“Maam ekam sharanam vraj.” “Take refuge in Me alone.”


“Sarvaguhyatam” – the best of all, the very final message of the Gita is “Maam ekam sharanam vraj.” “Take refuge in Me alone.” No need to depend on anything else. Only Me. Resign all your duties to Me, I shall absolve you of all sins, worry not. (Gita 18/66)

Take refuge in Paramatma (God). It is the final and ultimate message of the Gita. Nothing else is needed after taking refuge. Arjun asked what is good for him and God told him to take refuge in Him alone. “Maam ekam sharanam vraj”. What does “Maam ekam sharanam ” really mean? It means that only Paramatma remains. There is no other. Only Vasudeva (God). As such we are already His, being a part (ansh) of Paramatma. But due to our sight being on the world, we do not realize this.

Paramatma is eternal, therefore the part (ansh) is also eternal (nitya). Only that which is Eternal (nitya) can merge with the Eternal. Therefore, merge yourself with Paramatma (God) in a manner that you do not remain. Only God remains. You cannot merge with the world as it is always changing and you being a part of God can never change.

It is Him alone that has taken many different forms. Just like a tree has many parts – the roots, the trunk, the branches, the twigs, the leaves, flowers, fruits etc. If you water the roots, the entire tree gets watered. Similarly, there is only Paramatma. This is the truth that the world is non- existent. Only Paramatma is existent. So take refuge in Him and the entire universe will be satisfied.

Water has various forms – vapour, clouds, rain, rivers, snow etc. Water
evaporates from the surface, falls as rain, becomes rivers and then again merges into the ocean. This is God’s pastime in different forms. We are born from Him, remain in Him and eventually merge in Him. “Paayo Param Vishraam” “Attain supreme repose”.

The real essence “tattva” is Vasudeva Sarvam. “Everything is God”. There is only Vasudeva. Whatever is seen is Him and Him alone. He is present in everyone, as Paramatma Himself has become everyone. Just like water vapor becomes clouds, or cools and becomes snow and when warm pours as rain and flows into rivers. It is all water. It is all Vasudeva. It is you and You alone. Simply Be Joyous. A boy said he was thirsty to his grandpa when the land was covered with snow. Grandpa gave him a handful of snow. Here son ! It is all only water. What a divine play it is. Everything is Vasudeva. God alone has become different forms. He is endless, limitless, and boundless. Simply change your sentiments. and see the real thing. Whatever is perceived is He alone. This is the unshakable principle of the Gita. Having realised this fact, devotees are filled with ecstasy and bliss.

Summary of the morning pravachan by Swami Ramsukhdasji on 13th November, 2004 at 5.20 a.m.

Ram Ram

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