Honesty and Truthfulness – Swami Ramsukhdasji


Honesty and Truthfulness is pleasing to Bhagwaan (God). Worst of worst sinners too, like to have people around them that are honest and truthful. Even a murderer and robber is often honest with his loved one and those close to him.

Real honesty and truthfulness is acceptance that all this does not belong to me that –

1) It belongs to the world and I must return them back to the world or

2) It belongs to God, therefore let me turn over what belongs to Him back to Him

3) It belongs to Nature, not the Self, it is not mine, nor is it for me.

This is genuine honesty and truthfulness. Even if one has no belief whatsoever in God, but is honest and truthful as above, he can be greatly benefited. One who is honest and truthful is very glorious and can easily win over desires and anger. He can become peaceful. He can become fearless. True honesty is knowing within that this is not mine.

A young gentleman who had lost his young wife had visited me once. He seemed to be at peace. I asked him, how so? He said – the point that came to his mind was – she did not belong to me.

Let us simply hold on to this point. We have no rights (adhikaar) over these things. This is true purity, honesty and truthfulness. Even if you do not believe in God, or the Soul (atma), or the World, but if you believe that this is not mine, you are being honest. There is nothing to take from anyone. There is nothing to take even from God. He is already protecting this entire universe. What an amazing point this is. He even takes birth (manifests on earth) for the protection of His devotees. This protection does not imply of the physical body, wealth, possessions etc. rather, it is protecting the inner sentiments of devotees. This sentiment can be expressed such that even by meeting one friend, one feels, Bhagwaan has come. God has taken on so many different forms. It is only Bhagwaan, only Bhagwaan. From One, He became many. “Vasudeva Sarvam”. It is all part of His divine play.

I had once met a saint, and while talking to me he saw an ant crawling on his clothes. He went back to the spot he was sitting to drop the ant off at that spot. He was concerned that the ant would be away from his family and possibly young children. What compassion and deep sentiments saints have. There was another saint who came to a house for bhikshaa (alms). The householder asked him to wait outside. The saint waited, and waited, but the householder forgot about him. It was two days later, the saint was still patiently waiting outside for a meal. They are truly extraordinary. Devotees of God are extraordinary. I urge you all to read stories of devotees (Bhakt) of God. These days no one pays attention to such great souls.

Eknaathji was a great saint. Nothing could get him angry and upset. He bathed daily in Gangaji, and one person was challenged to spit on him when he came back from his bath. The person spat on him, and each time Eknaathji returned back to bath again. The man repeated this act over and over again of spitting, and each time Eknaathji returned to the river and immersed himself. On the hundredth time, he came out and expressed his gratitude to the other man saying if it was not for you, I would have not had the opportunity for such purification (100+ times immersing in the Ganges). “Nij Prabhumai dekhi jagat kehin san karhi birodh” – when everything is filled with Divinity, then with whom should we have a conflict ? So amazing are the saints / devotees of God. God declares – “I am a servant of my devotees and they are the jewels on my crown.” “Mein hu bhagatan ko daas, bhagat mere mukutmani.” Therefore read about them. Your spiritual disciplines (enhanced) will be greatly enhanced and expedited.

One great secret in reading about devotees of God, is to sit in a quiet spot. Then read ! and if your heart is softened and you feel overwhelmed with tears, then stop reading at that point and begin to chant, do kirtan, say out loud – Let me never forget you. By reading and listening to life stories (katha) of saints and devotees of God, your inner faculties / mind is purified. There have been many great devotees. When your eyes are dried up, then once again go back to the same spot where you were reading and re-read from that point on. You will be greatly benefited by reading the stories of devotees of God. There is no one like God and His devotees. They are the only two who do good to all beings without any selfish motive and only for seeing to the welfare of others –

“Hetu rahit jag jug upkaari; Tum tumhaar sewak asuraari; Swaarth meet sakal jag maahi, sapanehu prabhu parmaarth naahi.” (Manasa, Uttara, 47:3)

“Sur nar muni sab kai yeh reeti, swaarth laagi karahin sab preeti.” (Manasa, Uttara, 12:1)

Narayana Narayana Narayana

From summary of discourse in hindi on Nov 11, 2001 at 5 a.m. by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

Summary of the morning discourse of Swami Ramsukhdasji on 16th April, 2004 at 5.20 a.m.

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