Discovery of Truth – 3 * Swami Ramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

29th May 2010, Saturday, Jyeshth Krishna Dvitiya, Shanivar
Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Discovery of Truth – 3

When the importance to the satiety of desires does not remain in the aspirant, then all actions are performed automatically through him as a labor of love (selfless spirit), and he is freed from the bondage of action. Being free from the desire for pleasure, all sins are destroyed, because the root of all evil is desire for pleasure. An aspirant’s life should be free from evils. A life filled with sins cannot be that of an spiritual aspirant.

Now let us think over – In whom do the evils reside? There are only two entities in this world – Real and Unreal. Evils (flaws, sins) neither are in the Real (imperishable), nor in the Unreal (perishable). Flaws do not remain in the real because the real never ceases to be – “Nabhaavo vidhyate satah” (Gita 2/16). There is no shortage, nothing lacking in the real. Desires are born only when there is some shortage, something lacking. That which never ceases to be i.e. remains uniform, has no shortage (nothing lacking), therefore there cannot ever be any desire in it, it is not possible. And where there is no desire, there cannot be any flaw in it. Also there cannot be a flaw (defect) in the unreal, because the unreal has no existence – “Nasato vidhyate bhaavah” (Gita 2/16). Something that has no existence, how can there be any flaw in it (since it has no foundation). The non-existence of the unreal itself is the greatest fallacy, in which there is no possibility for any other flaw to come. (Asat ki sattaa na hona hi sabse bada dosh hai, jismein doosaraa dosh aaneki sambhaavnaa hi nahin hai).
Also in the relationship between the real and unreal, one cannot consider there to be any flaws, because just as the relationship of light with the dark is impossible, similarly the relationship between the real and the unreal is impossible. Then in whom do these flaws reside? Flaws are in him who has desires. The reason is that all flaws are born of desire – “Kaam esh…” (Gita 3/37). When man seeks pleasure through the acquisition of things, then greed arises. When a man desires pleasure through a person, then delusion is born. When he desires pleasure through a particular state, then limitedness (segregation) is born. As in a seed exists a forest spreading for miles, similarly in one flaw, all the flaws are existent.

There is no flaw that does not involve all other flaws. Therefore as long as there is a single flaw, till then a sadhak must not be satisfied. There remains in every person partially evil and partially virtuous qualities. No one is evil in all ways, at all times and for everyone, because at the root he is part of Paramatma. (Ishvar ansh, jeev avinaashi, chetan, amal, sahaj sukh raashi.” If an aspirant wants to be entirely free of all vices, then he must totally renounce the desire for contact born pleasures.

From book “Satya ki Khoj” in Hindi and “Discovery of Truth” pages 4-5 in English by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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