Then how are you sitting here so peacefully?-Swami Ramsukhdasji


Tan ker man ker vachan ker dait ne kaahu dukh |
Tulasi paatak zhadat ai dekhat uske mukh ||

“The sight of the person who does not give trouble to others with body, mind and words, frees others from sins.”

Bless me such that henceforth I will not cause any trouble, pain or sorrow to anyone. Nor will I think evil of anyone with this mind. Nor will I use harsh words with my tongue by which some one is hurt and faces difficulties. Let us continue to be engaged in seeing to the comfort and relaxation of others. Let us serve all. Let us continue to be engaged in the welfare of all beings. God’s infinite and limitless power is with us and we will achieve the aim of human life i.e. we will attain God.

Noble persons have highly praised this age of Kaliyog, because in this age, a man may attain God realization very quickly without much effort –

Kalijug sam jug aan nahin jou ner ker biswaas |
gaayi Raam guna gan bimal bhav ter binahin prayaas || (Manasa 7/103)

Without any effort one can cross the ocean of this life. We have got this golden opportunity. Therefore let us become fully surrendered to Lord’s Lotus feet. He is ours and besides Him no one else is ours and we are no one elses. We have come into this world only to serve. What will we gain from this world? All are thinking selfishly that let me get what benefits me, but by this you will not necessary attain your selfish means. Let us serve others and remember our very own Prabhu (God). This birth has been received to serve. Therefore serve all fairly, and as is prescribed in the sacred books.

In Udyog Parva (a division of the epic Mahabhaarat), there is a story of Dhrtarastra who calls Vidurji and asks him the reason of his sleeplessness. To this Vidurji replies that the person who has enmity with geniune persons and desires to trouble them cannot sleep and will definitely remain restless. By having bad and dishonest dealings with Pandavas, Dhrtarastra is wanting to get sleep and peace? He whose heart is evil can never be at peace. The person who thinks about achieving his aim by selfish means is actually not achieving his end, rather he is ruining it. The selfishness that is seen is cause of man’s degradation and ruination. Therefore in this very short life that is remaining, whatever we can do to serve others, do it. Wise is he who accomplishes his work in this life. Only the man who attains the goal of human life i.e God Realization is wise. For attaining Him, serve others, practice constant remembrance, loud chanting and be engaged in loving adoration of God without desiring any comforts. By doing so, if we die, we will be relieved of worldly distresses and attain God. If we live, we will accumulate the real treasure of spiritualism and adoration which can neither be stolen by thieves, nor divided by brothers nor taxed by the government, but will go with us and by which we can even attain God. On the other hand, if we desire to get comforts from others, we will not get those comforts, rather we will waste our time. And even if we are able to get them, we will have to leave it someday because everyone whether rich or poor, emperor or beggar, scholar or fool, male or female will have to go from here.

Then how are you sitting here so peacefully?

From “Art of Living” in English pg 90 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

Ram Ram

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