intense and deep longing would work.- Swami Ramsukhdasji


When a spiritual aspirant cannot remain without God, He also cannot remain without the aspirant, as it is God’s nature.

In Gitaji, Bhagwaan (God) has said –

“Ye yatha maam prapadyante taanstathaiva bhajaamyaham” (Gita 4/11)

“Howsoever a devotee takes refuge in (approaches) Me, I give him support in the exact same manner.” (Gita 4/11)

If we are totally restless without God, then He too will become restless without us. If we cry from longing and abscence of God, then He too will cry due to our abscence.

Suppose a mosquito wants to see an eagle and the eagle also wants to see the mosquito; then would the mosquito reach the eagle first or would the eagle reach the mosquito first? The power of the mosquito cannot be of any use in approaching the eagle. Only the power of the eagle will be useful. Similarly if there is a will to see God, only the power of God would be useful. Our power, our actions, our destiny would not yield anything. On the contrary only our ardent, intense and deep longing would work. There is nothing else that is required except our ardent, deep and intense longing and aspiration.

By saying that we can’t reach God, does that mean God also cannot reach us. We can’t reach God by whatever power we may use. But God dwells in our hearts verily. God appears to be away from us, because we believe that God is away. When Draupadi invoked God, she addressed Him as Govinda residing in Dwarka, therefore God came to her by first visiting Dwarka. If she addressed God, as the indweller in her heart, He would have appeared immediately !

If we believe that God cannot be attained just now, He will not be attained now, as we ourselves have created a blockage, a bar in His appearance.

If you think that God will be attained today, He will assuredly be attained today. But there should not be even the slightest shadow of doubt or thought in your mind, that how can God be attained so soon? God is not obstructed by your actions. If God is obstructed by your evil actions, if He is impeded by your sins, how can He shower His grace and blessings, even if he is availed? But God is not impeded by your actions. There is no power at all that can prevent God from being attained. He is neither obstructed by meritorious deeds nor by evil deeds. He is easily accessible to all. Our sins will become mightier than even God if He is obstructed by our sins. If sins are more powerful than God then how can we be blessed even if God is attained? What is the benefit of His being attained, if He is impeded by sins? None else is as mighty as He is, nor anyone has been, nor will there ever be anyone mightier, nor can there ever be anyone mightier than God. If you ardently and intensely long for God, then God will certainly be attained. It does not matter how you are. There is no doubt in it. He will be attained. This human birth has been bestowed on us only to attain Paramatma (God). Otherwise what is the difference between human beings and other species / creatures?

From “All is God” in English pg 111 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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