thus goes to the Goal Supreme.

Ram Ram,
Deosaran Bisnath

namasthe mr.satyanarayan ji,This is my humble opinion for your question. Whatever we have for example: desires/emotions/anger/even our body/even our thoughts…everything is part of Prakriti, that is also a part of the Supreme. Nothing in this world moves/happens without that power of God. we (humans/animals/animate/inanimates) only dance to the tune of that Supreme and based on our knowledge, we do and ask many questions about liberation/etc/ect.

Its only for our peace of mind(again, wanting the peace of mind too ..the thought does not even occur without the power of that Supreme), we think of trying to surrender ourselves and all of our actions which eventually makes us feel calm and peace in our hearts.

So, if we feel (again based on our own knowledge) that these things desires/emotions/anger are obstacles, then we can surrender those to God and if we feel that these things are normal of a ordinary human being, then we try to enjoy them…either way, it does not matter. God is the master controller in every moment of every situation and everyone’s life. Just we can see His grace in whatever is given to us by surrendering all pleasure or pain onto that God. I remember this verse: 9.27
“Whatever I do, Whatever I eat, Whatever I offer as oblation to sacred fire, Whatever I bestow as a gift, whatever I do as a charity, I offer onto You (Supreme)”.

Dear sadhaks,

First I wish to suggest that word Narain is not acceptable in Veda. Narayana or Naranayah or Sriman Narayanaya is specified in scripts. Besides the meaning for Narayana has got a high impact pronouncing it properly. Please give me meaning of Narain so that I may be enlightened. I can see small fraction of the hidden anger in Sri Naradji writings with many question marks (??). The devotion on Sriman Narayana makes him write so. I can also see his love for GOD. Also please note Sri Naradhji saying on Swamiji, “”we can become desire less. Why we can be desire less? “” The word CAN is pivot pin. If one is desire less he sits silent waiting Bagavan call.

I can see deep knowledge in Sri Pratabji postings. He has read my earlier postings. So he knows that I will answer. He has patience, compassion, quest for knowledge.

Sadaks, please tell me that desire, anger, jealousy, pride is it all your belongings? Then from where you got them? Why the same are Not in animals? Do you have ability to bring them in you? If so, how come one is very soft and another is temperamental? One conquers desire where as other immersed in desire. The human body is made of similar organs, but why they act differently? Lion nature we are sure. Deer nature we are sure. Snake nature we are sure. The 5 elements fire, air etc nature we are sure. But human nature we are uncertain. The previous Karmas, Vasanas may be it makes that difference. But who is the giver of Karma Palas? Is it not Sri Maha Vishnu. Is HE not taking care to see that our Karma Palas work without mistake. We cannot change our Karma Palas, but GOD can. Once Tukaram Sant came acroos a divine lady with tears in her eyes. She said that she is being abused for not bearing a child even after her marriage 15 years ago. Sant said he will find out reason from Sri Krishna (Panduranga). Sant put the matter with Sri Krishna. Bagavan said her previous Karmas are that she cannot bear child. Sant conveyed this to her. Few months later Sant saw her with a child on her hip. Sant enquired whether she adopted any child. Lady said that it is her child. Sant in dismay ran to Sri Panduragaand question HIM. Bagavan said that what HE said was true. Sant asked then how come she has a child. Bagavan said that there came a sant like him (Tukaram) Sri Vadhiraja Swami to whom she gave Curd rice daily during his sat Sangh. On the last day the Swamiji gave Prasad and told her to share with her children. The lady in tears told Swamiji that she has no chidren. The swamiji took saffron mixed rice and blessed her that she may bear a child. So I (Sri Krishna) said that to upkeep MY baktha` s pratigniya I (Bagavan) had to change entire solar system by fraction to benefit the lady with a child. Bagavan said to Sant Tukaram, “You could have also blessed the lady like that and I could have given the lady a child. But you sant you only asked me question whether she has child or not. I have only answered your question”. Sant felt his faith still to develop.

Om Namo Narayanaya is called Astakshara Mantra. Om Nama Shivaya is called Panchakshara Mantra. Om Namo Bagavathe Vasudevayah is called Duadhashi Mantra. No one can reduce or add pronouncement to it. Dear Sadaks, some of us say RAM RAM. Please pronounce as RAMA RAMA in soft divine and slow process. One can feel in Antheryami (Inner Self) that it soothing than saying Ram Ram. Kindly bear with me if I am at mistake. Besides in sloka that Bagavan Shiva says, “Sri RAMA RAMA Ramethi—“. Not Ram Ram. Iscon/Sants say, “Hare Rama Hare Rama—-“. King Dasaratha in Srimath Ramayan clearly said that king called in his, “RAMA RAMA”. Besides the importance of letter “A” is there. Om sadaks know that it is A U M, where A is first letter. A is also first letter in many languages as Aa. A is also called Akaram. Removing A in RAMA or Krishna (Last letter A in divine Nama) is considered wrong. Also in Nama Sankeerthan, `’ Kesavaya , Govindidha, Mukutha, etc letter A ends.

Now coming to Sri Naradhji posting.

In Srimath Bagavath Puram 2cd Skandha it is said, the following.

