God Can be Attained Assuredly Today Itself – Part 3 !


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

12th May 2010, Wednesday, Vaishaka Krishna Chaturdashi, Budhvar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

God Can be Attained Assuredly Today Itself – Part 3 !

Truly speaking, Bhagwaan is ever attained, but only our worldly
desires bar Him from being realized. When we desire money and
enjoyments, Bhagwaan does not forcibly make us leave it? If we
earnestly aspire for Bhagwan alone, leaving aside all worldly
desires, then who has the strength to block us from doing so?
Absolutely no one has the power to restrict us. If we long to
behold Bhagwaan then Bhagwaan also will long to behold us. If we
long and cry out for the world, the world will not reciprocate. But
if we call out and cry longingly for Bhagwaan, He too will surely
cry out for us.

It is only the mother who truly knows whether the child is really
weeping or not. If a child does not shed real tears and simply
utters the sound of weeping, the mother understands that he is
cheating, pretending! If the child truly weeps, the mother can tell
instantly from his breathing. The mother stops everything she is
doing and immediately carries the child. What is the use of a
mother that does not pay immediate attention to her child in
desperation! What is the use of her living, if she neglects the
child? Similiarly what is the use of God who is not paying
attention to the one who truly longs, cries and calls out for
Bhagwaan? If Bhagwaan does not meet such a devotee, then what is
the use of Bhagwaan;s existent. If Bhagwaan does not meet one who
is sincerely longing from within then Bhagwaan should die!

There was a saadhu (ascetic). A person approached him and asked
him, “How can Bhagwaan (God) be attained very quickly?” The saadhu
said, “God can be attained by having ardent, exceeding, abounding
desire for Him.” What is the form of ardent desire? he asked. The
Saadhu said that when one cannot live without Bhagwaan (God). That
person did not grasp what was meant, and therefore he continued to
ask again – “What is the nature of ardent desire?” One day the
saadhu asked the man to accompany him to bath in the river. Both
went into the water. As soon as the man immersed his head in the
water, the saadhu pushed his head further down keeping it submerged
under water. The man started gasping for breath, becoming every
moment intensely restless. After some time the saadhu released
him. On reaching the surface the man was furious and said that
being a saadhu, how are you indulging in such things? I would have
died today! The saadhu asked him what he was remembering at that
very moment in time while gasping for air? Did he remember his
mother, his father, his wife, or his son or wealth? “I was dying,
this life-force was leaving, at such a time how could anything be
remembered? The saadhu said- you had asked me about the true form
of ardent desire – you have today experienced a flavor of what that
is like. When besides the One Bhagwaan, nothing else is remembered,
and without attaining Him you cannot live, then Bhagwaan will surely
be attained. Even Bhagwaan has no power by which to remain
unattained in such circumstances.

Bhagwaan is not attained by actions. That which is attained through
actions (karma) is perishable. Money, respect, honor, hospitality
etc. can be attained by actions. But Paramatma is Imperishable and
Eternal. He is not the fruit of your actions, but the fruit of your
ardent aspiration and longing for Him. But verily you have no care
to attain Paramatma, then how can He be attained? God as if
says, “If your dealings are carrying on without Me, then I can also
make do without you. If your dealings are obstructed for want of
Me, My dealings are also impeded without you. If you can not live
without Me, then I too can not live without you.

Really speaking, you have no ardent desire for attainment Paramatma
at all. If you attend holy assemblage (satsang), then you will
definitely gain from it. As much as you attend satsang and
contemplate on what has been heard, you will definitely gain from
it – there is no doubt about this. But Paramatma will not be
attained quickly. It may take many births, and then only Paramatma
will be attained. But if there is ardent, intense desire to attain
Him, then Bhagwaan will have to appear. He is every moment eager
and ready to see you. If He does not see the one who loves Him,
then whom else would He see? Therefore call out to him with a true
and pure heart saying “Hey Naath! Hey mere Naath!” O Father! O
My Beloved One!”

“Sacche hrdey se praarthnaa, jab bhakt sacchaa gaaye hai
Toh bhagatvatsal kaan mein, who pahuncha jhat hi jaaye hai.”

When a devotee invokes Him with a true heart, his invocation reaches
the ears of Bhagwaan and He has to appear. No one can stop Bhagwaan
from coming. He in whom there is no other desire except Bhagwaan,
neither to live, nor to die, nor of respect, nor of hospitability,
nor of honor, neither for wealth, nor for family, if Bhagwaan isn’t
attained, then what will be attained? If a devotee prays heartily for Bhagwaan, He has to appear. He who does not desire anything else except Bhagwaan, nothing what so ever i.e. neither to live nor to die, neither respect nor desire for hospitality, neither honor nor money, nor desire for family for him, if Bhagwaan is not attained then what will be attained? Whether you are sinful or virtuous, literate or illiterate, Bhagwaan doesn’t look at these things. He simply looks at your true and inner heartfelt sentiments.

“Rahit ne Prabhu chit shook kiye ki, karat surati sai baar hiye ki” (Manas, Baal. 29:3)

“Bhagwaan does not at all remember the mistakes committed by a devotee in the past! Bhagwaan’s inner being is such that and He thinks a hundred times of the devotional love in the heart of the devotee.” (Manasa, Baal. 29:3)

Ram Ram
From “Salvation of Mankind” in English pg 72-73 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

You can also read message in HINDI titled “Bhagwaan Aaj hi Mil Sakte Hai – 3 ” at: http://www.satcharcha.blogspot.com/


Jai Shri Krishna


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