Discovery of Truth – 2 * Swami Ramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

28th May 2010, Friday, Jyeshth Krishna Pratipada, Shukravar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Discovery of Truth – 2

All desires are never satiated of any person. Some desires are satiated and others are not satiated – This is everyone’s experience. We should reflect upon whether satiety or non-fulfillment of a desire makes any difference in us (the self). Do we not remain (exist), if our desire is not satiated? Having reflected upon this point we realize that the self ever remains the same, whether a desire is satiated or not. We (the self) ever remain the same, whether the desire is satisfied or not satisfied or renounced. This fact provides us the strength that why should we suffer pain when it does not make a difference in us (the self) if our desire is satiated or not?

There are two options in front of a man – either he should satisfy all his desires or he should renounce them. He simply cannot fulfill all his desires, rather it is not in his control, therefore why the fear of leaving those desires? We don’t do what we can and we want to do what we can’t- it is because of this heedlessness that we are suffering pain.

For he who wants to renounce desires, first and the foremost it is most essential to accept the fact that “in this world, nothing is mine.” So long as we accept this body or any other thing as ours, till then it is difficult to renounce all desires entirely. On acceptance of the truth that in this infinite universes there is no such thing that is mine or for me, then desires will be naturally wiped out; because when there is nothing mine and for me, then what should we desire and why should we desire it? Desires are totally renounced, only when man has no relationship (I-ness, mine-ness) with the body. Therefore, total renunciation of desires means to die, while living (death of ego, dying of sense of I-ness and mine-ness). For example, when a man dies, he does not call anything as his own and wants nothing. He is unaffected by favorable-unfavorable, honor-dishonor, praise or blame, etc., similarly when desires are entirely renounced, man is unaffected by favorable and unfavorable influences, but he remains alive.

Therefore king Janaka in spite of having a physical body was called “Videha” (not bound by physical body). He who dies (suffers death) while living, he becomes immortal. Therefore if a man becomes totally free of desires while living, then while living he becomes immortal.

“yadaa sarve pramuchyate kaamaa yesya hredi shritaah |
Atha martyomrto bhavatyatra brahma samshrute ||
(Katho. 2/3/14; Vrhadaa 4/4/7)

“When all desires residing in an aspirant’s mind are rooted out, then the mortal man becomes immortal and here (in this human life) realizes Brahma (the Absolute).”

From book “Satya ki Khoj” in Hindi and “Discovery of Truth” pages 3-4 in English by Swami Ramsukhdasji
You can also read message in HINDI titled “Satya ki Khoj – 2 ” at :



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