Wealth and Eternal welth – Swami Ramsukhdasji


We have two types of hoardings / accumulations (punji). One you have paid attention to, which is accumulation of wealth and various material possessions. But the eternal wealth “param-dhan” you have not paid any attention to. This form of wealth accumulation (punji), you have not given any importance to it. We are all given limited amount of time. Even a dumb person can become eloquent, intelligent and wise. You can be freed once and forever. You can become released from all sorrows and suffering for your entire life. You can even realize Paramatma. The possibilities are endless. You can make all this happen in this very life, that is, in the time that you have remaining. All that is needed is your “will” (icchaa). To acquire wealth, one must first “will” (desire) it, and then one must make an attempt to move in that direction (chesthaa) and act (karma) upon it. And finally if you have the proper fate (praarabh), then it can happen. But in spiritual progress (Parmaarthik unaati), there is only gain. One “will” / desire is needed.

What is lacking is the exclusive aim and readiness “tatpartaah”. It only requires your intentness, your intense craze (lagan), your deep longing, your will and desire to attain only that. All can get it, whatever religion you may be. Every single one of you can attain it. Such a great resource such as “time” we have been given. Most importantly, the aim must be firm that I want to attain God (self) realization. Definitely there is no doubt it will happen. You can benefit immensely, only by this one want (will) – let me attain salvation. Simply by willing, one can attain Paramatma (God). You cannot get anything else only by desiring (willing). Only Paramatma can be attained by simply wanting only Him. But it must be that there should be no other want (desire), than it will definitely happen. No other desire can be fulfilled with certainty. But the will should be such that you cannot live without Paramatma. You feel like nothing is worth it, nothing else is appealing, nothing else is desirable. Don’t look at whether you are deserving or whether you are capable or not. It doesn’t require anything. Nothing, only “will” i.e. wanting Paramatma and Paramatma alone.

“Ek aasaro, ek bal, ek aasviswaas, ek Rama Ghanshyam, chaatak Tulasidas.” Only one support – only one strength – only one dependence, just like the chaatak bird which only looks towards the rain clouds for water.

Now the question arises as to how can this desire be awakened? It is by leaving other desires, that this desire can be awakened. And why is it so? It is because this human birth is only received for this very purpose.”Yahin tana kara phala vishaya ne bhaayi.” This body has not been attained for anything else besides realizing God. This human body is only for that purpose. Whatever you may be, however you may have been, only your will, aim and intense want is needed. There is no doubt about this. This birth is only for that purpose. What other purpose would there be for this human birth? This is the main difference. No other creatures have this opportunity. You are a part (ansh) of Paramatma. If a part (ansh) cannot meet its co-heir (anshi), then what use is it? Only ardent and exceeding (utkat) longing (abhilaashaa) is required. Only one must have one desire. All other desires will become very ordinary and rubbish. Therefore have this one desire. It is a great point and it is the Truth. I am not here to cheat you, to lie to you. I have no such desire. You are getting these priceless talks and today is a great day to begin. You can attain this very easily.

The point is that this country, these clothes, this body, these things, this property, none of them will remain with you. Nothing will remain whatsoever. Think about it seriously! What will remain? It is all bound to leave. What you acquired will be lost. Every single thing that you have met / received / acquired will leave you at some time. Meeting and departing is happening daily with every single thing. Only Paramatma always remains. He will never be distant from you. He is “All powerful, All capable” (sarvasamarth), but in spite of that, He is unable to move away from you. If he could distance himself from you, then there would be two, but He is “All Pervasive” (sarvavyapak), so how can he become distant? Leave all other desires. With this one desire, there will not be need for any other desire, and there will be no shortage of anything. Not one thing. You will have no need for those things. It is such a great point. Only by desiring and willing – How can we meet Bhagwaan? Who can tell me? What should I do? Where should I go? Who can help me?
“Jehi ke Jehi per satya sanehu. So tehi milayee ne kachu sandehu.” (Manasa., Baal. 259:3). One who has a true, ardent and intense longing for spiritual truths, will certainly receive real satsang (association of good company, Truth). There is no doubt about it. He is ever ready to meet you. Nowadays everything has become expensive, but Rs. (dollars etc.) have become cheap. I don’t know with certainty, since I don’t have to buy anything, but I hear from others. And what you are getting these days is not genuine. You cannot even get a genuine sadhu (ascetic) these days. Only Paramatma is real (geniune). People say my Guru can help you realize God, but the genuine sharing is not there. In the end they will ask for money before making you meet Paramatma. Everything has become fake (nakli). Gita and Ramayan have extraordinary points on realizing Paramatma. Many say to me, why are you reading these books now? I tell them I get new insights every single time I read the Gita. We have been fortunate to have this wonderful opportunity. Simply say, He Naath, He Naath! Let me Never forget You. You don’t need to ask anyone. You don’t need a Guru. You don’t need anyone. Simply call out. He is listening. He listens to your prayers completely. Only thing is you have to be honest and straight-forward. You cannot be clever and cunning (chaalaak) about this. There is no doubt you will see a change, and the change will continue. Have no doubts. Simply be truthful. We need genuine people these days. Therefore with a true heart become engaged. Even worst of worst sinners can attain God. This is an opportune time and my work will be done.

From Summary of Discourse (partial) in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji on Jan 10, 2001 at 8 a.m.

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