man must only do the work for this world, not for himself. – * Swami Ramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

24th May 2010, Monday, Vaishaka Shukla Ekadashi, Somvar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Man goes to the office to do some work, and quickly and with great enthusiasm he does the office work, and for that work he receives some wages. The work is for the company whereas the wages are for us. Similarly, by coming into this world man must only do the work for this world, not for himself. How will everyone be benefited? How will all gain? How will all gain happiness? How will all get rest and relaxation? Having such sentiments, we are to do all work only for the world. Just like all the things that are in the office building are for the use of office work only, not for us, similarly all the things in this world are for the world only, not for us. This body, wealth, property, buildings etc. are all received from the world, and in the end when leaving, they are to be given back to the world. Therefore the things that have been received from the world, consider these as belonging to the world only and then they should be put to use for their service. These things are neither ours, nor for us. Therefore there is nothing at all to be done for ourselves. On doing nothing for one’s self, relationship with the world is discontinued, and we experience our eternal relationship with Paramatma (God). This is called Yoga. Actions (karma) is for the world, and Yoga (Union) is for us. Consider this union “Yoga” as the wages.

There is nothing to be done for the self at all and there is nothing at all that is for us – on having this experience relationship with the world is discontinued. This is Karmayog. On this subject God has said –

“Nehabhikramanaashosti pratyavaayo na vidhyate |
Swalpamapyasya dharmasya trayate mahato bhayaat || (Gita 2/40)

In this Karmayog (path of selfless action), there is neither loss of effort, nor any adverse result. Even a little practice of this discipline (dharma) protect one from great danger of birth and death.” (Gita 2/40)

Just like coming to the office, when one comes into this world one has to complete their duty. Our duty has to be done with the spirit of selflessness having all its major and minor tasks completed and fulfilled.

The nature of Karmayog is that –
“Karmanyavaadhikaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachanaa |
Maa karmaphalaheturbhoor Maa te sangostvakarmani (Gita 2/47)

You have the right to perform your duties only, and not to its fruits. Therefore do not be the cause of the fruit of actions, nor let your attachment be for inaction (Gita 2/47)

On doing actions free of desire and attachment (infatuation), the relationship with the world is renounced and through renunciation one attains instant peace – “tyaagaacshaantiranantaram” (Gita 12/12). Lack of peace is only due to affinity (relationship) with the perishable world. The more deeply one affiliates with the perishable worldly things i.e. the more the feeling of “mine-ness” (apnaapan) with the world, to that extent there is more lack of peace. If a relationship is not established with the world, then lack of peace cannot arise at all. In this way, peace is naturally self-evident, whereas, lack of peace is false, i.e. it is self created and imposed.

Question: What you are saying is absolutely true, but these points are not remembered at all times.
Answer: These points are not to be remembered at all. What is to be remembered is God’s Name, His Form, His divine play etc. These aforementioned points are to be understood in the absolute sense. Just like, we are right now in Ayodhya, than we do not need to remember by constant reciting “I am in Ayodhya, I am in Ayodhya.” This is not a subject of remembering. Just like a person is appointed a job in an office and he begins to work there, then he does not have to remember that “this office is not mine”;

Because it is not the least bit something that is to be remembered. It is only about acceptance and non-acceptance. “I am in Ayodhya”, we have accepted that. “This office is mine” – we have not accepted that. That is all there is to it. “This office is not mine, and all the things in it are not mine: – this point is understood and deeply imprinted within from the very beginning. Similarly, all the things of this world are not mine and not for me – establish this Truth within you.

From “Sadhakon ke Prati” in Hindi pg 8-10 by Swami Ramsukhdasji
Ram Ram

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