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Shree Hari:

We are totally indebted to our parents, particularly our mother. Mother
was always there to take care of us and protect us. God will not respect, those
who don’t respect their parents. By obeying our parents, we can become free of
I-ness, Mine-ness and attain eternal peace.

Serve your mother

If you are a son, be a good son. Serve your mother. Do not want anything
from her, only ask for her blessings to be able to serve her. One can never
become debt free, from serving their mother and father. Whatever we may have
done for them, we can never pay back our debts to our parents. We can never be
free of what we owe them. There is no way out of this debt. We are totally
indebted to our parents. So then what? We can only serve them and make them
happy. By making them happy, all our debts are excused. The amount of
difficulty a mother has born for her child, the child can never serve to that
extent for his mother.

However educated and intelligent we may be, in childhood we did not know how
to sit, but our mother taught us to sit. She taught us to walk, by holding on to
her fingers. We did not know how to eat, but mother made us sit and spoon-fed
us and gradually taught us to eat. Our brothers and sisters too were in the
same helpless boat as we were. Even in this state, after bearing a lot of
difficulties our mother managed to take care of us. While we were between games
and sports, often breaking things, and scraping knees from climbing trees,
catching scorpions (bitchuu) and putting hands in fire. Mother always
protected us.

Sometimes men taken over by their arrogance casually say to me, so what is the
big deal? I say to them – try to keep a child for two days on your lap and see
for yourself. It is because of mother’s motherly strength (matru shakti) that
we have all been taken care off. Therefore however we can, whatever way we
are capable, we must serve our parents. Those who don’t understand, pray that
they understand to respect their elders. God will not respect, those who don’t
respect their parents. No one will trust them, because the one who could not be
there for his parent’s, who could he be there for? God is happy when one serves
his parents. By following orders, certain Siddhi is attained. Rather God
realization is attained. Therefore, Brothers and Sisters, we must obey our

So what will happen by obeying our parents? They will be served and we will
become free of “I-ness” i.e. ego-less (nirahankar). By serving them with
material goods, we will become free of “mine-ness.” (nirmama). As many things
that you put to service, from that many things you will become detached and
attain eternal “peace” (shanti).

Ram Ram

From “Jivan Upyogi Pravachan” by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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  1. Here is the Bhajan – Poem Our father taught us when we were little!

    ધન્ય જનેતા ડિસેમ્બર 31, 2006

    Filed under: મૂળશંકર ત્રિવેદી — સુરેશ @ 1:00 am Edit This

    ધન્ય જનેતા જેની કૂખે જન્મ્યાં સદ્ ગુણી બાળ
    ધન્ય જનેતા તેની જેણે સમર્યા શ્રી ગોપાળ – ધન્ય જનેતા.

    ધન્ય જનેતા તેની જેણે દીપાવીયું નીજ નામ.
    ધન્ય જનેતા તેની કીધાં પૂણ્ય તણાં બહુ કામ. – ધન્ય જનેતા

    ધન્ય જનેતા તેની આપે આત્મ તણાં બલિદાન.
    ધન્ય જનેતા તેની ન મળે કાયાનું અભિમાન – ધન્ય જનેતા

    ધન્ય જનેતા તેની જેણે તાર્યાં માત ને તાત .
    ધન્ય જનેતા તેની જેથી દીપે નાત ને જાત .- ધન્ય જનેતા

    ધન્ય જનેતા તેની જેના દિલમાં ન મળે ખેદ
    ધન્ય જનેતા તેની જેના અંતર મહીં નહિ ભેદ. – ધન્ય જનેતા

    ધન્ય જનેતા તેની જેણે રીઝવ્યા શ્રી જગદીશ
    ધન્ય જનેતા તેની જેના અંતર ન મળે રીસ. – ધન્ય જનેતા

    ધન્ય જનેતા તુજને મુળજી ચરણે નામે શીશ
    પ્રેમ ધરી બાળકને આપો પ્રભુ મિલન આશિષ. – ધન્ય જનેતા

    એવી માતા ઘર ઘર થાજો દીપાવજો સંસાર
    એનાં બાળક અમર થતાં રહે આનંદનો નહિ પાર. – ધન્ય જનેતા

    – મૂળશંકર ત્રિવેદી

  2. “Mana jaane sab baat, jaan boojh avaguna kare
    kyon chaahat kusalaat, ker deepak koonye pade.”

