Feeling of Oneness (Apnapan) with God – Part 5


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

18th May 2010, Tuesday, Vaishaka Shukla Panchami, Mangalvar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Feeling of Oneness (Apnapan) with God – Part 5

What did Arjuna say after reading the entire Gita? “Nashto moha smrutirlabdhvaa” (Gita 18/73). The delusion is wiped out. The mistake once made is wiped out. I now recollect. I remember, that “I am Yours” but now what to do? Then he said – “Karishye Vachanam Tava” Whatever you say, I will do. I am Yours! First I had forgotten, but now this mistake is erased.

We are eternally belonging to God. This body is blended with the world. It is our duty that we must serve, respect, and give happiness to the mother and father from whom this body is received. But for ourselves, we are only God’s. This point was known by Prahladji the “jnani bhakt”. His father said to him, to stop reciting the name of the Lord, to stop worship and adoration; or else he would be killed. But Prahladji remained fearless by these talks. His father Hiranyakashipu said to his wife, Kayadhu to feed poison to the son. Kayadhu was a chaste wife (pativrata). She took Prahlad in her lap and in her hands she had a cup filled with poison. It is very difficult for a mother to be the one to feed poison to her son.

Prahladji says to his mother – Maa! You feed the poison to me, then you would have done your duty as a wife. Prahladji drank the poison, but he did not die; because he had complete faith in God. He did not go against the father’s command. When he was being drowned in the ocean, he did not say, why are you all doing this to me? He was saved from the act of drowning, then the killers, began to throw boulders and tree logs at him. That too didn’t work and he was taken to a mountain top and thrown from there, he was crushed by an elephant. Weapons were used on him, but those too had little effect. He did not die. At no time did Prahladji say, that why are you killing me? Whatever came along, he did not stop the adoration and worship of the Lord.

Father sent him to the Shandaamark, the son of Shukracharyaji. There he would not study. When the teacher would leave to go out, he would start his own preachings. He was a prince, therefore all children would obey him and engage in worship and adoration of the Lord. The teacher saw that this boy has made the school into a worship and adoration place. He informed his father, that your son is spoilt and is now spoiling other children. Hiranyakashipu called his son and asked him, how did you mind get so warped? Prahladji said – Father! Such an intellect cannot be developed by one’s own effort, nor can anyone teach it. This has been made possible by the grace of saints and great souls.

In childhood, Prahladji had received grace and blessings of Naradji Maharaj. When Prahladji was in the womb, Indra came and robbed the place and took Kayadhu away. At this time Hiranyakashipu was undergoing austerities in the forest. Indra was taking Kayadhu through the forest, when he met Naradji on the way. Naradji said, why are you causing grief to this helpless woman? Has this poor soul committed any offense? Indra said – Maharaj ! in her womb is the son of my enemy – Hiranyakashipu. Just the father itself has caused so many problems to us, then if there are two, then it will become very difficult! Therefore I am taking her away. When this child is born, then I will kill it. I will leave this woman alone. Naradji said that the child born to her will not be your enemy. Whatever Naradji says even the demon, evil kings, man, divine souls all accepted, as he was a saint. All have trust and faith in saints. Indra accepted his point and left Kayadhu alone. Naradji provided a hut for this woman and said to her – Child! Do not worry and live here happily. Just like a young girl lovingly stays in her father’s house, similarly, she too began to stay there. Naradji, keeping the child in her womb in mind, would share divine stories of the Lord. He knew that the child in the womb will become a great devotee of the Lord. With such sentiments, he would share some of the most divine stories of the Lord.

Maata ghat rahyo na lesh naarad ke upadeshko |

So dhaarayo ashesh garbh maanhi gyaani bhayo ||

The messages of Lord Naradji were not remembered by the mother, but the child in her womb retained all the instructions and advices. From that day onwards, he became a devotee of the Lord (in the womb). On become a devotee, a thought came in his heart that this body has been given by my father-mother, but I, the Self is without any doubt a part of Paramatma; therefore no one has the rights to take me away from Paramatma; Let I be engaged in the Lord, and let this body continue to serve the mother and father.

Gentlemen! This body belongs to the mother and father. Therefore intensely serve the mother and father. In all ways, give them happiness and respect and honor them. In reality, even after serving them, you cannot become free of their indebtedness. No one can be free of mother’s indebtedness. Whatever relations that are there in this world, in them the best of all relations is the one with the mother. There is no one that takes care and provides for this body the way that a mother does – “Maatraa sam naasti shariraposhanam” Therefore it is said –

“Kulam pavitram janani krutaarth vasundharaa punyavati cha tein |

Apaarasanvistukhsaagaresmin leenam pare brahmani yasya cheetah || (Skandpuran, Mahe, Kaumaar. 55/140)

In other words, he whose conscience has become one with Paramatma, their entire family, the whole race becomes purified. His mother becomes grateful, and this entire world becomes extremely pure.

Janani jane to bhakt jn, ke daataa kai soor |

Nahin to rahaje baanjhdi, mati gamaaje nor ||

I have heard this being said when the saints are congratulated – “dhin janani jyaare ey sut jaayaa ey, sohan thaal bajaayaa ey |” The mother who gives birth to such a devotee, she is blessed; as the child is greatly influenced by the mother. Mostly if you see, if the mother is excellent, then her son is also excellent. Therefore he whose mind is engaged in God, his mother becomes grateful. (to be continued)

From “Sadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” in Hindi pg 260 by Swami Ramsukhdasji
Ram Ram
You can also read message in HINDI titled “Bhagwaan se Apnaapan – 5” at : http://www.satcharcha.blogspot.com/



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