Freedom from Worldly Desires – 4 (Vairaagya) * Swami Ramsukhdasji.


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

15th June 2010, Tuesday, Jyeshth Shukla Chaturthi, Mangalvar
Vikram Samvat 2067,Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Freedom from Worldly Desires – 4 (Vairaagya)
(continued from previous day)

There was a prostitute named Pingala. She was very well-known. There were many lustful and wealthy men that used to visit her and shower her with riches. However one day she waited all night but there was no one that came to her bringing her money. She became very dejected. At that time she saw Dattatreya in his blissful self, strolling and walking by.

On seeing him, she thought, “I am that fool, desiring pleasures and gratification from other men, in the kingdom of King Janak, who is beyond this body. What pleasure can they give me, what gratification can they give me? If they had pleasure and happiness in them, and if they were able to give me happiness, then why would they come to take from me? Those who cannot quench their own thirst, how can they quench another person’s thirst? He who himself goes roaming around from door-to-door like a dog after scraps; then what pleasure and happiness can he give to others?

On seeing the blissful state of Dattatreya, these thoughts came to her mind and she immediately developed a detachment (freedom from worldly desires. vairaagya). She thought – “Until now I have made a grave mistake. But hence forth I do not wish to waste my priceless and precious time.”

On this Shri Sukhdevaji said –

Asha hi param dukham, nairaashyam param sukham |
Yathaa sanchidhya kaantaashaam sukham sushvaap pingalaa || (Srimad Bhagwat 11/8/44)

“Expectation is one of the greatest sorrows and freedom from expectations is the greatest joy of all. When Pingala the prostitute gave up expectation from the men, then she was able to sleep in peace.”

Truly speaking, expectation is the inertness of sorrows and sins. In Gita, Arjuna asked God a question that “man does not intend to commit sins, than too forcibly with whose inspiration does he commit a sin?” To this the Lord answered – “Desires is the root cause of sins.” All those that are in prison, that are enduring the gates of hell and those who are experiencing suffering and dejection and those who in spite of not wanting have a tendency to engage in sinful acts, in all of these the main cause is the desires within. The main reason for all the suffering among all those that are unhappy in this world is only desires. Desire continues to make one suffer in every state. Just as when one does not have a child, there is unhappiness due to longing for a child. On birth of a child there is worries and associated suffering pertaining to their upbringing, education and marriage and on death of a child there is suffering from the feeling of void.

As long as desire remains, there will be unhappiness in every state. Just as expectation leads to everlasting suffering, similarly, having no expectation (i.e. Freedom from worldly desires, vairaagya) leads to eternal joy. If we get a very obedient wife, son, family, then too there will not be any happiness. The happiness will come from giving up desires. On having such thoughts, Pingala returned all the wealth and possessions that she had accumulated and intoxicated from new found freedom from worldly desires, she left everything and firmly resolved that I will only worship and meditate on God and become joyful once and for all.

“Maivam syurmandbhaagyaayaah kleshaa nirvedhetavah |
Yenanubandhan nirhatya purushah shammruchhti ||
Tenaapukrutamaadaaya shirasaa gaamyasangataah |
Tyaktvaa duraashaa sharanam vrajaami tamdheeshravaram ||
Santusthaa shradhtyetad yathaalaabhen jeevatee |
Viharaamyamunaivaahamaatmanaa ramanen vai || (Srimad Bhagwat 11/8/38-40)

“Definitely today God is pleased with me) or else this mis-fortunate one would not have to go through such trials and tribulations that lead to “vairaagya” (freedom from worldly desires). Through freedom from worldly desires, man cuts off all the bonds and gains peace. Now I accept God’s favor and kindness and with great reverence I bow my head and accept, leaving all sinful expectations of sense enjoyments, I take refuge of the Lord. Now whatever it is that I will receive according to what is destined , with that alone I will sustain my life and remain contended and live in faith. From now onwards, I will not look at anyone else and I will walk along with my heart’s innermost Self, the beloved Lord.” (to be continued)

From book “Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” in Hindi pg 497 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.
The same message is available in HINDI titled “Vairaagya – 4” at:



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