Attainment of Eternal Union – 5 (continued from yesterday) * Swami Ramsukhdasji


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

5th June 2010, Saturday, Jyeshth KrishnaAshthami, Shanivar
Vikram Samvat 2067,Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Attainment of Eternal Union – 5 (continued from yesterday)

“yadaa hi yadaa hi nendriyaartheshu na karmaswanushjjate |
Sarvasankalpsannyaasi yogaaroodhstdochyte || (Gita 6/4)

Here by using the words “yada” and “tada” is meant that the moment you drop the infatuation for things, actions and resolves, at that very moment you will become “Yogaroodh” (asunder affinity for the world). Now you may do this in one hour, or one life, or many lives, it is up to you!

On experiencing/realizing (anubhuti) that Yog (union), he will never again return from that state – “Yasmingataa na nivartanti bhooyah” (Gita 15/4), because returning is due to affinity with the modes of nature (gunas) – “kaaran gunasangosya sadasadhyonijanmasu” (Gita 13/21). There the “modes of nature” (gunas) are totally non-existent, then how can there be any returning? The part (ansh) blends with the whole (God)! Similarly, however wealthy you may be, you may be sitting in these grand hotels, than too your name will be only a traveler. Whether the roofing has holes and leaks in your home, but when you reach home, you are no longer a traveler. You have arrived HOME. Similarly when you have attained eternal union, then you have reached your home!

You still assume the existence of things and actions, therefore God says – “yadaa hi yadaa hi nendriyaartheshu na karmaswanushjjate | (Gita 6/4). As such they do not have an independent existence at all. In the Essence (Element) of Paramatma (God) there are neither objects, nor actions. This Essence is free of objects and actions therefore it is not attainable by practice. Practice takes place when we rely on support of the mind, intellect, senses and make an effort. The essential Divinity (Paramatmatattva) is AS-IS. In its attainment no process will work, only elimination works. On eliminating objects and actions that Essence (Element) is naturally present – “shishyate sheshsnjyah” | Therefore there is nothing to do in this. It is the entity (tattva) that is “karan-nirpeksh” (Not aided by the inner faculty).

Through whom instantly actions are accomplished, it’s name is “karan” – “sadhaktam karanam,” “kriyaya nishaptiryad vyaapaaraadantaram” Just like “Bali was killed with the arrow of Shri Rama”, then in this sentence, the element of accomplishing the action, lies in the arrow, not in the bow, bow string or the hand. Therefore in the accomplishment of an action, the “karan” (through whom the actions are accomplished) is useful. But where there is no action at all, there, what use will be the “karan”? In that entity (tattva) that is free of actions, only being action-less (free of actions) is what has to happen.

It is said that by the purification of the inner-faculties (antahkaran) this Entity (tattva) is attained through actions. But that Entity or Element (tattva) which is not accomplished through actions at all, what is the point of purity-impurity of the inner-faculty? There is no point. As such, on severing relationship with the “karan” (through whom the actions are accomplished) the “Karan” is purified. Such purity is not attainable through any effort, never was attainable, it will never be attainable, it is impossible for it to be attainable. This is because by endeavoring, making an effort, one has to take the support of inert. And if we take the support of the inert, then how will you rise above the inert?

Those actions that have a beginning and an end, the father of all those actions are called “kaarak” (agent). In the attainment of eternal union, there is no need for any agent, in other words, the doer, the action, the one accomplishing the action, the base (support), the one above the bestower of actions, the raw materials, and nothing whatsoever is needed. In its attainment all these “kaaraks” (agents) are disassociated. It is an entity (Element) that is naturally self-evident and free of all agents (kaarak-nirpeksh).

From book “Sadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” in Hindi pg 760 by Swami Ramsukhdasji
The same message is available in HINDI titled “Nitya Yog ki Praapti – 5” at:



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