Feeling of Oneness (Apnapan) with God – Part 6


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

19th May 2010, Wednesday, Vaishaka Shukla Shashti, Budhvar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Feeling of Oneness (Apnapan) with God – Part 6

You cannot benefit as much from charity, virtuous deeds and obliging others; than you can benefit from taking refuge in the Lord. We have an unbreakable-indestructible relationship with Paramatma. This relationship can never be broken. This relationship has been forgotten by the “jeev” (embodied soul), but it is not forgotten by God. Therefore it is the responsibility of the “jeev” to walk the path towards God. However we are, from God’s side He is already showering His grace on us. God is the caretaker of everyone. He is engaged in the process of punishing the sinful and purifying all.
Lord says – “Sanmukh hoi jeev mohi jabhi; Janam koti agh naasahin tab hi || ” (Manas, Sunder. 44/2)

The embodied soul “Jeev” has turned away from God, therefore the responsibility lies on the “jeev” (being) now to turn towards God. The moment he turns towards God, his raft will cross the ocean easily. Therefore let us take refuge of the Lord’s Lotus Feet, and change our sense of “I-ness” – “I am God’s” Just like sisters and mothers change their sense of I-ness, that I am no longer of this house, I belong to where my hand has been given in marriage.

From our side we do not consider God as ours, but from God’s side He considers us always as His own. He not only accepts us, he also knows it. A child calls his mother his own, but occasionally when she does not listen to him, he becomes stubborn and says- I will not be your child. Maa laughs and says – I know you are mine. The child thinks that the mother needs him, and the mother is gratified by him, therefore he says – I will not be your child, I will not come in your lap. But by not being a child, who will be at a loss? What loss will the mother face? The mother has been living without the child for years, but the child’s sustenance will be difficult without the mother. The child is on the other hand doing the mother a favor. Similarly we too can do God a favor.

There was a great loving devotee of God, whose name I do not remember. Day and night, he was immersed in adoration and worship of God. Someone made a long hat for him. Wearing that in a very joyful spirit, he was chanting the Lord’s name. He was so deeply immersed in love of God that God Himself came and sat next to him and said – you have worn a very tall hat today! This does not belong to someone else, it is mine. God said – are you being arrogant! He said, I have not begged and got this, it is mine. God asked – do you know me? Yes! I know you very well.

God said do you sell these hats? Do you have anything to give me in return, as you are asking to buy from me? You only have the three world, what else do you have to give? God said – So arrogant!!! Well! Is it on loan or what? God said – I will tell the world, you are not a devotee, and the world will stop believing in you. He said, do so, and I too will tell everyone that God is nothing. Your fame has been due to us, or else who would know about you? God accepted His defeat!

The amount of love that is in a mother’s heart, that much is not there in the child. Similarly there is immeasurable love in God’s heart. He cannot curb his love, his affection, his fondness, and he accepts defeat! “Aur sab so gaye jeet bhagatse haaryo.” What an extraordinary point this is! Similarly, become God’s. Our relationship is only of serving others. We are not to accept them as our own. We are to only consider God as our very own. We are to serve God, but we are not to take anything from even God.

Your daughter changed her sense of I-ness, she accepts herself as the wife of another household. What do you not have even that much capability as your daughter? You were not upset with your daughter when she transformed her I-ness, then the world too will not be upset with you if you change your sense of I-ness to I am God’s, as it is the Truth. Meerabai said – Mere toh Giridhar Gopal, doosero na koyi.” No one else is mine, besides Giridhar Gopal and I belong to no one else.

If you do a job, you will get wages according to your abilities. But if you go home to your mother, will she give you bread according to your capabilities? She will give you bread whether you work or don’t work. In this manner, it is not so that on adoration and worship, a relationship is developed with Bhagwaan, by not doing bhajan, there will not be a relationship. If you accept that oneness, that feeling of my very own (apnapan) with God, that He Naath! I am you child only, then God will think, that however he is, he is mine very own child only. Therefore God will have to take care of you. Therefore, “I am yours only, and only You are mine,” this is a very straight-forward path.

God says that this “jeev” is a portion of me alone, but it attracts the body, senses, mind, intellect, that are established in Nature (Prakriti), and assumes them to be its very own (Gita 15/7)! O’ what business did you get involved in? Look where you are from, and where you are engaged! Serve the world. Give happiness to others with your body, mind, wealth, intellect, abilities, rights, etc., but do not consider them to be your own. This feeling of my very own will not last. They are ours only for serving. All the things in this world that we assume to be our own, they alone make us dependent. It is a false notion that this entire family is mine, this wealth is mine, but as such they are not, you have become there. You have become dependent and subordinate to them. Neither will these stay with us, nor will we stay with them. Therefore with great enthusiasm and eagerness serve them, then the world will also be happy, and God too will be happy. You too stay at all times be happy and rejoice. When there is no one available to serve, then the one desiring service will become unhappy. But one who serves remains ever happy, ever joyful.

From “Sadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” in Hindi pg 260 by Swami Ramsukhdasji
Ram Ram
You can also read message in HINDI titled “Bhagwaan se Apnaapan – 6” at : http://www.satcharcha.blogspot.com/



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