    At present times such terrible and fearsome sins are taking place,
    that simply by listening, one’s hair stands on ends, eyes become
    filled with tears, and heart is deeply moved ! Ram Ram Ram, what
    terrible unjustice, what fearsome sins are taking place, but your
    attention is not going there at all ! Human body is said to be the
    rarest of all all forms of life –
    “Durlabho maanushyo deho dehinaam shunabhangurah” (Srimad Bhagavat
    “Labdhvaa sudurlabhmidam bahusambhvaante,
    maanushyamarthdamnityampeeh dheerah” (Srimad Bhagavat 11:9:29)
    “bade bhaag maanushya tanu paava. Sur durlabh sab granthnhi
    gaava.” (Manas 7:43:7)

    Such a rare human body, is being destroyed at the very beginning.
    It is being cut up along with the jeev, and this is such a great
    offense, it is such injustice, it is a terrible sin! My mind feels
    immense pain, it is feeling great distress, but what to do! The
    human body by which one can realize God, to not allow that human
    body to even be born, and to destroy it, it is the ultimate sin !
    To not allow some soul the opportunity to receive a human body, to
    not allow that human body to even be born, to take medication from
    the beginning and destroy it, through abortion or any other means.
    One has stooped so low – not only to think about going to hell
    themselves, but at the same time not even allowing another soul the
    opportunity for upliftment, for benediction ! Now what is one to
    do? Who to share this with? And who will listen to my point? Is
    there no one listening ?

    For ascetics it has been written in the scriptures to not travel
    much during “Chaturmaas” (four months in a year during the rains).
    Because during these month, due to the rains, every seed grows into
    a sappling, which later grows into a tree. By extensive traveling,
    walking, these seedlings come under the feet and are destroyed.
    Therefore during this four month period, the ascetics do not walk
    and roam around much, so that unknowingly no violence is done to any
    life form. In Bhagavat it has been said, that if you wish to gain
    victory over violence, then reduce the movement of the body –
    “hinsaa kaayaadhyaneehayaa.” (Bhagavat 7:15:23). When there is
    so much thought put into non-violence around immovable things, then
    what to speak on the subject of movable beings? But nowadays, the
    best of all movable life forms, better than even the devatas, the
    human body, is being contemplated for destruction, what a state of
    affairs we are in ! (to be continued)

    From “Saadhan, Sudhaa, Sindhu” pg 946 in Hindi by Swami

  3. Hindu spirituality addresses the benediction, the upliftment of all
    of mankind, and all beings. The hindu culture is only for the
    salvation of all of mankind. By destroying a jeev (embodied soul),
    preventing it from living from the very onset, is a great offense !
    The surprising thing is that this sin, is now being considered as a
    socially civilized state of affairs ! The implication of this is
    that, it is the fastest route to hell. One wants to suffer in the
    most terrible and worst of worst hell !

    Think ! to prevent anyone’s upliftment (benediction), can it be a
    virtue? If someone wants to become wealthy, to prevent him from
    becoming rich, is that a good thing ? If some one wants to become
    righteous and spiritual, then to not allow him to become righteous,
    is that just? If some one wants to attain salvation, to not let him
    attain salvation, is that fairness? If someone wants to be healthy,
    to not allow him to become strong and healthy, is this virtuous?
    To end someone’s life; for our little convenience and happiness, is
    it not unjust ? To not allow the birth of someone, who could have
    had an opportunity to walk the path towards God Realization, is
    simply unjust and atrocious !

    Oh ! Benefactor, Oh! Master, knowingly do not incur this horrible
    sin. Have at least that much mercy. I am the child of your house,
    I am raised by you, and at present too, I am supported by you
    alone. You all are my father and my mother ! have a little mercy,
    whereby you do not engage in such terrible sins.

