Everything is Only God – 5 * Swami Ramsukhdasji.


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

11th June 2010, Friday, Jyeshth Krishna Chaturdashi, Shukravar
Vikram Samvat 2067,Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

(Continued from previous day)

Everything is Only God – 5

As such everything is sentient (pure existence) only, but due to likes-dislikes it appears as inert and worldly. If there were no likes-dislikes, then there is nothing else besides pure Existence (Supreme Consciousness, God). Inert-sentient, movable-immovable, perishable-imperishable all are that one God only, the differences are only due to likes-dislikes. The reason for likes-dislikes is also due to fascination or ignorance –

“Moha sakal vyaadhinh kar moola | (Manas, Utter. 121/15)

When delusion is gone, “All is only God” – that recollection takes place – “nashtomoha smirtirlabdhaa” (Gita 12/73). As “Vasudevah Sarvam” is there since eternity and will remain infinitely, but due to delusion one does not have experience of All is God.

Due to deluded intellect one sees inertness. If there is no inertness in the intellect then everything is only sentient (consciousness, pure existence). Just like the color you see everywhere is dependent on the color of the eye glasses you wear, similarly the world appears just as one’s natural tendencies such as attraction and aversion.

An aspirant makes the mistake that he keeps himself apart and then attempts to see the world as a form of God, in other words, he makes “Vasudeva Sarvam” a subject of his intellect. Really speaking, it is not only the world seen that is a form of God, rather the seer is also a form of God, the mind too is form of God, the intellect too is form of God, the life-breath too is form of God and egoism (I-ness) is also a form of God.

Everything is only God – to accept (acknowledge, consider) these the aspirant does not have to exert through his intellect, rather, innately (instinctively, intuitively) he must accept this. It is therefore said in Srimad Bhagwatam –

“Sarvam brahmaatmakam tasya vidhyaatmamaneeshyaa |
Paripashyannuparamet sarvato mukta sanshayah || (11/29/18)

“When all are perceived as God, then one begins to see that “All is only God”, then on getting beyond even this state of perceiving All as God, all doubts automatically come to an end.”

This means that when one goes beyond this sentiment that “All is only God”and one does not think of even this, in other words, the seer, the object being seen, and the tendency to see – all three of these do not remain. Oonly God remains.
Therefore God has said –

Manasa vachasa drashtyaa grhyatenyairpeendriyaih |
Ahameva ne mattonyaditi budhyadhvamanjasaa || (Srimad Bhagvat 11/13/24)

Whatever is absorbed through the mind, speech, sight, and the various senses, that all is Me alone. Therefore, there is no one else besides Me – Now! Think, reflect and quickly understand this point i.e. accept it and experience it.”

From book “Sab Jagah Ishvar Roop Hai” in Hindi pg 1 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.
The same message is available in HINDI titled “Sab Jagah Ishvar Roop Hai – 5” at: http://www.satcharcha.blogspot.com/

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