God took Prakurthi and changed to Maha. From Maha came Agangkar. Agankar made as 3 parts, Sativika Agagkar, Rajasa Agagkar and Tamasa Agagkar. From Satvika Agagkar came 5 Indriyas, 5 Karmendriyam, 5 Gynanedriyams and Maanas. From Tamasa Agagkar came Pancha Boothas and Pancha Tanmantras (Sabdha-Sparisa etc) All in total 24 Thatuvas.

Then Bagavan made Panchikaran. HE took Pritvi made 2 parts, left one part as it is and then divided the other half into 4 parts. Similarly HE took Tathuvas divided into 2 parts, left one half untouched and divided other half into 4 parts. So on dividing into parts leaving one half untouched and the other half into 4 parts. Then HE mixed the 4 parts with the one another4 parts and made Saarrer (Divine Body) took Athuma and placed in it. That was Bhrama created from Nabi (Ambalical cord depicted on which Bhrama sits on Lotus) of Bagavan. Then Bagavan lay in Yoga Nithra in Sheerabgi (Vaikunt) Upto to this creation is called Samasti Sristi (Samasti Creation). The from Bhrama came Vesti Sristi which again Bhramaji made into 2 Sristi called, Athdwaraka Sristi and Satdwaraka Sristi. Please bear with me for this long explanation.

Now Sadaks decide from where came our Gunas.

Use desire to reach Bagavan like sants. Use Anger-on your body as it sways you here and there.

Jealousy on seeing other person who progressed in divinity. All leads to Bagavan. But we use them for comforts, pleasures Etc

I can quote many examples, but for now only one on jealousy. 2 very great Shivite sants, Thirugynana Sambadthar and Thirunavukarasar. They happen to meet at a village temple which could NOT opened due to a curse. They were requested by people to open. One sant sang many lines and the temple door opened. People requested the other sant to sing and close it and there after they will continue with the temple. Other sant sang only 4 lines the door closed. First saint fell fainted. Later the 2 sants opened talk. One said that after so many lines Bagavan Shiva opened the temple doors. But (To other) when you sang 4 lines door closed. Your Bakthui is more matured than mine. The other said, “No swamiji Bagavan liked your long song so he was in Trans in listening to your songs. But where as my 4 lines was not so sweet so Bagavan closed the door immediately”. Temple known as “Thirumarai Kaadu” presently known as “Vedaruniyam”

If Moderator permits then I shall post where all Sri Krishna used HIS anger, desire etc and so in Sri Rama.

Once again pardon me if I have said wrong some where.

Jai Sri Krishna



Dear Sadaks,

Sri Sushil Jain posting: Animals do have legs, monkeys have hands etc. They also have desire to eat , to indulge etc. They also have anger when disturbed. But all their anger etc are left over then and there. NOT CARRIED OVER FOR DAYS.

Sri Mikeji posting: The serpent is thoughts from Buddhi that twists and turns. Apple is desire that by looks it entices.

Sri Catherine posting: Bagavan taught Geetha from his mouth (Very Auspicious) to Arjuna. When Abimanyu died Arjuna behaved ordinary like man. Again Arjuna got very angry on his elder brother Yudhistra who abused Arjuna` s Gandeep (Bow and Arrow) much after the war closed. Arjuna wanted to hurt Yudhistra for that. But Dharma kep him aloof with anger. Sri Krishna interfered and solved the problem. Here also he behaved as ordinary man after hearing Geetha. But Sadaks, One thing we can NOTE is that when we fall for anger, desire, Jealousy, if Sri Krishna is by our side they become null and void, as in the case of Arjuna. Arjuna is famous for promises and fails and our Bagavan had to make Arjuna succeed in his promises.

Jai Sri Krishna




Dear Sadhaks,
There is wonderful passage by Swamijee in last chapter of “God Is Everything” Chapter 7 on How to Remove Fickleness of Mind.I concur with Pratap Bhatt that Bhagwaan is love, compassion, peace and grace and is all good.Swamijee spoke of a child that died, a son, and how the father was regularly reminded of his sons demise and mourns him. Others come who visit and remind him of good remembrances of son and the women lament on the one who has passed away. All such words reopen the wounds and increase the grief for a long time.And so remembrance of passion, anger, fear, would be tantamount to deepening of a wound with extending remembrance.(Gita 2/16)”That which is not can not be as it is and that which cannot be as if it is not” With much love

from catherine andersen


-Shree Hari-

Sri Sathyanarayanji,
I asked a similar question some time back, I thank you for the opportunity to
revisit this vexing question.

Consider this paste:
Bhagavad Gita 13:
Since seeing the Lord equally
Existing ev’rywhere in all,
He injures not the Self by Self,
Then goes unto the Supreme Goal. (28)
The one who truly sees is he
Who sees that all actions are done
Solely by Prakriti alone,
And that the Self is actionless. (29)
He sees the sep’rate existence
Of all inherent in the One,
And their expansion from That One–
He then becomes one with Brahman. (30)

Now if one takes the inverse of the Shlokas above. That! Sets the scene as it
were for all the points you mentioned.(Desire, anger, jealousy).