    It has been said in the Paaraashersmriti –

    “Yat paapam brahmahattyaa dvigunam garbhapaatane
    Praayashchitam ne tasyaasti tatsyaasyaago vidhiyate” (Gita 4:20)

    The sin that accrues from abortion is double that that which is
    incurred from killing a brahmin (brahmahattyaa). This great sin in
    the form of abortion, has no penance, no atonement, no remorse. If
    less children are desired, then practice celibacy. We encourage
    this practice, as one will not incur sin, and in fact the body will
    be free of disease. It will be healthy and strong. But instead to
    destroy the body and at the same time to not allow a child to be
    born – is such a shameful thing, it is such a sorrowful thing !

    “shruyataam dharmasarvasyam shrutvaa chaivaavadhaaryataam
    aatmanah pratikoolaani pareshaan ne samaacharet.”

    Listen to the entire essence of the dharma (righteousness), and
    after listening, hold on to it. That which is unfavorable to us, do
    not do to others. If someone stops our progress, if they stop our
    birth, they stop our growth, they stop our learning, they stop us
    from worshipping and meditating on God, if they stop our realization
    of our beloved, will they incur sin or will they incur virtues ?
    Think a little bit ! Some soul when it is coming in the form of a
    human birth, by placing roadblocks in this process, and not even
    giving it an opportunity to be born, is a terrible sin ! Yes! if
    follow the practices of celibacy then our body too will be healthy
    and there will not be any sin that will be incurred. But instead we
    want to enjoy sense pleasures, destroy the body, and will not let
    any children be born – this is a terrible thing leading to one’s
    downfall. (to be continued next week)

    From “Saadhan, Sudhaa, Sindhu” pg 946-947 in Hindi by Swami

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  4. માતૃદિને રામ અને કૃષ્ણની મા
    શ્રીરામના કહેવાથી જ કૈકેયીએ દશરથરાજાને વચનબદ્ધ કરી રામને વનવાસ મોકલવા વચન માગ્યું હતું, પરંતુ કૈકેયીએ રામને બીજા જન્મમાં પોતાના પુત્ર તરીકે જન્મ લેવા વિનંતી કરી હતી. ત્યારે શ્રીરામે કહ્યું હતું કે પુત્ર તરીકે જન્મ આપનારા માતા કહેવડાવવા કરતાં, હું તમારો કનૈયો કહેવાઇશ અને તમારા ખોળામાં જ રમીશ. માતા યશોદા બીજા જન્મમાં શ્રીકૃષ્ણના પાલકમાતા બની તેમના સહેવાસમાં રહેતાં હતાં.

    માતા યશોદાનો બાળકૃષ્ણ પ્રત્યેનો લગાવ અનન્ય હતો. આથી જ ગોપીઓ કૃષ્ણની માખણ ચોરી જવાની ફરિયાદ કરતી તો પણ મા યશોદા કૃષ્ણનો બચાવ કરતાં. કૃષ્ણ પણ માનતા કે ભગવાન ‘મા’નો પર્યાય છે. શ્રી અરવિંદ કહેતા, ‘જેની છાતીમાં માનવતા છરે અને ખોળામાં સંસ્કૃતિનાં પારણાં ઝૂલે તે મા.’ ‘મા’ એક એવી ઋતુ છે, જેને પાનખર આવતી નથી. માની મમતાનું બુંદ અમૃતસાગરથી પણ મોટું અને મધુર છે. શ્રી વિનોભા બાવે ‘મા’ને એકાક્ષરી મંત્ર કહેતા હતા અને એ રીતે માતા યશોદાનું સ્થાન સર્વોપરી બની ગયું હતુ.

