The Indispensability of Satsang – 4 – Swami-Ramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

5th May 2010, Wednesday, Vaishaka Krishna Ashthami, Budhvar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

The Indispensability of Satsang – 4

Wherever there is conversation about the devotees of God, there God Himself arrives. Nabhaaji Maharaj composed a “Bhaktmala” (Devotees’ Stories). Based on that, Priyadasji Maharaj wrote a commentary in the form of poetry. He would place the seat of the Lord in front of him and relay the stories to the Lord. When he was sharing the Lord’s divine legends, many were attending these events including some wealthy people. When rich people come then danger arrives. Some thieves saw that such rich people are are coming, so they too decided to attend. They did not find anything else to steal, so they stole the diety of the Lord. Priyadasji Maharaj said that “the main listener has left, now who should I share these divine tales with?” He put a stop to this satsang and said Thakurji (Lord) has left. Who should we make and offering of food to? He said to stop cooking food! Stay hungry. The divine tales came to an end. The thieves became very concerned and troubled. They brought Thakurji back. On knowing that Thakurji is back, Maharajji took a bath, gave a bath to Thakurji, adorned Him, food was cooked and offered to the Lord, and thereafter the sharing of the divine stories once again began. No one quite remembers how long these carried on, at which time the Lord Himself said that till a certain period these divine tales carried on. In this manner, the Lord, Himself listens attentively to the devotees’ narration.

When the sun rises, the darkness goes away, but this is outward darkness; however when the sun rises in the form of spiritual Truths, then the inner (in the inner faculties) darkness disappears. Sins go away. Doubts disappear. Various dilemmas that remain in the inner faculties are all resolved –

“Ram maayaa satguru dayaa, sadhu sang jab hoi |

Tab praani jaane kachu, rahyo Vishay ras bhoye ||

When God’s and saint’s complete grace showers, then you come in contact with Spiritual Truths –

Sant bisudh milahin pari tehi |

Chitvahin ram kripa kari jehi || (Manas, Sunder. 7/4)

Vibhishan said to Hanumanji –

“Ab mohi bha bharos Hanumantaa |

Binu Hari kripa milahin nahin santaa ||

“O’ Hanumanji ! Now I have complete faith that I will surely meet the Lord ! Now that I have met you, I have come to realize that Lord has showered His immense grace on me. God has blessed me with ths human body, after that he gave me good company (association with Truth). That is an extra-ordinary blessing. We have to take advantage of this grace. If others could benefit then they should also be given this opportunity –

“Bharaa satsang ka dariya, nahaa lo jiskaa ji chaahe |

Hajaaro rattan bakeemat, bhare aalaa se aalaa hai ||

Lagaakar gyaan ka gota, nikalo jiskaa jee vhaahe |

There are many great gems in the ocean of spiritual truths and associations with Truth. In this ocean the number of times that you take a dip in the knowledge, that much incredible jewels will be uncovered. In sharing also such extra-ordinary points arise, that there can be many gains. By the listener’s grace, we get so many fine points.

Sant samaagam hari katha tulasi durlabh doya |

Soot dwaara aru lakshmi paapi ke bhi hoi ||

Lord’s divine tales and spiritual associations – these twor are rare things. Son and wealth are attained according to a man’s fate. Ravana was king of a very large kingdom – this is not a great thing. The great thing is to think, reflect, meditate on the Lord, to remember Him, to talk about Him, to engage in Him. Even the saints have asked –

Ram ji saadhu sangat mohi deejiye |

Baanro sangat do Ram ji palbhar bhool ne jaaye ||

Lord! Give us association with spiritual souls, whereby I do not forget You even for a moment.”

Gentlemen! There is benefits from Satsang, which are not so in spiritual disciplines. God that is to be attained by spiritual practices, is like becoming rich from earning a livelihood. However, listening to satsang is like getting adopted (like being in someone’s lap). On being adopted, one automatically becomes the owner of the earned wealth of new family. The saints have taken many years in their spiritual pursuits? How many different spiritual disciplines they may have adopted? How many spiritual associates they may have met? You are getting in a matter of one hour the essence of all that a saint has learned over years. Oh Sir! What effort is involved in getting adopted (sitting in lap of new parents)? Today, his state may be extreme poverty stricken and tomorrow a millionaire. He becomes the owner of entire family’s earned wealth and heritage. You can get such things through satsang, which you cannot get for years to come by doing spiritual disciplines. Therefore Brother! If you get satsang, then you must definitely engage in it. By this one can attain salvation for free. Simply at no cost to you ! None whatsoever!

From “Sadhan, Sudhaa, Sindhu” in Hindi pg 694 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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