Feeling of Oneness (Apnapan) with God * Swami Ramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

16th May 2010, Sunday, Vaishaka Shukla Tritiya, Ravivar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Feeling of Oneness (Apnapan) with God – Part 3

“Sab mama priya, sab mama upajaaye” (Manas, Utter. 86/4)

“Ishvar ansh jeev abinaasi” (Manas. Utter. 117/2)

“Mamaivaaansho jeevaloke” (Gita 15/7)

In this manner, God and Saints all say that jeev (embodied soul) is a part of Paramatma (God). Therefore we are God’s only, and until we do not accept this, till then even though being God’s, we will not benefit from it. As long as we remain distant from Paramatma, till then we will not gain peace and joy. We will not experience bliss.

“Sanmukh hoyi jeev mohi jabhin; Janma koti agh naasahin tabhin ||

On turning towards God, sins of a million years are destroyed. Therefore gentlemen! Please do me a favor, and accept that I belong to God, and I do not belong to anyone else. Here a doubt may arise, that if we do not belong to anyone else then how will the support and maintenance of the world go on? How will the mothers take care of their children? The resolution to that there is no greatness in nourishing and caring by considering someone as yours. Everyone takes care of their own child as in this there is no bravery. A mother who cares for an orphan child, who is not related in any way, people look upon her with gratitude. The greatness and peace comes from caring for the child as her own, even though the child is not hers. The child too will be deeply influenced by such a mother.

A long time back in the “Kalyaan” magazine, in the monthly portion, an incident was printed. It is about a village. There in a Muslim family, a child was born, but the child’s mother died at birth. That poor man was extremely sad. One being the death of his wife, and the second was the dilemma of caring for a new-born. Nearby, there lived a cowherd man. They too had a new born child. When the cowherd man’s wife found out about this incident, she asked to care for the Muslim child. She raised both the children. She fed them both her milk, she was fond of them both and loved them both

In her mind and sentiments, there was no duality that one is my own child and the other is someone else’s child. When the child grew older and reached student age, she asked the Muslim man to take him and educate him and do as he pleases. The boy received much education and became a pharmacist in a hospital. On the other side, the cowherd mother heart had weakened and was admitted to the hospital for treatment. The doctors said that she will need some blood.
The question was who would donate blood? On examining the pharmacist boy’s blood matched. The boy recognized that this is the same person who cared for me in childhood, though the mother did not. The doctor asked if he would donate blood, but on condition that he gets Rs. 200. The cowherd gave him Rs. 200 and the blood was given and in time the mother recovered and returned to her home.

After a few days a boy came to the cowherd family’s hours and brought with him Rs. 2000 and gave it as gift placing it at the feet of the mother, and revealing his identity. He said the blood you received in the hospital was as such, yours only. It is due to your milk that I was nourished and this body has grown. Therefore this boy and everything else is yours only. The money given to you is from pure earnings. With your grace I do not eat even onions and garlic. I have no interest in impure things. Therefore you will have to take this money. This is how the purity of the mother had an influence on this boy.

Think about this! All the mothers take care of their own children. We have all been taken care of by sisters and mothers only. But no one tell their life stories. No one speaks about the. You and me are talking about the cowherd mother, as this has impact on us that what an amazing compassion she had in her heart. She did not differentiate between her own son and an outsider. She cared for him and turned him over to his father! One’s own child is cared for even by a female dog. What is the big deal about that?

Either, do not consider the child as your own, rather consider it to be God’s and then care for him or those who are not your children, take care of them, then it will be a great virtue. However when one has affection then that virtue will be wiped out. I am caring for my own child, I am caring for my own people – this feeling of “mine-ness” burns off all your virtues. Therefore gentlemen! Please consider your family as belonging to God. Old and young, all are belonging to God. Serve them and say to the Lord! He Naath! I am serving your family, if you begin to do this, then God will become grateful. God too will say that you have cared for my children. But if you develop affection, then there is no obligation on God. All care for their own children. Simply have the sentiments that these are not mine, they are God’s. Gentlemen, this life will be a success!

(To be continued)

From “Sadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” in Hindi pg 260 by Swami Ramsukhdasji
Ram Ram
You can also read message in HINDI titled “Bhagwaan se Apnaapan – 3 ” at : http://www.satcharcha.blogspot.com/



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  1. પ્રભુ સાથે અપનાપન

    એક અજ્ઞાત કવિની રચના

    તુમ્હારા પ્યાર
    ફુલો કી ખુશ્બુ કી તરહ
    મેરે બદન સે લીપટા હુઆ હૈ,
    હર પલ મહેકતા હૈ
    સંગ સંગ હી રહેતા હૈ
    ચાહે તુમ રહો
    મુજ સે કીતને હી દુર
    લેકીન નહી હો દુર
    મેરે મન સ
    હરપલ યે અહેસાસ હોતા હૈ
    કિ તુમ હો મેરે પાસ
    મેરે મન કે કરીબ
    મેરે દિલ સે લગે હુએ
    ઔર જીતા હું મેં
    ઇસી અહેસાસ કે સાથ
    કિ તુમ હો મેરે પાસ
    કિ તુમ સદા મેરે પાસ ….


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