“power of doing” which is “Karmayog”.


In human beings, there are only three things that are deficient –
1) deficient in doing,
2) deficient in knowing and
3) deficient in realizing.
In order to overcome these three deficiencies and to attain liberation, human beings have been given three powers (shaktiyaans) – the power to do, the power to know and the power to accept. In spite of having these three powers, due to his ignorance and attachment to enjoyments, man continues to experience sorrows and unhappiness. If he were to properly utilize these three powers (shaktis), then he can exhaust his deficiencies and attain perfection. He can make this human birth entirely purposeful and significant.

· To do work (service, seva) for others for their benefit, remaining free from personal desires is proper use (sadupyog) of the “power of doing” which is “Karmayog”.

· Becoming detached from the body and remaining established in the “self” (swaroop) is power use of the “power of knowing” which is “Jnanayog”

· To accept Bhagwaan (God) as our very own and we are Bhagwaan’s is the proper use of the “power of acceptance (belief) which is “Bhaktiyog”.

Gita gives lessons on all these three paths of Yoga (Union). Just like –

He who does his work for the benefit of others, only in the spirit of sacrifice (yagya) in other words with sentiments of selflessness (free of personal desires), that Karma yogi is released from the bondage of action –

“Yagyaayaacharatah karma samgram pravileeyate” (Gita 4/23).

He who does not consider the body and objects as his own and for himself, and utilizes it for the service of others, then the relationship with those objects (including body) is naturally discontinued (servered).

He who sees all actions as happening through Nature (Prakriti), and sees himself as not doing anything at all, that Jnana yogi realizes his true Self (Swaroop).

He who turns away from the world and only takes refuge in God, and besides God he does not want anything else, then the responsibility for his salvation lies with Bhagwaan (God). Therefore Bhagwaan Himself sees to the acquisition and preservation of the needs of the devotee that has taken shelter in Him. (Gita 9/22). He destroys all his sins (Gita 18/66). He speedily delivers this devotee from the ocean of birth and death. (Gita 12/7). And God also by dispeling the darkness born of ignorance and by shining the light of wisdom makes him realize his Essential Nature which is Divinity (Tattva-Jnana). (Gita 10/11)

The extraordinary things about Bhaktiyog (Discipline of Devotion) is that a devotee by God’s grace gets to know Divinity, his real Self; he beholds (has darshan of) God and He also attains God (God Realization). (Gita 11/54).

In this manner, there are numerous transcendental lessons, and if one conducts themselves accordingly, then he can very quickly and easily attain his ultimate goal, God Realization.

From “Kalyaan Path” in hindi page 131-132 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

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