The Flow of Spiritual Truths – 1 * Swami Ramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

22nd May 2010, Saturday, Vaishaka Shukla Navami, Shanivar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

The Flow of Spiritual Truths – 1

A sure means of getting rid of sins is – do not accept the sins as being in you, and do not repeat those sinful acts. It is only due to repeatedly making mistakes that sins continue to remain. Virtues and vices both are born and later they perish, but we (Self) remain at all times. Similarly this world is also perishable, whereas God is Eternal. Therefore the Self and Paramatma (God, Supreme Consciousness) are One, whereas the world and the flaws/sins are one. The point is that our relationship is with Paramatma, not with sins and the world. However, on turning away from Paramatma, we have assumed our relation with the world. This is a mistake! We ourselves have accepted a relationship with this world and this body; the body and this world have not assumed an affinity with us. We only have become distant from Paramatma. Paramatma has not become distant from us. Therefore the world and this body are not mine and I am not theirs; and Paramatma is mine and I am Paramatma’s – Accept today itself! This body is a part (element) of this world, and I am a part (element) of Paramatma. Dedicate the body to the service of the world and dedicate the Self (swayam) to Paramatma – that is all an aspirant (sadhak) has to do.

On assuming this world as our own, man is trapped, and he undergoes many different types of suffering. He thinks this body, wealth, property, house, family etc are mine, and I am their master. But as such he becomes their slave. The misconception it to become a master, but he becomes the slave instead. This is the absolute truth. Man should want to serve those things and have no hope and expectation from them, have no affection (feeling of mine) in them. One must serve, even the body. Give it food, water, etc., but do not consider it to be “mine” We cannot keep the body forever. We cannot make the body according to our wishes. We cannot make the changes to it that we want. Then how is it ours? Money, property, houses, etc. also we are unable to keep it as we wish. Therefore “they are mine” is nothing short of false.

They have been received to serve, therefore, serve them with the spirit of selflessness. They appear as ours, than it is God’s generosity. God gives something then he gives it in such a manner that those things appear to the person as if it is his own. This is the extra-ordinary generosity that inspite of giving everything, He has kept Himself hidden. To consider those things that are given to us as our very own is mis-utilization of God’s generosity. Therefore that which is not yours, do not consider it as your own, and that which in fact is your very own (Paramatma), turn towards that Paramatma.

The bodily objects are every moment moving towards destruction. So far these objects have not remained with anyone forever, then how will they stay now? From your side release these objects that come and go. If they come, then be happy, if they go away, then be happy. This is called renunciation. By renouncing, one attains peace instantly – “tyaagaachaantiranantaram” (Gita 12/12). The meaning of renunciation is not that one should leave wealth, property, family etc and run away. If you leave it and go anywhere, then too, the body will remain with you. The body too is their (wealth, property etc) friend. If there is affinity (linkage) with this body, then there is affinity (linkage) with the entire world. The body is the seed of this world. With one seed, an entire forest can be created.

Therefore one does not have to leave these objects in their physical form, rather only do not consider them as “mine” and “for me”. By not considering them as “mine”, all worries-trial and tribulations come to an end. When the girl grows up, there is great worry for her. But when she is married into a good family, then all worries come to an end. The girl is the same, and we too are the same, but after marriage when the girl is sitting in our home, then too there are no worries about her, because we have accepted that now she is not ours. Similarly, this body is also a girl. It has to be cared for and protected, but it is not to be considered as ours. This daughter in the form of this body has to be handed over to God and then become free of all worries.

From “Sadhakon ke Prati” in Hindi pg 5-6 by Swami Ramsukhdasji
Ram Ram

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