    ભાગવત પુરાણમાં કનૈયાની બાળલીલાઓનું વિસ્તૃત વર્ણન થયું છે. પ્રેમમૂર્તિ કનૈયાની માખણલીલા ભાગવતમાં જ મળે છે. પાછળથી આ મધુરલીલાને સુરદાસ, રસખાન, નરસિંહ મહેતા, મીરાંબાઇ, પ્રેમાનંદ, દયારામ એમ અનેક લોકકવિઓએ લાડ લડાવ્યાં છે. આ મા યશોદાને સંસારભરમાં મમતાભર્યું સ્થાન અપાવનાર શ્રીકòષ્ણ તો માનતા જ હતા કે મારે જયારે અવતાર લેવાનો આવે ત્યારે આવી વહાલસોયી માની કૂખ સિવાય કોઇ આરોવારો નથી. ઇશ્વર બધી જગ્યાએ પહોંચી શકતો નથી, એટલે જ માનું

  5. || Shree Hari ||
    Ram Ram

    Those who are students, they must study with enthusiasm, attentively having learning as the aim. Not only in your studies, but also learn other aspects such as learn to keep house clean, to cook, to knit, to sew, learn things that can help you to become less dependent.

    Express reverence and prostrate in front of mother, father and elders. Things that are remembered in childhood stay with you for a lifetime. If girls have proper conduct, it is very beneficial for the future. Goswami Tulsidasji, had great reverence and paid obeyance to Jagatmataa (Mother of the Nation) Sitaji. Sitaji was in the forest without much of anything. She was raised a princess with all the luxuries of life. In spite of that King Janak was pleased with her, that she had raised the future of two families by her conduct and behavior. Girls are capable of spiritually uplifting two families – by respecting elders, loving family members, doing work properly and raising a good family. I have seen young girls who have helped bring many families together.

    The remarkable thing about girls is that they are capable of demonstrating affection. There is a marked difference between how a boy takes care of his younger sibling and how a girl takes care. As indicated, household chores and how to run a household must be learnt with great diligence and care. Do not hesitate to do physical hard work. It makes you strong and healthy. Do your own work, give rest and relaxation to others. This is a great charity, i.e. giving reverence, respect, and doing work. Many give charity of thousands of rupees, but simply by proper conduct and doing work one can do charity. You will get grace (kripa) from elders without much effort at all.

    In school, show love and respect for your teachers and for all. Do not ever cheat, do not speak improper language. Do not talk too much. Nowadays the children are not listening to the teachers and elders. Pay special attention and respect to what is being said by those who are teaching. By being attentive and studying, one gains a lot. Aim to be the best at your studies, in your class and in whatever you do. But have the sentiments that let everyone else also be very good. May all grow together.

    It is a known fact that those who do “namaskaar” to elders, those who listen to them, they gain knowledge and they get strength in their body. Do “namaskaar” (pay obeyance) to all elders, morning and evening. By doing so your inner faculties are purified. Namaskaar when done properly make a person knowledgable.

    However from learning a lot it is important to not become arrogant and egoistical. Learn as much as you can from elders. When you go to your in-laws house, learn their ways, and also you can share what you know. There have been many young women who transformed households by their conduct, behavior and work. During meals, elders, children, guests, those who just delivered babies have to be served first in the family. Give others and then eat yourself. It is said by sharing your meals, you go to Vaikunt (God’s abode).

    By reading the scriptures (Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharat etc.) you can gain extra-ordinary insights on art of living. There is a lot to discover there. However, let there be no pride and arrogance in your knowing. There is a certain way to teach, share your learnings with others. Brother Yudhistir, said to a Brahmin to come back in three days for alms. Brother Bhimsen began to rejoice ! No one will be dying for the next three days, let us all rejoice. This alerted Brother Yudhistir to quickly attend to the Brahmin and not leave good work pending for another day. One never knows about the perishable body.

    Repeat the names for Mata Kunti and Mata Sita seven times daily. Ansuyaa had given a blessing that even if someone takes your name (Sitaji’s name) they will become pativrataa (chaste wife). Thus one can become very good and pure.

    Gitaji is an extraordinary scripture. Girls, make it a habit to read at least the five shlokas in Chapter 4, Verses 6-10 daily. They help purify the heart. Also during daily worship of God, offer Ganga jal and Tulsi leaf and later take that as prasaad. It is said that Yamdoot (God of Death) does no approach one who has had Gangajal and tulsi. Worship and rememberance of God, divine name recitation gives extra-ordinary inner strength.

    Thus working hard and being the best you can be, wherever you go, you will be welcomed and respected.

