Freedom from Worldly Desires – 3 (Vairaagya) * Swami Ramsukhdasji.


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

14th June 2010, Monday, Jyeshth Shukla Tritiya, Somvar
Vikram Samvat 2067,Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Freedom from Worldly Desires – 3 (Vairaagya)

If there was happiness to be found in sense objects then the many wealthy, those who enjoy indulging in sense enjoyments and those who hold high positions would all be happy. But when we get to know deeply we realize that they too are unhappy. There is no peace in objects, there never was, there cannot be and it is impossible for it to be so. On thinking deeply, every step of the way man experiences that there is no happiness in this.

Chaakh chaakh sab chaadityaa maayaa ras khaaraa ho |
Naam sudhaaras pijeeye chin baarambaaraa ho ||

One loses their patience, attention gets diverted, peace goes away and mostly sorrow-grief-scandals come about when one engages in sense enjoyments with the mind-set of gaining pleasures. Such results are directly evident. From this one can tell that there is no happiness in sense objects. Just like when we drink water in a dream, but the thirst is not quenched, similarly, neither peace comes, nor the burning anguish goes away.

Man thinks that if I have this much wealth, this much prosperity, then I will be at ease; however on that happening there is no peace, rather as the objects increase, their craving increases even more – “Jimi prati laabh lobh adhikaayi.” On having wealth-family, there remains a craving for even more. “Let it be more”, “let it be more” – such a sequence of events, continues to happen. If one person gets as much wealth-financial luck, as many women as there are, as many things as there are, then too all-in-all, that person will not be totally satiated by it. The scriptures say –

Yat pruthivyaam vrihiyvam hirayam pashavah striyah |
Ekasyaapi na paryaaptmiti matvaa shamam vrajet ||

The reason for this is that embodied Soul (Jeev) is a part of Paramatma (God, Supreme Consciousness). Jeev is sentient (conscious) whereas objects are inert. How can the quest, the hunger of the sentient be satisfied by the inert objects? Hunger is in the stomach, but the delicious desserts are tied to the back, then how can the hunger be satisfied? How can a hungry man’s hunger go away by drinking cold water? In this manner, the jeev has a thirst for the sentient Paramatma (God), however, he wants to get rid of the thirst through inert objects! The main reason here is “avivek” (imprudence). The objects are completely incapable of wiping out the non-discrimination in an embodied soul (jeev). In other words, these objects are not able to invoke peace.

On walking the wrong path how can one reach the right destination? If he is able to hoard and continue to be seeped in sense enjoyments for as long as the life-span of Brahmaji, then too his hunger will never be satisfied, he will never be satisfied. Peace will prevail when desires are entirely non-existent.

Yacch kaamsukham loke yacch divyam mahat sukham |
Trushnaakshaysukhasyaite naahartah shodsheem kalaam ||

“Whatever pleasures are gained from acquiring objects in this world, and heavenly pleasures, on acquiring all these pleasure too, it is not even a sixteenth part of the happiness that one gains from getting rid of thirst for pleasures.

Sukham devaraajasya na sukham chajravartinah |
Yat sukham vitaraagasya munerekaantsheelinah ||

The joy that a sage experiences living in solitude and being free from attractions, that joy neither Indra (God of rain) has, nor a Supreme king of many regions.

Saints have said a wonderful thing –

Na sukh kaajee panditaan na sukh bhoop bhayaan |
Sukh sahajaan hi aavasee trushnaa rog rayaan ||

“When the disease in the form of cravings goes away, then joy will naturally and automatically come.” As long as there is keen desire, servitude for objects, till then where is the happiness? Joy will come when servitude, keen desire, and need goes away, and these will go away when no want (desire) remains.

Chaah gayi chintaa mitee manuvaa beparavaah |
Jinko kachu na chaahiye so jag saahanshaa ||

As long as there is a want, till then worries will not end and when worries do not end, till then joy cannot be experienced.

From book “Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” in Hindi pg 497 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.
The same message is available in HINDI titled “Vairaagya – 3” at:



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