Bhagavaan is mine vs I am Bhagvaan!


29th July, 2009, Wednesday, Shravan Shukla Ashthami, Vikram Samvat 2066, Budhvaar

There are two types of sentiments regarding feeling one-ness (mine-ness) with Bhagavan 1) Bhagavaan is mine and 2) I am Bhagavaan’s. Both these sentiments allow one to equally establish a relationship with Bhagavan. However, in the expression “Bhagwaan is Mine” there is likelihood of wanting favorable situations for one’s self, because if Bhagwaan is Mine, then why can He not fulfill my wishes? Whereas in the sentiment “I am Bhagwaan’s” there cannot be a desire for wanting favorable situations for one’s self. Because when “I am Bhagwaan’s” then without any reservations may Bhagwaan do whatever He believes to be for my good. Therefore a Sadhak must want that his will be entirely blended (become one) with Bhagwaan’s (God’s) will. Let there not be even the slightest bit of lordship and wanting from Bhagwaan. Rather have the feeling that my Lord (Bhagwaan) has complete rights and entitlement over me.

Whenever Bhagwaan does something according to our wishes, then let there be embarrassment within, that because of me Bhagwaan had to do so and so. If there is no embarrassment, and rather there is feeling of contentment, then this is not true surrender. A devotee who has surrendered to Bhagwaan he sees God’s Will and remains ever happy, even in unfavorable situations related to the body, senses, mind, and intellect .

A devotee who has taken refuge, does not have anything remaining to do for himself. This is because he has taken himself and all things he was attached to, and turned them all over to Bhagwaan. In reality, these were all already God’s. Now all work remaining is God’s – to do, to get done etc. In such a state, even if the most difficult task and the most ghastly (fearful) incident arises, then too the devotee sees this as God’s immense grace and remains eternally happy, ever blissful.

Just like on being asked by Garudji about his previous birth in a Brahmin body, then Kaakbhooshandiji narrated the story where Lomash Rishi cursed him and made him one of the lowliest of all birds, the crow; but Kaakbhooshandiji, was neither fearful nor did he feel like a wretched sufferer! He saw this a the pure will of the Lord (Bhagwaan). Not only did he believe and accept so, but within his mind he said – “Ur prerak Raghubans Bibhushan” (Mana 7/113/1). On receiving such a terrible curse, then too if there is not the slightest bit of change in his joyful feeling in Kaakbhooshandiji, then Lomash Rishi understanding him to be a loving devotee of Bhagwaan (God) called him near and revealed to him the meditation of Ramlala (baby Ram). Then he shared the divine stories and past-times of the Lord, and becoming extremely happy he blessed Kaakbhooshandiji by placing his hand on his head “By my blessings you will attain the unlimited, uninterrupted devotion of Ram. You will become the beloved of Ramji. You will attain abundance of good qualities. Whatever form you desire, you will attain that form. Whatever place you reside in, there will be not the least bit of influence of My illusive powers ” etc. In this manner by bestowing many blessings on him, there was a thundering voice from above saying – “Hey Rishi! whatever you have said, it will all come true; He is My true devotee by mind, speech and actions”.

Therefore let us be ever happy in God’s ordinance. Even if the worst of worst situations pose themselves, a loving devotee is ever increasingly blissful, because the true nature of love is “ever increasing”.

From “Sharanagati” in Hindi page 21-23 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Ram Ram

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