Mistake – Answers by Swamiji


: Shree Hari:
Ram Ram

16th May, 2009, Saturday; Jeshtha Krishna Saptamii, Vikram Samvat 2066, Shanivaar

Question: In relationships, after getting entangled, I realize I made a
mistake. Initially when I got involved, I was unable to take a decision, I did
not realize it then. What should I do?

Swamiji: Pray to God, after making a mistake, feel repentance. There are three
points related to this: 1) after making a mistake either do not recognize or
remember at all that you have made a mistake 2) realize you made a mistake and
repent feeling that after being given this human birth and turning towards
spiritual activities, I have still made a mistake. It is not a good thing, I
truly regret it and 3) I will never make this mistake again for the rest of my
life. From now onwards never again.

Realizing this, all will all be alright. You will not make mistakes in the
future. All mistakes are due to desire for happiness and wealth. All mistakes
are due to these two things. “Bhogaishvarya prasaktaanaam” Mistakes are only due
to desire for enjoyment of pleasures and accumulation of wealth. Anyone who has
these two desires, cannot attain God realization. Such persons cannot even
resolve to turn towards God. They cannot desire to get engaged in worship of

Brothers ! Simply by desiring God, one can attain God Realization. Worldly
things require desire, effort and also what is coming due to us, resulting from
our past actions (praarabdh). All three are needed for worldly acquisitions. But
to attain God, requires only desire. In worldly affairs, there can be losses,
but in attaining spiritual upliftment there is nothing but gain. There can never
be any losses. With a true heart call out to God “He Mere Naath, He Mere Swami”
If parents do not listen, then who will listen? God, is the Eternal Father of
all. He will listen to our prayers. He will have mercy and compassion. Our Lord,
the protector of the weak, He will come to our rescue.

Time is running out. Every moment it is leaving us. Death is coming closer.
There is no one who will come to our help except God. Recognize this quickly.
There is no gain in understanding the world. True gain is only in realizing God.
Awaken quickly. In worldly things there is not much gain. “tere bhaave jo karo
bhalo buro sansaar, Narayan tu baith ke tu apnaa bodh buaar” Lord, in worldly
affairs, let it be as you please, good or bad. However my Lord, You illume me
with Your divine knowledge.

There were many great saints in Vraj. The common thing among them all was that
they had only one desire. Desire for God. Let us too have only one desire. Every
moment, death is coming closer. Very very close. And when it does come, we will
have to leave. At that very second we will have to leave. This life will come to
an end. Therefore call out to God.

“sansaar saathi sab swaarth ke hai, pakke virodhi paramaarth ke hai,
degaa ne koyi dukh mein sahaara, sun tu kisiki mat baat pyaara”

Do not listen to anybody. This world and the people in it are all selfish and
non-believers in God. No one will come to your rescue or help. Even the Saints
will only help you, if you listen to them. Many form different groups, fight
with other groups. There is no gain in any of this. Do not favor one group over
another and have no differences. All this is a waste of time. Simply get engaged
in God and God alone, as this birth is only for that purpose. Oh Lord, Oh Lord !
Pray that you do not get entangled in Organizations and Groups. There is simply
no gain in any of this.

This birth is only for realizing God. Call out to only God. There is gain and
only gain. This birth is for no other purpose. There fore with a true heart call
out to Him. Oh Lord, Let me never forget you. “Sab par maange ek phal, Ram
charan rati ho.” Let me develop attraction only for Your Lotus Feet. Let me
never forget you. “Arthna dharma ne kaam ………. janam janam rati Ram pad,
yeh vardaan ne aan.” Even if everyone complains about me, let it be so. Let my
mind continue to be engaged in You and You alone. “Jaane ram kutil ker mohi, log
kahe guru saaheb drohi, sita ram charan rati more, anudin bade anugraha tore.”

Wherever saints have gone, that land has become holy and pure. They have
shared the words of God, and purified the environment. It is God’s grace that
this type of association with truth is made possible. It is all God’s grace..

From discourse by Swami Ramsukhdasji on November 10th, 1999 at 3:30 pm

Ram Ram

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