Faith vs Firmness to take thy in Life!


Shree Hari:
Ram Ram

1st August, 2009, Saturday, Shravan Shukla Ekadashi, Vikram Samvat 2066, Shanivaar

First and the foremost we must resolve to have a firm aim in this life, and that is – In this very lifetime I want to realize Paramatma. Whether the entire world goes against me, but I want to progress spiritually ! Without having this firm resolve, bondage of worldly affairs will not leave. Let your aim, let your goal be only one, single-pointed (I want to attain Paramatama no matter what), then everything will be alright. One who has become a widow or a sadhu (ascetic) must become completely and entirely engaged in Paramatma (God). Besides this, what other work do you have? The necessities for sustaining this body will be met. How will they be met? This God only knows !

For the most part you are under the impression that – First I must arrange for my sustainance, let me accumulate money, thereafter I will engage in devotion, worship (bhajan) and contemplation (smaran). Such sentiments will not let you attain any spiritual progress. He who has hoarded money, they are not able to make quick spiritual progress. The relationship with money will become an roadblock in your spiritual progress. He who has nothing, who does not know where the meals will come from, such a person will progress far more quickly in the spiritual path, then one who has money and also engages in spiritual disciplines. The reason is that those who have money, within them there will be that reliance on money. When there is reliance on money, then liberation will not take place, this is a certainty. He who has no money, has no support, who does not have any certainty about the next meal and what he will eat? what will be available tomorrow? such a one can progress very quickly. This point will not appeal to you and you may not agree with it, but this has been examined and tested by me.

He who is relying on the support of money by having the mind-set that I will keep this money in the bank etc, and live off the interest from that money, such a person will not progress quickly. Because of dependence on money, dependence on Bhagwaan (God) will not be exclusive. If there is dependence on anything at all, then it will not let you realize Paramatma (God). It appears as if once the money issue is taken care off then we will peacefully engage in devotion and worship, but in reality, you will not be able to become free of worries.

Bhagwaan has said –
“Ananyachetaah satatam yo maam smarati nityashah |
Tasyaahum sulabhah Paarth nityayuktasya yoginah || (Gita 8/14)

“O’ Paarth, the Yogi who thinks of Me, and undividedly remains absorbed in Me, to Him I am easily attainable.” (Gita 8/14)

Here Bhagwaan has said three points – “Ananyachetaah” “Satatam” “Nityashah”. The meaning of these three points is –

1) “Ananyachetaah” – Besides Bhagwaan, there is dependence / reliance / support (sahaaraa) of NO ONE else;

2) “Satatam” – in other words, from the day that you become engaged in Paramatma, from that day until death you remain engaged.

3) “Nityasahah” – i.e from morning to night, from the time one wakes up, till they fall asleep to remain attached to Paramatma.

By these three points Bhagwaan becomes easily attainable.

From “Sab Saadhano kaa Saar” in Hindi pg 60-61 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

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  1. Here Editor wish to add

    રથ કહે છે ,” હું દેવ છું.”
    પથ કહે છે ,” હું દેવ છું.”
    મુર્તી કહે છે ,” હું દેવ છું.”
    અને અંતર્યામી હસે છે.
    – રવીન્દ્રનાથ ઠાકુર
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    Tagged: Thought

    6 responses so far ↓

    સુરેશ // જુલાઈ 31, 2009 at 6:34 am | Reply

    મારું અર્થઘટન
    રથ – ગુરુ
    પથ – ધર્મ
    મુર્તી – ઈશ્વરનું પ્રતીક
    અંતરયામી – પરમ તત્વ

    દેવ – ઉચ્ચ, મહાન

    મુનિ મિત્રાનંદસાગર (Muni Mitranandsagar) // ઑગસ્ટ 1, 2009 at 9:28 am | Reply

    ‘હું દેવ છું’ એમ દેવને કહેવું નથી પડતું!

    Geeta and Rajendra // ઑગસ્ટ 1, 2009 at 9:31 am | Reply

    How true!

    Thy is with you as long as you brearh.

  2. Liked the Post…
    My simple point is DO your ACTIONS as your DUTY ( Kartavya ) It will be SELFISH ( for yourself & your Loved ones ) at the Beginning but as you go deeper in the BHAKTI-PANTH, your actions become UNSELFISH…& eventually ALL DEDICATED to HIM ! This is the Path os Salvation /Self- Realisation OR MUKTI.
    If your Journey is above…then you have the FIRMNESS …& FAITH !
    Chandravadan ( CHANDRAPUKAR )

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