Feeling of Oneness (Apnapan) with God – Part 4


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

17th May 2010, Monday, Vaishaka Shukla Chaturthi, Somvar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Feeling of Oneness (Apnapan) with God – Part 4

In all the three paths in the Gita – Karmayog (discipline of action), Jnanayog (discipline of knowledge) and Bhaktiyog (discipline of devotion) ” it is said that one must renounce proprietary interest (sense of mine) “mamta” and egoism (sense of I-ness) “ahamta”.

Nirmamoha nirahankaarah sa shaantimadigacchyati (Gita 2/71)

Ahankaaram balam darpan, kamam krodham parigraham |
Vimuchyanirmamah shaanto, Brahmabhooyaaya kalpate (Gita 18/53)

Nirmamoha Nirahankaarah, samadukhah kshami (Gita 12/13)

These are not mine. They belong to the world – with this acceptance that they belong to the world, Karmayog will take place.

By accepting that these are not mine, they belong to the Nature (Prakriti), Jnanayog will be accomplished, and

By accepting that they are not mine, they belong to God, Bhaktiyog will take place.

By accepting that these are mine cycle of birth and death will take place. In other words, birth then death, then once again birth, and on and on, in this manner a relation with birth and death will be established and confirmed. Wherever your affection and proprietary interest will remain, there itself you will be born. If no proprietary interest remains, then one will be freed from the cycle of birth and death. What an easy and great point this is.

Listener – It is a good point, but it does not happen!
Swamji – It is not that it does not happen. If you accept this today, right now, then it will happen right now. You do believe that I do not deceive you, and that I tell you what saints, scriptures and Gitaji has said. Ask the very old ladies here. When they were very little, they used to consider their father’s home as their home. There was proprietary feeling and fondness for that home, that this is my home. However, after getting married, they began to consider the husband’s home as their home. The in-laws and husband’s family became her own. In other words that affection shifted. You certainly know how to shift that “sense of mine” (proprietary feeling). Staying with the husband’s family she become so immersed that at no time does she realize that she at one time did not belong to this house.

As the family expands then this sense of mine and as children and grandchildren come along, and when grandson’s wife comes home, and causes trouble, then that grandmother says, this stranger has come from somewhere into our house and is ruining the family. Now if someone says to this old lady, this newcomer is an outsider, but were you born here? She has no recollection that she too was one time an outsider. She deeply believes that she is from here only.

Now tell me! Didn’t the feeling of my very own, change or not? This outsider will also one day say that this is my house. Though today you may call here an outsider, this house will one day become hers. That house which was not ours has also become ours, then what to say about our Lord’s house that has always been ours from the very beginning.

God says – “Mamaivaansho Jeevaloke Jeevabhootah Sanatanah |

We are all, each and every one of us, is an element of Paramatma (God). We are the loving children of that Lord! Whether we are good or bad, we are the Lord’s.

“Kuputro jaayet kvachidapi kumaataa na bhavati ||

A son can be a bad son, but a mother cannot be that bad. Similarly our Lord, can never be a bad Mother or Father. They watch that he is still a child, he has made a mistake; then too they are very ready to love!

“Api chetsuduraachaaro bhajate maam anayabhaak
saadhureva sa mantavyah, samyagvyavasito hi sah (Gita 9:30)

“Even if the vilest of sinner worships Me with exclusive devotion, he should be considered a saint in as much as he has rightly resolved. ” (Gita 9:30)

ksipram bhavati dharamaatmaa sasvacchaantim nigacchati
kaunteya pratijaaneehi na me bhaktah pranasyati.” (Gita 9:31)

Speedily, he becomes virtuous and secures lasting peace. Know it for certain, Arjuna, that My devotee never falls. ” (Gita 9:31)

This is the Truth!

We are not of this world, and this world is not ours. We have one developed an affinity for this world. As such we have always been God’s and God has been ours. Though we may have forgotten, but God has not forgotten. Whether we become distant from God, but as such we have not become distant. God has said — “Sab mama priya, sab mama upjaaye” (Manas, Uttar. 83/2). “Each and every single one of you is loving to Me.” Therefore gentlemen! We are all God’s very lovable and loving ones!

(To be continued)
From “Sadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” in Hindi pg 260 by Swami Ramsukhdasji
Ram Ram
You can also read message in HINDI titled “Bhagwaan se Apnaapan – 4” at : http://www.satcharcha.blogspot.com/


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  1. ગુણ, કર્મ અને સ્વભાવની વિશેષતાનું નામ જ ૫રમાત્મા છે. તેને જ અંતરઆત્મા કહે છે. આ૫ સ્વયંને એની સાથે જોડી દો. એકતા સાધો. આજ સુધી તમારો સંબંધ કુસંસ્કારોની સાથે રહ્યો હોય, અસુરતાની સાથે રહ્યો હોય તે શક્ય છે, ધુતારા અને ક૫ટીઓની સાથે રહ્યો હોય તે શક્ય છે. ચારે બાજુ જે વાતાવરણ ડહોળાઈ ગયું છે, તે અદ્યોગતિ સિવાય બીજું શું આપી શકશે ? આપે જે સ્વભાવ બનાવ્યો છે, તે ઘૃણા, તિરસ્કાર, ક૫ટ સિવાય બીજું શું શીખવી શકે તેમ છે ? આ૫ ચારેબાજુ માનવ૫શુ કે જેણે દેહ માનવનો ધારણ કર્યો છે, ૫રંતુ કાર્યો ૫શુ જેવાં કરે છે એવા પિશાચોથી આ૫ ઘેરાઈ ગયા છો. આ૫ થોડા દિવસ માટે આવા સમુદાયમાંથી બહાર નીકળી જાઓ અને એવા લોકોના સમુદાયમાં જોડાઈ જાઓ કે જેનાથી આ૫ની પ્રગતિ થવાની, ઊંચા ઉઠવાની સંભાવના વધે. ઋષિઓની સાથે સંબંધ બાંધો, સંતોની સાથે સંબંધ બાંધો, દેવતાઓની સાથે સંબંધ બાંધો,

    ભગવાનની સાથે સંબંધ બાંધો.

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