A seeker of wealth – Swami Ramsukhdasji


In Gita 7:16 Lord says – `Aarto jijyaasurarthaarthee jnaani cha bharatarsabha’—The distressed (sufferer), the seeker of knowledge, the seeker of wealth and a man of wisdom in other words a loving devotee —all the four types of virtuous men worship God i.e. seek refuge in the Lord.

(1) A seeker of wealth — Those devotees who desire wealth, prosperity, grandeur only from God, i.e. not from anyone else, such devotees are called the seekers of wealth. They worship God to gain wealth. Their conviction is that none else besides God, can fulfill their desire for wealth. Holding this view they recite and chant God’s name and adore Him religiously for acquiring wealth.

One who resorts to worldly means for fulfilling his desire for wealth, but sometimes invokes God for it is not a devotee of God, he is a devotee to riches.

But, devotees of God seek wealth only from Him. Such devotees gradually develop inclination for God, and their desire for wealth slowly diminishes and finally it disappears. Dhruva was such a devotee.

One day, Dhruva wanted to sit in the lap of his father, but his step-mother did not allow him to do so. She said, “You have not worshipped God. You are unlucky, because you are the son of your unlucky mother. So you do not deserve, to sit in the lap, of your father.” Dhruva narrated the incident to his mother. His mother said, “My darling, she is right. Both of us have not worshipped God.” Dhruva said, “Mother, now I am going to adore God.” Saying these words Dhruva left for the forest for meditatation and adoration. On the way, he met sage Nârada, who said to him, “O innocent boy, where are you going, all alone? In the jungle, there are wild animals which will devour you. Come with me to the king. He, on my request will make arrangement for your mother, as well as for you.” Having listened to Nârada, his faith in God was intensified and he said, “Sire, I want to be engaged in adoration (tapa).” Having learnt of his determination, sage Narada imparted to him the sacred Mantra of twelve letters, (Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasudevaaya), and advised him, to meditate upon the four-armed Lord Vishnu and then directed him to go to Madhuvana, for adoration.

Dhruva worshipped the Lord with such a firm conviction and belief that the Lord revealed Himself to Dhruva within six months. The Lord granted him the boon that he would become an heir to the throne, but Dhruva was not pleased with this boon. His mind was purified by adoration, and so he felt ashamed that he committed a mistake in having a desire to gain a kingdom. It means that Dhruva wanted to gain kingdom but not by any other means besides devotion and adoration. By means of adoration he gained a kingdom and his desire perished. Thus, a devotee who is a seeker of wealth seeks wealth but only from God.

Now-a-days people, who want to earn money by foul means, sometimes pray to God to grant them money. Such people are seekers of wealth, but they are not devotees of God, because instead of believing Him, they believe in falsehood, fraud and other foul means, while devotees depend on God only and by having affinity for Him adore Him only. Such devotees, because of various factors such as past-influence etc., sometimes desire for favourable circumstances. They are devotees no doubt, but due to this desire they are called seekers of wealth.

From “The Bhagavadgita – Sadhak Sanjivani” in English pg by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

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