Freedom from Worldly Desires – 5 (Vairaagya)* Swami Ramsukhdasji.


|| Shree Hari ||
Ram Ram

16th June 2010, Wednesday, Jyeshth Shukla Panchami, Mangalvar
Vikram Samvat 2067,Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

Freedom from Worldly Desires – 5 (Vairaagya)
(continued from previous day)

If there is happiness in things then why would kings and great rulers renounce their kingdom and possessions. King Bharathari said –

“Ekaaki nihspruha shaantah paanipaatro digambarah |
Kad shambho bhavishyaami karmanirmoolane kshamah ||

“All alone, free of intense desires, mind at peace, a goblet in the hand, with no clothes O’ Shambho! When will I become capable of doing away with my actions?

It wasn’t that Brathahari was only wishful of such a state where one gets rid of all actions (i.e. free from actions) , rather he achieved this state. It is clearly evident, from seeing the grammar, self-imposed disciplines in the verses, that a very beautiful literary composition was created. He was a great scholar and whatever work, study, practices etc. he took on, he did them with great interest.

When he took over the kingdom into his hands, he protected it with great fervor and with intense interest. At night he disguised himself in different robes to wander the streets to gauge whether the people in his kingdom were experiencing any difficulties. In this manner he looked after the people. He performed all his duties, but did not get stuck anywhere. However, when he took up renunciation, then he did not leave and go anywhere. He was most agreeable in living, dwelling wherever in a fearless state which in itself is renunciation. Everything else is fear based.

There is constant fear of disease in sense enjoyments, of fall in a kingdom, of king in his riches, of poverty in self-respect, of enemy in strength, of old age in beauty, of disputes in scriptures, of evil people in good qualities and of death in the body. All things are endowed with fear for man on this earth. Only that one thing “vairaagya” (free from worldly desires, dispassion) is such that it is totally free of fears!

King Brathhari had many regrets from his actions in previous states, in the end he received satisfaction only in “vairaagya” (free from worldly desires, dispassion). He was saying-

Bhoga na bhuktaa vayameva bhuktaastapo na tatpam vayameva tatpaaha |
Kaalo na yaato vayameva yaataastushnaa na jeernaa vayameva jeernaah ||

“We have not enjoyed the sense objects, rather the sense objects have enjoyed us. They have destroyed us.”

Even on taking birth in a good family there remains a fear of falling down. A rich man is fearful of even his son; then what to speak of fear of king! In self-respect there remains fear of poverty, and in strength there arises fear of enemy and fear of old age is well-known. In that age and state, man walks with three legs.

Lakari pakari sukhari karmein pag panth pare nab hare dag ri |
Nagari tanari supuraani pari, ab lootat hai bhagari bagari ||
Na ghari bhar baith bhajyo suhari kath koor kari jagari sagari |
Ab ri biradhaapan baat buri su ari sam laagat hai sut ri ||

One saint said –
Jara kuti hoban saso kaal aheri laar |
Paav palakamein maarasi garbyo kahaa ganvaar ||

When old age, decrepitude, senility creeps in, one wonders what happened to that strength, that enthusiasm, that courage and vigor, where did it all go?
There is great fear remaining regarding differences of interpretations in the scriptures. Expectations of different individuals cause excessive grief to the educated and learned. An ignorant person has only three main areas of grief – field of matter (adhibhoutik), regarding God (Brahma, adhidaivik), spiritual matters (adhyaatmik), however, the educated and learned have seven different areas of grief – 1) material field 2) God 3) spiritual 4) study of scriptures 5) fear of being insulted 6) fear of forgetting and 7) pride of scholarliness.
(to be continued)

From book “Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu” in Hindi pg 497 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.
The same message is available in HINDI titled “Vairaagya – 5” at:



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