If we renounce evilness….


If we renounce evilness, in other words, if we do not do anything bad to any one, do not think bad about anyone, do not see anyone’s evilness, do not listen to anything bad about any one, do not talk (discuss) bad things about anyone, and do not understand any one’s Self (svaroop) to be even the slightest bit bad at anytime – then by doing so two things will happen –

1) either we shall not do anything or

2) if we do something then it will be good only.

Faults (defects) come only by doing. If we do not do anything, how can defects come? Because by not doing anything, the relationship with Nature / inertness (Prakruti) ceases; and positioning into self-evident faultless svaroop (Self) takes place automatically. Therefore, rather than doing good, it is better to avoid doing bad.

Tan kar man kar vachan kar, det na kahoo dukh |

‘Tulsi’ paatak harat hai, dekhat unka mukh ||

says Goswamiji Tulsidasji Maharaj.

By looking at (even) the face of that (person) who does not impart sorrows to anyone by body, mind and speech, the sins (of on-lookers) are destroyed.

In essence, we have only to renounce unreal ‘asat’, we do not have to attain real ‘sat’; because real (sat) is self evident, already attained ! After renunciation of unreal (asat), (then) only sat remains behind, the unreal (asat) does not remain. Therefore, when we renounce unreal (asat) then satkarmas (good/truthful deeds), satcharcha (truthful discussions), sacchintan (good thinking) and satsanga (association with sat) will happen automatically, we will not have to do these.

No one can keep away from real (sat) and no one can remain with unreal (asat). But when we make an effort to get real (sat), then we have to take help of asat (mind-body organs-intellect). Because without the help of unreal (asat), effort cannot be made. With the support of asat (only) ‘limited’ saadhan (effort/striving ) can take place. Just as one cannot grab hold on to an entire wall with one’s hands, similarly by ‘limited’ saadhan one can not grab hold of ‘unlimited’ element. By renunciation (non-acceptance) of the unreal (asat), one can automatically attain the real (sat); because that real (sat) is self evident and already attained. Renunciation can only take place of that which is already renounced (not ever attained) and realization (getting/attaining) is always of that which is always and ever attained – NASATO VIDYATE BHAVO, NABHAVO VIDYATE SATAH (Gita 2/16).

A sadhak’s work is only that much that through discrimination, he must disassociate with the unreal (asat), rather he must not accept asat (unreal) at all.

From “Sadhan Aur Sadhya” in Hindi pg 51-52 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.


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