    From Discourse in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji

  6. Shree Hari ||
    Ram Ram

    The cow is the Mother of this world. The mother that gives birth to a child feeds milk for the initial years, but the Cow feeds us milk for the rest of our lives. Even at time of death, curd (yoghurt) made of Cow’s milk is given. She is the mother, and grand-mother, and great grand-mother from both sides of the family. She gives milk to all. She is the mother of this entire world. She is the protector. At one place some thieves broke into the farm house, a cow in the farm chased them away. Just as mother protects, likewise she protects, she fosters, she loves, she caresses. By remembering “Gau Mata” (Mother Cow), the inner-being (antahkaran) is purified. By petting, stroking a cow, many incurable diseases are cured. If you think it proper, do it and see for yourself. By protecting the cows, we are naturally protected. Nowadays, people have stopped wanting to know about the greatness of cows. By the grace of Cows, both this life and beyond is improved. By Mother Cow’s grace, the impossible become possible.
    Cows have immense strength. If they are made happy, if they are made pleased, then she provides all kinds of happiness and protection. If one sincerely and honestly takes care of a cow, then for its upkeep and maintenance, there will be no shortage of any resources. With your heart, try it and see for yourself. You keep one-two cows in your backyard, than very easily they will be taken care off. Nowadays, people’s sentiments have really diminished regarding cows. Mother Cows bestows all four – Dharma, Artha, Kaama, Moksha. The medicines made from Cow urine, has significant benefits.
    He who destroys cows, they will be destroyed. This incident happened during the reign of the Britishers. The hindus and muslims were fighting, when some very strong muslim men were returning after wrangling. They caught hold of a cow, thinking they would kill and cook it. They asked one of the men to hold on to the cow, while they went to get supplies for the feast. The man felt sympathy and released the cow. The five men were later caught and ordered to be hung. All died, except the one who had saved the cow. The cow came and stood under the rope where he was hanging from and by the support of her horns, the man was saved. This is a real incident.

    Real incidents were shared in the “Kalyan Prakashit.” There was a Brahmin from Hissar who was going to Bikaner. He fell seriously ill on his way in Churu. He wrote a letter to his brother, to come for his aid, as he was in a very bad state. At night he dreamt of a Cow, who said to him that you saved my life, I will do the same to you. He had saved a cow caught in the quick sand. On waking up, the gentleman was completely cured.

    Gather up all the greens, vegetable peels/remains, wheat / other flour etc. from your kitchen and serve these to the cows, then there will not be a need to incur additional expenses and the cows will be taken care off. The cows eat with great delight Green grass, long stringy vegetables (guvaar). How will the cows be pleased, how can she be made, these sentiments must remain within each of us. Things can be limited, but sentiments can be unlimited. By this service you will attain salvation. Do not sell your cows, or else it is likely they will end up in the slaughter house. It is difficult to take care of thousands of cows in one place, but if all householders keep one cow each, then easily the cows will be protected.

    It is a grave sin to inject a cow for milk. Such milk should not even be consumed. Previously there were 36 crore animals, now in a count there were only 10 crore animals remaining. Do not use plastics. Plastics bags with food thrown in streets are often swallowed by street cows and many unknowingly eat the plastic and die. 12-13 kgs of plastic was found inside the dead cows. Therefore use paper bags and cloth bags. If the cows die from pain and suffering, all these manufacturers of plastic bags and everyone down the chain who is involved will have to share in the sin. Nowadays there is great misfortune for cows and hindus. Do not do family planning. Let the children be born, it is a sin to do family planning. Even in the western countries there is opposition to abortion. Whatever way cows and hindus are protected one must try, or else it will be a great loss. The void caused by family planning and not allowing human beings to be born, can never be filled.
    From summary of discourse in hindi on October 28, 1998 at 8:30 a.m. by Swami Ramsukhdasji.
    Ram Ram
    You can also read the message in Hindi titled “Gaao Vishvasya Maatarah” at:


    To listen to the lecture in hindi please click on: http://www.swamiramsukhdasji.org/swamijicontent/98/12-9-98_18-11-98/cdrom/html/aa.php?file=../nov%201998/19981028_0830.mp3

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