I have often thought deeply on the allegorical myth of the Garden of Eden. I
realized that there was a sudden change in humanity, at several levels.
Firstly there was a turning away from the Tree of Life, the immortal connection
with the ‘Father’, to the way of knowledge of ‘Good and Evil’, disconnecting
from the oneness of the ‘Supreme’, into duality,
(not of God).

There then was the obvious next change the new form, human more or less as we
know it.

The Adam Man was no ordinary man, before His fall.

I have often wrestled with the Serpent, (in more than one way).
Now you will have take my word for this, I actually was thinking about the
Serpents place in the myth, and was about to write this comment, when up popped
a new email.

[sadhaka] Greatness of Satsang (Apr 18, 2009)
…Similarly we confront this world. Attachment-aversion, desire, anger, lust
etc. are the venomous bites of this world. When we go for satsang (antidote) and
listen to discourses then the effect of the poison is reduced….

I bow to that, thank you Swamiji, it all makes sense to me.

The way I see it we are attached to the World, not to the Supreme.

This is the best I can come up with at this point of time.

With Respect and Divine Love,

Mike (Keenor).


You have a valid, interesting question. But if you explore yourself you will find the interesting answer yourself. I may suggest only that you consider the following:

1. Had God not given desire, anger, jealosy, pride to all, there would not have been mankind. That people have these qualities in varying proportions and degrees that we can observe the various facets of mankind and the progress of civilization through innovations, inventions and exploration to make material
progress would not have taken place.

2. God is benevolent to all and cannot discriminate against so called evil qualities like desire, anger, jealosy, pride . He is fair to all qualities including honesty, love, sacrifice, humulity.

3. God creation is so fair: the one with desire anger, jealousy and pride can engage in transient enjoyment of pleasure and associated transient suffering or one can sacrifice desire and ego to enjoy permanent peace. There is this trade off humans make.

4. God is not perturbed by whatever happens, so he may not be perturbed about the existence of good and evil. However, He listens to those who sincerely and earnestly pray to Him completely forgetting the Worldly affairs.

5. If man does not have the tase of evil, he may not be able to appreciate the good.

6. In God created universe, despite the varying quality combinations of different people, they are the same: originate from God, with God dwelling in their hearts whether or not one likes or dislikes, resting in God. The
benevolence of God is in the creation of diversity in unity.

7. God is unique and one manifest in many. No person is created the same as another – that is measure of benevolence.

I am sure you will find out your answer in your own way.

Basudeb Sen

“As humans we all are given desire, anger, jealosy, pride
which animals do not have.”

Most humbly, it is to be noted that the second part of statement is a
convenient assumption by us humans… declare ourselves superior.

Animals do have limitations – no hands, no legs, no speaking power, …
like us…..because their bodies are different …..but the Self……part is the same…..

Sushil Jain



Namaste, Dear Sadhakas!
Dear Sathyanarayanji is initiating dialogues on why Bhagwaan has given/bestowed on us the evil qualities such as anger, jealousy, desire, pride etc! I am sure Sathyanarayanji knows some good reasons.
In my understanding, though, Bhagwaan has not bestowed anything that is evil, He cannot as He is Love, Compassion, Peace, Grace. As such, He is known to have bestowed that which is absolutely good for us. For example, Desire is powerful energy and if/when managed/guided, within the bounds of Dharma, and Artha(livelihoods), and in an Impersonal ways, it is benovalent, leading ultimately to Moksha-liberation.
Only “Personal” desires are problematics. “Person” is itself a big problem!
Evility manifests from human beings only in ignorance of not knowing that they are not “individual-egos”, and thus, evility is taken by humans, not given by God, so it seems!
It can be also seen that “personal desire” is the root of fear, anger, jealousy, pride, and other negative emotions. If the root desire is turned toward God, then all of a sudden the desire becomes impersonal and nourishes the tree of good qualities. This may be the reason for giving us “desires”!
namaskar………….Pratap Bhatt


Narain ! Narain !!

Arya Sathyanarainji ! You are saying this ? Naraina gave you anger, desires, emotions ?? Paahi Murare ! Paahi Murare !! Bhoondi kare so Raamji, Chokhi karoon so main ” ? ( Bad things happen due to God, good things happen due to me) . These things arise in you due to your OWN stupidity. Narain does not bestow it upon us. Can He ? Is He so cruel ?? Narain ! Narain !!

Narain ! Narain !!

Naarad N Maharishi
Shree Hari
Ram Ram
Swamiji has explained this beautifully in “Salvation of Mankind” (Manav Maatre ke Kalyaan ke liye). He says – we can become desireless. Why we can be desireless? Because we are desireless.

Therefore nothing of this sort was bestowed by Paramatma on us…..We are desireless, we are free of all emotions, we are free of all anger…..

It is better if Sadhaks take the time to read Chapter 6 of Manav Maatre ke Kalyaan ke Liye… This was also posted in sadhak daily posting…. at:

Being “Ishvar Ansh, … Chetan, AMAL………..” Surely there cannot be any flaws in us? Therefore where is the question of anyone giving these to us ?

Meera Das

Ram Ram


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