Become Free of Likes and Dislikes – Swami Sharananandji


Become Free of Likes and Dislikes – Part II

The main point is this – Get rid of likes and dislikes. Thereafter if there is anything binding then let me know. Do it and see for yourself! Swami Sharananandji said, leave the attraction and aversion for all and come and sit down over here. If you are not liberated, then hang me by the noose! Likes and dislikes are the main bondage! What else is bondage?

You say – wipe out the “varna” system and let us make different groups. This group is a communist, this one is a socialist, this one is from Hindu Parishad, this is a muslim group. Creating / forming new groups daily. That which is good in the “varna ashram,” we wish to wipe out, to get rid of it and start various different new things, new parties / groups etc. Initially there were likes / dislikes in the four “varnas”, now there are so many more parties / groups and the likes and dislikes have expanded. In my experience, the Brahmins and cobblers have never fought, but in these various parties one cannot remain without fighting. Initially, generally the fights were between Kaurav and Pandavas, where the Rajputs were fighting the Rajputs. Now everyone is fighting. They said they all should be united “Ektaa”, but instead each one became a separate isolated strings (ek-ek taar). In other words, all separated. Mother votes for one, father votes for another, son votes for a third… tell me is this true or false? Unfavorable condition is taking place everywhere.

“Karat kusang chaahat kushal yahin bado afsos hai |

Mahimaa ghati samudraki raavan basyo pados ||

Due to living in proximity of Ravana, the ocean was trapped. You do not do yourself, and whatever is said you do not listen. Whatever is heard is not understood, and whatever is understood, is not believed. Now what to do? You all tell me the solution? You introduce new problems/issues – abort unborn children, do family planning by operating etc. Why are you creating problems? Do you have a greater intellect than God, Who is sustaining this Universe for billions of years?

I met a girl from Bhagalpur who came to visit me at Rishikesh. The young girl said, that many people say to me why not remarry, since you are a widow? She said to the other person, if marrying for a widow is a great thing, then why do you not get your mother who is a widow remarried? If it is a great thing, why not first start with marrying your mother, but if it is not such a good thing then why are you sending me to hell? It was good to hear the girl speaking up like that. One says that by sacrificing a goat we will attain salvation. If you are sending the goats to heaven as sacrifice, why do you not send your father? Your intent is bad, but you talk good things. Get rid of likes and dislikes once and for all and see if there is anything binding thereafter and let me know!

Narayan ! Narayan ! Narayan ! Narayan !

From summary of discourse in Hindi on Jan 27, 1992 at 5 a.m. by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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