Mango grove * Swami Ramsukhdasji.


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

8th June 2010, Tuesday, Jyeshth Krishna Ekadashi,Mangalvar
Vikram Samvat 2067,Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Just like a mango grove that does not bear fruit until a particular season during the ripe years, however it is still called a mango grove even though there may not be a single mango to be seen. It is called a mango grove in the beginning when the mango seed is planted, then came the tree, then in the end came the fruit, therefore in the middle too it is called a mango, similarly with the wheat fields. God has called Himself the unchanging, eternal seed of this world.

“Bijam maam sarvabhootaanaam viddhi paarth sanaatanam || (Gita 7/10)
Prabhavah pralayah sthaanam nidhaanam beejamavyayam || (Gita 9/18)

God says –
Sarvayonishu kaunteya moortayah sambhavanti yaah |
Taasaam brahma mahdhyoniraham bejampradah pitaa || (Gita 14/4)

O’ Son of Kunti! Of all the bodies that take birth from different wombs, this primordial Matter (prakriti) is the Mother, while I am the seed giving father.

There are four places where all the beings are born from –
1) From Mammals (viviparous) that is born along with a membrane enclosing the fetus like human being, cow, bull, goat, sheep, dog etc.
2) From Eggs – those that are born from an egg like birds, snakes, lizards etc.
3) Through Germination – From the earth they sprout upwards such as trees, creepers, grass, grains, moss etc.
4) Born from sweat etc. like lice, mites, etc. Of these four forms of birth, 8.4 million species are born.
Of these species, there are two types of embodied souls – immovable and movable. Trees, creepers, grass, etc, remain in one place and are called “sthaavar”, whereas, men, animals, birds, etc that move and roam around are called “jangam”. Of these life forms, some live in water, some in the sky and some on earth.

“Jalchar, thalchar, nabhchar nana |
Je jada chetan jeev jahana || (Manas, Bal. 3/2)

Besides these 8.4 million forms of births, there are demi-gods (devata), ancestors (pitar), heavenly minstrels (gandharva), ghosts (bhoot) , demons / evil spirits (prêt), fiends (pishaach), ghost of a Brahman (brahmarakshas), `baalgraha’ etc. are also different forms of births. The seed of all these births is God.

“Yacchapi sarvabhootanaam beejam tadhamarjun |
Na tadsti vinaa yatsaanmaya bhootam charaacharam || (Gita 10/39)

“O Arjuna! I am the seed of all beings. There is no creature, animate or inanimate, that can exist without Me.” (Gita 10/39)

“etannaanavaataaraanaam nidhaanaam beejamavyayam |
Yasyaamshaamshena srujyante devatiryanraadayah || (Srimad Bhagwat 1/3/5)

“That very same Lord Narayana is the eternal seed of all the different manifestations (avatars). From His very minute part (portion), the demi-gods, animals-birds, men and other beings and life forms are created.”

In the endless Universes, the seed of the infinite embodied souls is only One. The gist is that whatever is seen, heard, contemplated on etc., that all is only God – “Vasudevah Sarvam.” In the beginning of this world was also God, and in the end also only God will remain, then in the middle it is not possible for it to be anything else! God says –

“Ahamevaasamevaagre naanyadhyatsadsatparam |
Pashrachaadham yadetacch yovshishyet sosmyaham || (Srimad Bhagvat 2/9/32)

“Before this entire Universe it was Me alone, there is nothing apart from Me, and after creation whatever is seen, that is Me alone. That which is real, unreal, and beyond the two, that all is Me alone and after this Universe, it is Me alone and whatever remains after dissolution that too is Me alone.”

Therefore God alone is seen in the form of this world. Just like in the wheat fields, the wheat grain is seen in the form of plants. If you ask an ignorant person who does not know about farming and show him the fields, and tell him this is wheat, he will say you are cheating me, I have seen and purchased wheat grains thousands of times. These green stubs how can they be wheat? It looks like grass to me. But a farmer or one who knows sees wheat only. Similarly one who does not know will say “this is man, animal, bird, tree, creeper, mountain, etc. How can it be God? This is the world, where is God in all of this? If someone has seen then tell me, where is that God?” But a man who knows, he does not see the world and only sees God. In his sight there is God and only God – “Vasudevah Sarvam”.
From book “Sab Jagah Ishvar Roop Hai” in Hindi pg 1 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

The same message is available in HINDI titled “Sab Jagah Ishvar Roop Hai – 2” at:



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