To be Free of Dependency – Part 2 * Swami Ramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

21st May 2010, Friday, Vaishaka Shukla Ashthami, Shukravar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

To be Free of Dependency – Part 2

It is said in the Gita –

Purushah prakritistho hi bhunkte prakrtijaangunaan

Kaarannam gunasangosya sadasadyonijanmasu (Gita 13/21)

When the spirit (Purusa) seated in matter (Prakriti) enjoys the modes born of prakriti (matter), attachment to the modes become the cause of its birth, in good and evil bodies. (Gita 13/21)

The third main point is that for spiritual progress, it is not essential to have things etc. It is not at all that on having too much wealth, prosperity, grandeur, position, rights, knowledge etc., one will make more spiritual progress, and on having less of all these, the spiritual progress will be lesser. Worldly things, whether they are more or less, one has to server relation with them, in other words, it’s desire and attachment is to be renounced. Whether you have lakhs of rupees or you only have five, or you have none. One has to only renounce its desire from within. In renouncing all are equal.

A particular individual had sacrificed a lot, and another sacrifices a little, then what is the difference in both the sacrifices? Both renounced. Instead of giving up a lot it will be easier to give up a little. In talking there is a difference, but in not talking what is the difference? In thinking there is a difference, but in not thinking where is there a difference? In seeing there is a difference, but in not seeing where is there a difference? If two people are working, then in their work there is a difference, but in not working, where is the difference? The point is that when worldly things remain, there will be a difference, but in their renunciation there is no difference. Some people have more of wealth, property, house, etc. and some people have less, but in remaining without these, all are equal. In living there is a difference, but in dying there is no difference whether a man dies or an animal-bird dies. Having the notion that we have limited wealth-possessions, limited knowledge, limited abilities, and therefore we cannot make spiritual progress, is entirely wrong.

It is through severing relation with the inert that the sentient (consciousness element) is attained. In reality, the attainment of consciousness element (Paramatmatattva) is self-evident. However, due to giving importance to the inert in our heart, such as wealth and other perishable things, the Self has become distant from consciousness (chinmaitaa). The significance of the inert leads to sentiments such as I have lots of wealth, I am a great person, or that I have nothing therefore I am small. As such whether we are wealthy or poor, on renouncing the desire for wealth both are the same. Therefore whatever situation, abilities etc., that we have received, in that alone an aspirant can experience the Paramatma element.

On receiving this human birth, man can feel a sense of hopelessness with worldly objects, because in this world not a single thing is distributed equally to anyone and it is never received in entirety. However the All Perfect Divinity, the essence of Paramatma (God), is received by all equally and entirely. Therefore there is no place for feeling dejected and hopeless in the attainment of Paramatma (God). Now that we have this human body, then along with it we have also received the rights to attain Paramatma.

From “Sadhakon ke Prati” in Hindi pg 3-4 By Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

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